Zoo Wars- It’s Another TIGER SCAM from Carole Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue!!!

Please don’t believe the last scam concern tiger population/Scamming for money is nothing new-

from Presidential Candidate, Joe Exotic:


Tiger Problem In America? It’s All A Scam For Marketing

Joe Schreibvogel·Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First I would like to ask the people of the world do you know the truth about the scams behind saying there are too many Tigers in America and what this is really all about?
It’s about getting you to believe the hype and the lies behind marketing in order to get money out of your pocket into theirs because you the people of the world have a heart and love animals, and they know this so they tug on your heart strings to get rich.
So let’s ask the so called experts and media grabbers a few questions.

1- They keep the numbers so spread out, do they really know the truth or even close to the truth of the real numbers of tigers in America. One article says over 5,000 and another one says closes to 20,000. That’s a big number which should raise the red flag that they can’t even lie good.

2- If there are too many tigers and other big cats in America and this is what they base their agenda on, I encourage you to ask the leaders in all of this Carole Baskin with Big Cat Rescue and Pat Craig with The Wild Animal Sanctuary, if there are too many big cats in America why are they bringing more in? Here is you a couple links.

Big Cat Rescue is bringing another one in this Friday April 22, 2016 http://www.wokc.com/?p=29959

Now let me tell you why. There is not enough high profile rescues to make money from so they have to make this so called Circus tiger seem like bringing him to America is the only thing to do. But do you see all of the donate buttons so they can exploit this poor tiger? And the cost of $10,000.00 per year to feed it? If she didn’t have the money or use the money to stalk and harass people she would not need to raise that much. Let me break this down for you in real life. I can feed and buy meat for .32 cents a pound, you feed 12 pounds a day according to USDA rules 6 days a week so they can clean out one day. (called fasting) which is $3.84 cents a day, $23.04 per week, $1198.08 per year. Now where is the rest of that money raised for food going? Let me show you.

To all of these other businesses she has opened off of your money and heart strings.

Tiger scam

Be sure and check out how the Government says she was not nonprofit until 2003 but while she was buying, selling she claims she was nonprofit since 1992. She is getting so she can’t keep u with the lies any longer.

Tiger scam2

See where it says at the bottom it is non profit and this is the old company in the 1190’s before her husband came up missing and changed the name to get out of that black cloud?

3- Now Lets ask Pat Craig why he got on the news and said he would have to kill, put to sleep all of his animals if he did not raise $250,000.00 but yet keeps bringing in more big cats from other countries? https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=861&dat=20060824&id=ru9YAAAAIBAJ&sjid=B1YMAAAAIBAJ&pg=2841,1980892&hl=en
Lions brought in from another country. http://abcnews.go.com/US/rescued-bolivian-circus-lions-arrive-colorado-wildlife-sanctuary/story?id=12929736

Anyone with a brain should be able to tell by just donation links and the same people quoted in the news stories and published online that this is all a marketing scheme to make money off of you the people of the world.
Why do they one week on yahoo news say there are too many here and the very next week bring more in?

The answer is simple there is not too many here, it’s just they ran out of stories to make money off of and our media, our politicians are to blindsided to see the truth and most are accepting that very money from these very same people in the form of TV ads and political donations.

Tiger scam3

America media and people should be outraged that another tiger is coming to America in this form of a marketing scheme to profit and exploit another tiger.

Now let’s see the difference between exploiting and welfare.

Exploiting, is when you lie, twist the truth to suit your needs and bash others for doing the very same thing you do by selling tickets to see your animals in a sanctuary, putting them on exhibit, bringing in more after complaining there are too many to make money and advertise all over social media and the news for big bucks and then finding a reason to put them to sleep when the money train runs out.

Animal Welfare is where you admit what you’re doing for the sake of taking care of the animal and the education of what is truly going on in their native habitat and raising money to send back to their natural habitat to rebuild, conserve and do the best you can to provide a loving life for the ones in captivity.

Before donating to anyone pull their 990’s and see where the money goes to. Look at the links of donations and the marketing of shirts and other things they have going to exploit that animal. Is it about that animal or about marketing that animal’s story?

tiger scam4

Please stop falling for this hype. This is how they started and just moved to a better marketing plan

tiger scam5

tiger scam6

tiger scam7

tiger scam8

NOTICE…. These are photo snips from website machine that keeps this online forever, these are not photos. actual website photo snips.

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2 Responses to “Zoo Wars- It’s Another TIGER SCAM from Carole Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue!!!”

  1. By now we all know posing with wild animals, and especially young cubs, is wrong and deplorable… for everyone BUT the Baskin family! (and maybe Jack Hanna?)

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