ZOO WARS~ Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists Kill Circus Animal Setting It Free

Yeah-Let’s free all the animals-Then we can all watch as they are hit by cars, starve to death and/or destroy our environment not to mention the public safety hazard!!! Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists busy killing another animal:


Ostrich is freed from a circus by animal rights activists… and is immediately killed when it runs in front of a car

  • Nala was released along with her partner Zawo and a goose called Fred
  • The birds were allegedly released by known activists from Kaiser Circus
  • A campaign against animals used in entertainment targeted the circus
  • Police say three men and a woman were responsible for her death

An ostrich freed from a circus by animal rights activists enjoyed 10 minutes of freedom… before it was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Nala was sprung along with her partner Zawo and a goose called Fred from the Kaiser Circus in Munich on Monday evening.

All three fled into the night after the door keeping them captive was removed from its hinges. But circus staff who went looking for them found Nala dead in the road a short distance from the big top.

Nala the Ostrich

The two other birds were recaptured. Police say three men and a woman – known animal rights activists – were responsible for her death.

‘It’s really affected me, I live with my animals,’ said circus director André Kaiser, who was looking after some camels when the intruders set the birds free.

The circus has been the target of a campaign against animals used for entertainment with poster defaced with the words: ‘Animal torturers. Free all animals’.

Police have mounted extra patrols at the site of the circus big top to discourage any more misguided attempts to help free the 80 animals in cages there.

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~ by topcatsroar on April 22, 2016.

One Response to “ZOO WARS~ Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists Kill Circus Animal Setting It Free”

  1. In absolute agreement with you Top Cat! The goal of the Animal Rightists rerminds me so much of the old hippies’ mottos, FREE EVERYTHING, but there are NO FREE places left to FREE ANYTHING !!! Animals MUST BE CARED FOR and must not be FREED into a world (URBAN & SUBURBAN areas in this INDUSTRIALIZED nation). We & our ancestors have spent years caring for generations of different species of animals, years which can not be reclaimed. Our world has accustomed itself to the way our animals live within confines of sort and so have the animals.. MOST of us are content with the way it is! There is always going to be an extremist group, but that doesn’t mean they can rule the rest of us! Plain ol’ folks are stepping up to bat and showing urbanites who truly do not know, just how and why things are done the way they are as related to animal husbandry practices and that is what is needed. True EDUCATION to the massive numbers of generations of people in cities who have never raised a farm animal or even had a pet and not the PROPAGANDA and souped up untrue photos shown by the Animal Rights pushers.

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