Zoo Wars~ Another Exotic Animal Seizure in Ohio At Tax Payer Expense

Just a little of what John Kasich had to say as he suspended his campaign to run for president:

“As for my beloved Ohio-the people here…I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given to me to be a leader in this state…”

“The people in our country changed me…We should reach out to help someone else…Give someone else an opportunity”

“As I suspend my campaign today, I have faith, a deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life.” -Governor John Kasick  (5/4/2016)*


I kid you not -I quoted much of what he had to say and within a few hours of saying this, his precious ODA went after another exotic animal owner in Ohio-Under ‘color of law’ they stole 10 extremely valuable animals from longstanding owners of an educational facility, ALL of it done at tax payer expense!!!

The exotic animal penitentiary cost an excess of 3.93 mil and millions more has been spent since-Money is also going to the very people who pushed for the creation of an illegal and unconstitutional law that would be near impossible to met the regulations-And the Ohio Department of Agriculture ADMITS that they are PARTNERNED with an animal transport company and animal facilities who will take these animals-Got that, PARTNERED!!!

The creation of this ‘law’ was based on a single incident where no member of the public was harmed -Only the animals that died at the hands of an out of control sheriff, Lutz the Putz, who not only killed animals that were out of their enclosures and the facility housing them but innocent young animals less than a year old that were locked away in their cages along with animals that are not considered dangerous in the eyes of the law.-No investigation by the FBI ever occurred for any of it!!!

Sheriff Lutz-the Putz, an ignorant bastard, had only one thing on his mind-Kill the animals as Jack-Ass Hanna stood there and did nothing-Wait I retract that statement, he did do something-Jack-Ass Hanna watched as he arrived on the scene shortly after it occurred; and isn’t it interesting that he just happened to be nearby…!?!…so he could observe-I kid you not-The only animals that weren’t killed were the animals locked away in the house…So what did they do with Jack-Ass Hanna’s suggestion???…They hauled those valuable and exceptional animals off to the Columbus Zoo-Killing one and then attempted to keep the extremely valuable animals from their longstanding rightful owner…Free animals for the zoo and Hanna’s Wild Animal Adventure-or whatever he’s calling his show these days which, by the way has horrible ratings and will hopefully be taken of the air soon-Not soon enough for me I might add but then again I’m not sure I had to express that…

*Source- http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/gop-senator-calls-adult-party-presidential-candidate/story?id=38897804

Link of Interest- https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/05/04/zoo-wars-jack-hannaby-hook-or-by-crook-but-he-cant-have-it-both-ways/

I venture to say John Kasich and his ODA are on a power trip when they STEAL animals from their owners-Civil Forfeiture is alive and well in Ohio with a republican governor-WTF!?!

There should be no question as to why people are not interested in Kasich when animal lovers out weight Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists with Kasich PARTNERED with HSUS and other Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists organizations-HSUS is PETA with ties…ALDF are Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists Lawyers…Don’t let the door kick you in the ass Governor Kasich-we will never forget what YOUR ODA has done to Ohio citizens and their animals-Your record speaks for itself and we all know that your prayers to God had nothing to do with this.

Note: They didn’t think it would happen to them…They already surrendered animals previously due to the new law and the animals taken yesterday had previously been placed in quarantine by the ODA-Sorry but all I can say is stupid is as stupid does if they really believed that the ODA was providing ‘fair treatment and could be trusted’ after what they have already done to animal owners and their animals due to an illegal unconstitutional law-and now they stand a chance to saying good-bye to their USDA permit-The Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists strike and possibly win again because of BAD BILLS becoming BAD LAWS!!! ALL AT TAX PAYER EXPENSE!!!

Stump Hill4 swat team standing guardSwat Team standing guard over Stump Hill Animal Seizure-(more potos at the link below)


Dangerous animals seized in raid on Stump Hill

Ten animals were removed from the Perry Township farm Wednesday, including a former Obie — the live tiger mascot for Massillon City Schools.

Stump Hill

By Amy L. Knapp
Independent staff writer

PERRY TWP. An attorney for an exotic animal sanctuary here will be in court Thursday asking a judge to have 10 dangerous animals seized Wednesday returned.

Authorities from the state Department of Agriculture removed the animals, including five tigers — one a former Obie — two pumas, two baboons and a chimpanzee from Stump Hill Farm, 6633 Klick Road. The animals were transported to the state’s holding facility in Reynoldsburg.

Attorney John Juergensen, who is representing the farm, will meet with Stark County Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione for an 8:30 a.m. hearing seeking a temporary restraining order against the state.

Forchione could order the animals to be returned to Stump Hill or remain in the state’s custody pending another hearing that had previously been scheduled for August.

“There was no reason to move these animals and put them through the distress until this is resolved,” Juergensen said, adding the move was meant to “gain an advantage” over his client. “It was a waste of taxpayer money.”

Cyndi Huntsman, who owns Stump Hill, did not wish to comment directly, referring The Independent to Juergensen.

Erica Hawkins, Department of Agriculture communications director, said the animals fall under the Dangerous Wild Animal Law, which requires owners to have a state-issued permit. The state began cracking down during the last few years on owners of big cats and other creatures after a man in eastern Ohio released dozens of exotic animals, including African lions and Bengal tigers, and killed himself in 2011.

Under the exotic-animal law private owners are banned from acquiring, selling and breeding restricted species in Ohio. The restricted list includes lions, tigers, bears, elephants, certain monkeys, rhinos, alligators, crocodiles, anacondas and pythons longer than 12 feet, certain vipers and all venomous snakes.

Owners could keep their animals by obtaining a new state-issued wildlife shelter permit. Stump Hill has not sought a permit from the state, she said. The law took effect in 2012, but owners did not have to register animals and meet housing and care requirements until January 2014.

The state considered Stump Hill to be the last large facility not complying with the stricter rules, Hawkins said. Huntsman was part of a group of owners who had unsuccessfully challenged the law.


In the years since, more than 110 animals have been seized by the state or surrendered by owners. Some of those are still under litigation, Hawkins said.

Huntsman had surrendered six black bears, two brown bears and four alligators last year to decrease the number of animals at the farm while she pursued accreditation, according to Hawkins.

Juergensen said Huntsman believes her pre-existing permit allowing her to keep dangerous

Please follow the link for the rest of this article, more photos and to leave a comment…

Stump Hill2Huntsmann and daughter during seizure


But there is more to this story-After sedating the animals and placing them at the exotic animal penitentiary the judge has ordered their return-the animals will be sedated once again to move them ‘somewhere’.

The judge ordered for the ODA to stop the seizure and return the animals of Tiger Ridge but the ODA didn’t blink an eye as they kept those animals in harms way without their owner, proper care and medications they had been receiving -for MONTHS before sending them to their PARTNERS, at Ohio tax payer expense-OUT OF STATE which is as illegal as it gets to remove seized property out of state!!!  The animals were in horrible condition and Leo had died in the process due to the abuse he received from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

So now the question is whether the ODA will return the animals to their rightful owner or continue to abuse the law!!!


Judge orders seized Stump Hill animals returned to owner

Judge Frank Forchione has ordered the state to return 10 animals removed from Stump Hill Farm Wednesday to their owner.

Stump Hill Cindi Huntsman-updateCindi Huntsman

By Amy L. Knapp
Independent staff writer
Posted May. 5, 2016 at 10:56 AM

CANTON A judge in Stark County Common Pleas Court has ruled that 10 animals seized by

the state Wednesday be returned to the Perry Township woman who owns them.

Judge Frank Forchione made the decision Thursday morning at a hearing. The attorney for Cyndi Huntsman sought a temporary restraining order holding off the state Department of Agriculture’s removal of the animals — five tigers, two pumas, two baboons and a chimpanzee — from Stump Hill Farm.

The animals were taken from the sanctuary on Klick Road SW to a holding facility in Reynoldsburg after authorities determined Huntsman did not have the proper permit. Huntsman’s attorney, John Juergensen, had argued that the state’s action was premature since a hearing had been scheduled for August to determine whether licensing permits Huntsman holds prior to a newer law that requires owners of exotic animals to obtain a wildlife shelter permit from the state, means her animals are grandfathered.

During the Thursday hearing, Forchione learned a hearing is scheduled for Aug. 22 regarding the quarantine order, and whether her existing permit issued by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources exempts her from the state law regarding dangerous animals. He questioned lawyers from the Attorney General’s Office why that information was not presented Wednesday when they sought a search warrant for Stump Hill.

“This disturbs me in a lot of ways,” Forchione said. “You have somone who is actually cooperating with the government.”

Forchione agreed with the recommendation of an Ohio Department of Agriculture veterinarian to leave the animals at the Reynoldsburg facility for two weeks. The vet recommended not putting the animals under sedation for a period of two weeks since they were recently sedated before the animals were removed from the farm.

“The judge hit the nail on the head,” Juergensen said following the hearing. He said the state denied Huntsman her right to due process, and removing the animals was a waste of taxpayer money.

Please follow the link for any updates and to leave a comment


Governor Kasich’s words ringing in my ears…Will he make his ODA do as ordered by the judge or will Kasich and the ODA continue to be ruthless and lawless?!?

Either way, unless they change their law to be reasonable, seeing as how they believe they need a law after a single incident where no member from the public was harmed, return seized animals to their rightful longstanding owners and compensate animal owners for their property plus all the harm this illegal law has done including legal fees and expenses-Kick HSUS out of Ohio, then if God is showing Kasich the way-He’s not listening now is he!?!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

SPECIAL NOTE-This seems a reasonable judge against the waste of tax payer dollars and should set some precedent for the Hetrick case!!!

~ by topcatsroar on May 5, 2016.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars~ Another Exotic Animal Seizure in Ohio At Tax Payer Expense”

  1. Will the ODA return the animals as ordered by the judge or will they appeal the case with a ‘color of law’ cruelty case?!? Would it even hold water with this judge after all that has already been revealed about the treatment received at the animal penitentiary? Will ALDF enter into this case?!?

  2. Disgusting… well at least the Judge sounds sensible..Kacisk needs to just ruse off in the sunset. . And not come back

  3. […] Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/zoo-wars-another-exotic-animal-seizure-in-ohio-at-tax-p… […]

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