Zoo Wars-Jack Hanna~By Hook or By Crook -But, He Can’t Have it Both Ways

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Jack Hanna is in the news again and people want to know what changed his mind-Listen up!!! -SERIOUSLY!?!


A leopard can’t change his spots…A tiger can’t change his stripes…Jack Hanna can’t change what and who he is!!! I don’t see him getting involved with changing a law he helped to create including helping to pay lawyers fees to get it done. Obviously, Jack-Ass Hanna is very aware that he destroyed his own reputation and believes that he can regain support by venturing into the domestic pet world-The bulk of his viewing audience…or at least that’s what his publicist thinks he can do-I think NOT!!!

Jack-Ass Hanna was right there supporting HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) to create laws to end exotic pet ownership forever in Ohio and is still supporting the Big Cat Safety Act (Mis-Nomer as it doesn’t protect a single animal or any member of the public).

Just how stupid does Hanna think the general public is that he can ‘Jack’ people around or that we’d ever forget his part in helping to destroy the exotic industry and keeping exotic animals as pets, that he has been so involved in for most of his life…what he considers his ‘passion’ in life…and he makes his money from?!? Pictures don’t lie Mr. Jack-Ass-Hanna…

Jack Hanna with Kasich signing SB310 as lawJack Hanna with Governor Kasich at the signing of Ohio SB 310 into law.

I know most of you remember his history but obviously everyone is NOT aware of his crime against private exotic animal ownership in Ohio (in general-obviously) by helping create and pass the new regulations which have led to people surrendering their animals and illegal search and seizures based on an illegal and unconstitutional law, Ohio SB 310, or I never would have seen people asking “What made him change his mind?”.

Ohio built a 3.93 million dollar animal penitentiary, at tax payer expense, for the surrendered and/or confiscated animals proclaiming ‘illegal ownership’ from longstanding rightful owners. Jack-Ass Hanau needs a few reminders of the harm he personally has done working along side HSUS (Humane Society of the United States):

12006172_1212247088801169_877142660429892349_nLeo before he was taken from Tiger Ridge by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA)

Ohio SB 310 gave the ODA the power to abuse animals like no one expected. Even after seeing it, Jack-Ass Hanna has stood by and done nothing about it-Jack-Ass Hanna was quick on the scene and quick to join in on the creation of Ohio SB 310 yet he has done nothing to help any private exotic animal owner after seeing first hand the abuse of citizens in his home state and what has happened to the animals-HORRIFIC:

12004106_10205911240679095_8079836013917381818_n12004789_10205911243879175_5100528124118959845_n11227866_10205911241559117_2916716940910835443_n11998925_10205911240319086_4978623254050456191_nLeo the lion AFTER seized from Tiger Ridge-He was not in this condition before they took him-He most certainly was ALIVE!!!

He did not have those sores and he was alive when he left Tiger Ridge!!! The ODA went onto private property with assault rifles with their faces covered; their transport equipment had their licenses removed-All to conceal their identity…Leo lay on a cold concrete floor in his own filth of piss and shit-Laying on a concrete floor in deplorable conditions that no private owner would have ever considered doing. Then, finally, after leaving him without his owner and accustom diet and medications, the ODA ended his life to put an old lion out of the misery the ODA created for him…The ODA slipped Leo’s body into a vat of acid to destroy the evidence-Imagine the shock and surprise when those pictures surfaced displaying the improper care the animals were and are receiving at the hands of the ODA.

So where the fuck was/is Mr. Jack-Ass Hanna!?!

He disappeared and now, out of hiding, is warning owners of dogs and cats about PETA?!? Well…Hell no he didn’t change his mind-Are you people so stupid as to believe the headline!?! This guy works with HSUS in creating laws which will end animal ownership-HSUS is no different from PETA-They work hand in hand.


Well-Known Zookeeper Jack Hanna: Animal Rights Activists Could Be Coming for Your Pets Next

Not long after SeaWorld caved to pressure from animal rights activists, announcing the end of its popular orca program, zookeeper Jack Hanna thinks groups like PETA could be coming after household pets next.

“Animal rights activists believe all animals, including your dog or cat, should have the same rights as people and be free; therefore they shouldn’t be in human care under any circumstances,” Hanna, the host of the syndicated “Jack Hanna’s Into The Wild” TV series and director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, said.

According to SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby, the theme park chose to end its programs with killer whales because the perspective many have on the animals “has shifted for a variety of reasons” and it “wasn’t worth fighting that.”

“Blackfish,” the 2013 documentary that first highlighted SeaWorld’s controversial program, heavily influenced the park’s decision and even sparked a larger debate on Las Vegas acts, circuses, and the legendary horse-drawn carriages that tour New York City’s Central Park.

But Hanna, a leader in the movement to make zoos more accurately mirror natural habitats, says many anti-captivity activists don’t really understand that responsible zoo keeping plays an important role in both conservation and protection.*

“Having traveled the world, the only places I consider truly wild are Antarctica, parts of the Amazon and some places in Africa,” Hanna told Fox News in an email. “Even in Africa, the ‘wild’ places tend to be national parks with guarded boundaries.”

“Animals face many challenges, including habitat loss, poaching, severe weather, and war,” he continued. “The wild is not necessarily the idyllic place people imagine.”

Hanna’s comments come as many wilderness vs. captivity cases are playing out in courtrooms across the country. In many of these cases, groups like PETA, which has a $37 million annual budget, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and a number of smaller pro-animal rights groups advance their cause with lawsuits alleging captivity hurts conservation.

For example, last month, Friends of Animals, a Connecticut-based animal advocate group, sued zoos in Texas, Kansas and Nebraska regarding 17 elephants that came from Swaziland by plane and were supposed to be delivered to several zoos around the U.S. The charity’s initial demand was that all of the animals be flown back to Africa because any captivity is detrimental.

“The confinement really does stress and bore the heck out of very social and intelligent animals,” Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral said.

However, Dallas Zoo president Gregg Hudson said the effort was a “rescue mission,” because those elephants were going to be killed to make room for rhinos in the drought-stricken African nation.


*This statement while is a fact, comes as if a sudden revelation from this Jack-Ass…What BULLSHIT!!!

In his own backyard, behind a tall privacy fence, is his private collection of animals and I imagination he is finally facing the reality that this can happen to him after the up-roar from those of us who will continue to target him for what he himself has done-I venture to say he ‘Jacked Himself’ and shot himself in the foot…He deserves what he got and will continue to get…

I live to see him off the airways and his influence away from our lawmakers…Most importantly, his hands off any animal as he betrayed them and their owners.

This HYPOCRITE just needs to go away for good. No last final hoorah for Mr. Jack-Ass Hanau as a crusader for animals because he can NOT be what he isn’t.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Note-Today, Governor Kasich finally stepped down as a presidential candidate for the Republican Party-He too thought no one noticed his crime against animals and their owners-The scumbag will get what he deserves back in Ohio from the tax payers he has betrayed.

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~ by topcatsroar on May 4, 2016.

8 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Jack Hanna~By Hook or By Crook -But, He Can’t Have it Both Ways”

  1. http://fox8.com/2016/05/04/authorities-raid-exotic-animal-farm-in-perry-township/

  2. Yale Law Professor Stephen Carter tells his class on the first day, “Do not support any law unless you personally approve the killing of a person to support (enforce) that law.”

    Animal welfare/animal cruelty laws are actually just an unconstitutional usurpation of human (civil) rights being used as excuses to commit theft by the government and animal rights organizations under the color of unconstitutional animal welfare/animal cruelty laws often using the clueless government officials as co-conspirators.

    It’s all part of the communist UN Agenda 21 plan meant to use nature “animals, the earth and the environment” to destroy peoples private property rights and move nature “animals, the earth and the environment” above human lives.

    Every time government agents make a raid they create situations where they may hurt, cripple and even kill people using the excuse that the duty of the government is protecting animals from the owner of the animal.

    These unconstitutional laws have empowered the government to place a higher value on animals than human lives.

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  4. I thought it was strange he didn’t say a word about Sea World ending its Killer Whale Breeding Program

    • Or anything else that has come up recently-Including the attacks on himself from exotic animal owners who know what a Jack-Ass he really is!!!

      • He and his wife lock out anyone who gets on their forum and criticizes them. He should have to listen to us, because we have had to suffer under what he did, so he should have to listen to a group of us telling us what we think of him.

        Who are the exotic animal owners who get to rob us under the GFAS? I want a list of names and anything that anyone knows about them.

      • If you go to the Global Federal of Sanctuaries Association, they have a list of GFAS facilities that all call themselves rescue Full list right their…

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