Zoo Wars-“It Was Horrific” -The Stench Of This Retched Story Is What’s “Horrific”

Comments pouring in-The community is outraged-Of that “HORRIFIC smell”

I wonder if he brought his Nasal Ranger* along-[Bet he doesn’t know there is such a thing] But if he did…I bet he’d wait to use it after the smell mounts with the animals in his care until the zoo comes to pick them up-TG for the zoo so willing to provide otherwise he might not of done this deed-Wait he waited a week so how much was planned a head of time between the A/C officer, the cops and the zoo!?!

*Nasal Ranger is a field olfactometer   (ol-fac-tom-e-ter)   n  1: a portable odor detecting and measuring device;  2: a nasal organoleptic instrument;  3: instrument for measuring ambient odor dilution-to-threshhold, D/T;  4: a scentometer (slang);  5: “Odor Scope

“A whole lot of “assumptions” in this article! I’m sure the press embellished the story! The comment section says that these folks have a relative that turned them in, the cousin said they have permits, alternative motives perhaps? Are people getting arrested for the number of animals in their home? So I wonder when they will take pictures of the inside of the house, probably while the animals are in there for 24 plus hours, while the owners are in jail and no one to clean up… right! Those should make mighty fine pictures for the court case! Wow! What a world, what happened to giving animal owners a warning notice, if indeed something is wrong? Now it’s flat out arrest your ass and take your animals! SMH”


“So, next time I visit the zoo, and smell the odors that naturally occur, should their animals be seized as well? Out of control, animal control officers! SMH. Heart goes out to this family!”

“This is my family you are talking about. Those animals could not be more loved or cared for because I know! You or the news do not know the facts . Dr. Terry Kaiser was called there to check the animals and he told me and the police that all of the animals were well taken care of and healthy. Oh and by the way the house was clean! The animals are being ripped from their extremely loving home and are not going to do well with strangers and not their mom and dad! Everything they know and love! The person who caused this is shameful and horrible! The news stations will retract this story”

And of course there’s me with mine…
Of course they claim horrific and in their care so by tomorrow, it likely will be -cops are not skilled with exotic animals anymore than a district attorney to care for big cats…Those animals are owned -They already lost their pet shop-so now lets take their animals-What’s wrong with these people-Rally around your neighbors folks to help them get their animals back-

The stench of this story is what’s horrific-

This is still the United states where both state and US Constitutions along with the Bill of Rights were written to grant life, liberty and PROPERTY; laws written for the welfare and well-being for PEOPLE!!!

There is no cruelty issue here-OMG, they didn’t pass the sniff test…the very same person who made that statement had them arrested…and now he’s making plans to place someone else’s property at the zoo…Oh and isn’t it nice that the zoo is so willing to assist them in a wrongful theft of animals-Give me a break-

The stench I smell is reaking from that animal control officer….

from WSBT TV by Patrick Roth


‘It was a horrific scene’: Exotic animals found in Mottville home

Albino Wallaby seizure

“Basically, we got called out on a complaint to this residence about a week ago when someone had stated they had possibly seen some kangaroos,” said Gregory Musser, the Animal Control supervisor with the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s department.

As strange as that sounded at first, it wasn’t that far off.

“This is a call we had never received before, so it started off as kind of a joke,” Musser said. “But basically, our investigation led us to a very serious situation.”

Sheriff deputies found more than 20 different animals in the house.

There were wallabies, including a rare albino wallaby, flying squirrels and a monkey.

“Upon entry, it was a very horrific scene,” Musser said. “The smells were unbearable.”

The two tenants were arrested on felony charges of animal cruelty and owning exotic animals without a permit. They’re also facing up to 20 misdemeanor charges.

They told authorities the animals came from a pet store they had that had closed, and they wanted to keep the animals as pets.

A sign for “Downunder Reef Pet Shop and Supplies,” from an old pet sore in Granger, was in their backyard.

For neighbors around here, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

“I was in there one time,” said Josh Shook, a neighbor. “It was probably the first year they lived here. They had a giant cat, I think it was either from Africa or India.”

Now the goal is to find a safe place for all these animals.

“We have contacted Binder Park Zoo, and they’ll be down to get a lot of the exotic animals taken out of here and taken back to their zoo so they can be properly cared for,” Musser said.

For right now, the exotic animals are still in the house and the sheriff’s department is watching over them until the zoo can collect them at some point tomorrow.

The good news is that authorities say it appears that most of the animals are in okay shape, though they were living in filthy conditions. But authorities say the monkey could be carrying diseases.


But authorities say the monkey could be carrying diseases…SERIOUSLY?!?

Now where have I heard that before?!? Oh I remember…Authorities in Marion County…Guess ‘AUTHORITIES’ don’t know much about monkeys!!! More like them making the monkey sick rather than anyone getting sick from a pet monkey!!! That’s a FACT!!!

Then again there was likely no nasal ranger so he can’t testify about ‘horrific’ smell!!! Authority my ass-no facilities and no experience with exotic animals and can’t help but question this entire matter-Someone needs to let this guy know that shit stinks-and Wallaby shit more like something he’s never smelled before…

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This is heartbreaking! This home and these people are all these animals have ever known! They were very loved! I think it’s ridiculous to just rip them away from their owners. Its not a horrific situation to someone who has and knows animals!

Wallaby-This is not cruelty

Seriously-Does this look like animal cruelty to you?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B




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9 Responses to “Zoo Wars-“It Was Horrific” -The Stench Of This Retched Story Is What’s “Horrific””

  1. How very sad. I dont understand why they are removing the animals? If they have the proper permits and they are healthy whats the problem? If the animals were in bad shape I’d understand but a vet says their in good shape so how does an animal control deputy trump a Vet? I was horrorfied when i first read the article I was caught hook, line and sinker. Where are tge powers that be in that community who can help this family? Those poor babies are so scared.

    • The vet inspection at the residence is contrary to what Black Pines is claiming-Evidence must come from the scene not what could be or ‘set-up’ Black Pines has no law enforcement looking over their shoulder now do they?!? -Black Pines sees a ‘meal ticket’-Asking for donations and the place has money already not being spent on animal care or the facility as it is (see their IRS 990)…The zoo isn’t going after this as a fundraiser
      Are we to believe that a special permit is required for gentle animals that people around the country have as pets-I truly doubt it!!
      The sheriff is attempting to make a cruelty case when cruelty didn’t exist-He is also quoting Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists- http://m.wsbt.com/news/you-dont-have-see-physical-issues-the-laws-on-exotic-pets/37719984
      Has too -he arrested them…so the sheriff is busy turning his constituents into criminals…!!!
      Go leave a comment for Mr. Roth…That’s a biased report that lacks good reporter investigation and reporting-There will be updates…
      Remember, the government works for the people not the other way around -B ”

      “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” -Ayn Rand

      • We’ve all seen the wonderful care Jessica takes of her animals. What the media doesn’t show is her huge properly fenced backyard. Her daily pictures loving and caring for her animals. Have you seen her pristine white wallaby? Do you have any idea what it takes to keep a white animal looking so bright and beautiful. Well fed… of course they were, right up until Animal Control got involved. Jailing Jessica and leaving the animals without food or water for what?? 24 hours, maybe more, until the zoo showed up! Now THAT’S cruel! Who tucked in Laila pocket, her wallaby, who kissed the animals goodnight? The cop standing guard watching the house? I think not!! The Binder Park zoo says “they’ll be in a better place?” I think not! What an ignorant, arrogant thing to say! No One will Ever love those animals as much as Jessica and they loved her too. This is so wrong! How dare people comment on who should own what kind of animals, when they’ve never shared their life with these beautiful beings. Those are the comments of AR activists (known to the FBI as terrorists) So animal control is now quoting terrorists??? With that kind of crap, you can’t win for losing!! I suspect there’s a lot more to this story, without a doubt!!

      • TY…Time to find out who the judge is-Is anyone concerned about the people -NO!!! All they can do is condemn them along with the house when the house issues were the landlords problem not the renters!!! I can’t wait for the truth to surface and all the back peddling…

    • they don’t have permits to have them. and maybe they were abused but the condtion of the house isn’t save for them.

      • Don’t be brainwashed into believing anything just yet…There is much to this story coming to the surface. If not safe for the animals -Was it safe for humans-Is the landlord in jail yet?!? I don’t see anyone concerned about them-WAIT, I forgot, the sheriff jailed the RENTERS/animal owners and Black Pine is raking in the money…The sheriff is way out of line in this case as is the A/C officer… So the weather is exceptionally bad when the complaint came in-A/C waited a week to go in making all sorts of claims against the owner and seized ALL the animals-the sheriff jumps in and arrests the owners…Seriously I am pissed off with this one -B By the way, those are gentle animals with no permit required from what I understand…They are NOT wild and dangerous as Black Pine would like you to believe-Now going for a fundraiser-more stench of this retched story to add to this one from people who accepted the FREE animals for a fundraiser (Now waiting to hear that the monkey died because of the Black Pine’s vet examination!!!-18 is old for a monkey to be ripped from the loving arms of it’s owner. Remember, those animals are still owned by their longstanding, rightful legal owner-They can be sued-even for slander-name mentioned or not.)

      • Those animals were not abused and the landlord at fault-you don’t take away the animals-You give the owners the opportunity to relocate, then ticket/fine/jail the landlord-Instead they seized the animals-arrested the owners and charged then-SERIOUSLY!?! This kind of law enforcement is equivalent to a ‘witch hunt’

  2. Its like we no longer live in a democratic country and instead are liing in a police state like Nazi Germany.

    The animal rights extremists literally took over in Nazi Germany beginning in the late-1930’s, so is it any surprise they’re taking over in the US too?


  3. Update can be found here: http://m.wsbt.com/news/you-dont-have-see-physical-issues-the-laws-on-exotic-pets/37719984
    Bloggers Note: The bottom of the Update Roth is supplying a link to Born Free-Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists-Some of the animals were placed at Black Pine-Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists using those animals as a fundraiser-If they don’t have the money then they should not accept the animals-PERIOD!!!

    Channel 3 Update here: http://wwmt.com/news/local/man-charged-in-exotic-animal-cruelty-case-disputes-charges

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