Zoo Wars-Domestic Terrorism in America

Domestic terrorism involves acts of violence that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any state, committed by individuals or groups without any foreign direction, and appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, or influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

At some point people need to realize that Domestic Terrorists are an extreme threat to US citizens and is on the rise; whether it be taking hostages, taking animals from private owners or crimes against someone’s business.


Circus Owner says Man Threw Molotov Cocktail at Group

Ramos Bros Circus-camel

The owner of Ramos Bros. Circus says someone threw a Molotov cocktail at a group of people Tuesday night.

 Oliver Ramos told 13 Action News, as people were leaving the circus and heading to their cars, a guy was seen throwing a Molotov cocktail out his window. It reportedly hit one of the circus trucks and shattered on the ground.
Ramos says the eyewitness rushed and told a circus employee.
“The liquid spilled right there,” said Oliver Ramos. “We don’t know what it might be. Here is part of the bottle because my employee kicked it.”
The fire bomb didn’t injure anyone, but Ramos says it easily could have.
 “It’s scary because, as the people were exiting, it’s very, very, very, scary that that happened.”
So why’d the person do it? Ramos isn’t sure. But he believes it may have been protesters. He’s been dealing with circus protesters lately.
“They’ve been getting more and more aggressive,” he said. “They say they’re peaceful but apparently it isn’t that way.”
Ramos recently had a megaphone thrown at his face after he says animal activists broke into the circus tent. But he says the fire bomb was by far the worst he’s seen yet.
“They are risking everybody’s lives, not just our family, but the people that come and attend the circus of course.”
Police came to the scene and took the Molotov cocktail with them to investigate. They do not have a suspect or vehicle description.
The circus is currently located near the Boulevard Mall on Maryland Parkway.

from Ramos Bros. FB page:

Dear Facebook Friends,

We would like to announce that our scheduled appearance at Galleria at Sunset has been cancelled due to terrorist attacks by animal rights protestors. Many families have been put out of a job with no possibility of providing for their loved ones due to this cancellation.
These protestors claim to practice their rights to freedom of speech, but only animal owners know how extremely dangerous they really are.

Our circus has to go through many inspections prior to being issued a business license in any city or state. This includes surprise inspections by the United State Department of Agriculture and Animal Control to ensure our animals have all their health records in order. Stalls, feed, water and transportation is also inspected.

Unfortunately the animal rights terrorists make false claims of our animal care and attack our staff verbally and physically. They have trespassed on to our property many times to assault us for not liberating our animals into the wild.
The FBI is investigating these groups as they are considered dangerous and out of control. Some additional information from the FBI on these animal rights protestors can be seen at this link: https://l.facebook.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fm.fbi.gov%2F%23https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fbi.gov%2Fnews%2Ftestimony%2Fanimal-rights-extremism-and-ecoterrorism&e=ATOK9-p0FEJWqXzxYN9cvcp1-arMCC8HG9cF3Uk6kyDFlY1uoXKQVj0PZ-8dEg

We ask you to help us in showing your support towards the circus before it goes extinct in the hands of these protestors.
Please share your passed experience at the circus with Galleria at Sunset so they may allow us to entertain others like you in the future. Their Facebook link: https://mobile.facebook.com/galleriaatsunset/?refid=52&ref=m_notif&notif_t=like&__tn__=C
Please make sure your comments are positive and polite.

Our fury family thanks you for providing assistance in their future care and existence.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

The Ramos family

Joe Exotic for President 2016 info poster

We The People Are Sick Of Domestic Terrorist

Joe Schreibvogel-Thursday, March 24, 2016
Dear, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, President Obama, Congress, Senators and House Representatives,
We the people call upon you to put an end to Domestic Terrorist here in the United States of America and strip them of their nonprofit status of which they are only using as a tax shelter to raise money to further their agenda to terrorize the American public.
In this country we have a right to operate a business as we choose. The opinions of others should not be forced upon anyone’s lives to be forced to live and do business as someone else feels.
Only in America can someone use the constitution of Freedom of Speech and the right to assemble in order to terrorize American people, however they are using these precious things to terrorize peoples businesses, close them down and cost them their lively hood they work for generations to carry on family businesses and traditions. And you call this the American dream. What? When red paint is thrown on someone wearing a fur coat? Molotov Cocktails thrown into crowds of people that choose to enjoy family activities with animals. Blowing up buildings in zoos. Dumping loads of manure at the entrances to parks, and all for what. To make people live by the Animal Rights Groups opinions?
This is shutting down businesses, making people afraid to attend events and most of all the business owners who choose to hold these events are cancelling due to the threats and the worry of their customer’s safety.
We have a Federal Law in this country called the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.law.cornell.edu%2Fuscode%2Ftext%2F18%2F43&h=TAQGQuiL4&s=1
I would suggest that all of you read this since most of you were in office or still in some kind of office when this was passed. Then get the Federal Government to start prosecuting the very people who violate this law.
Anyone in this country has a right to his/her own opinion but no one has the right to force that opinion on someone else. Big money is being shoved into politicians pockets in order to pass laws to make what families have been doing for hundreds of years, and this to should be called terrorism. (Politically Motivated Terrorism).
We the people vote you into office to look out for the wellbeing of this country and the people in it. We don’t vote you into office to accept bribe money or political donations to vote on bills forcing those opinions upon the American People.
It is a very sad day in America when a dog has more rights than a human baby dumped in a State School from being born with major deformities and locked away and forgotten. Or an elderly person laying in a nursing home not even knowing their alive. And you the politicians of this country think this is alright? Please get your morals in check.
We the people demand that organizations that are standing in the way of a family choosing to attend family outings have their nonprofit status revoked and the people committing these acts charged with the criminal crime they are committing by bullying, protesting and causing fear and harm to American businesses and families in this country.
This is no different than what Governor John Kasich has done in Ohio by using his political power to send swat teams in to American homes, pointing guns at women and children over an opinion he and his colleges have dreamed up to have control over the people and their choice of life for millions of dollars.
Joseph Maldonado
2016 Presidential Candidate letter
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on March 25, 2016.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Domestic Terrorism in America”

  1. Big Cat Rescue-Domestic Terrorist

    “Please ask the circus to end the use of wild animals, especially tigers, in their acts here: http://www.universoulcircus.com/#!contact/h8r7j It would be great if you would copy and paste your request in the comments below too, in order to help others with their ideas of what to say.”
    Big Cat Rescue (BCR/Carole Baskin) promoting PETA’s efforts to shut down the circus business is Domestic Terrorism!!!

  2. Domestic Terrorists-CompassionWorks International:
    Encourages attacks on private businesses claiming compassion for animals-This is a violent group that encourages domestic terrorism. Attack Ramos Circus…Dirk Authur
    “We have a double whammy of good news for you out of Nevada today! In addition to Dirk Arthur’s tiger abusing show shutting, we are happy to announce that a 12-day scheduled performance of Ramos Bros Circus has been canceled!”
    How is putting people out of business and from enjoying their relationship with their animals good news?
    Maybe we need to encourage attacks on Domestic Terrorists in the same light seeing as how no one-including the FBI is doing a thing about and expecting Americans to file civil suits-What happened to equal protection of the law with criminal investigations and charges? Domestic Terrorism is encouraged by Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists and organizers with attacks against all animal relationships.

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