Heads Up-If You’re an Animal Owner, Native American or Mexican They Will Run You Out of Town

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Feeling kind of bad -Bad week -Shit, Bad couple of weeks and about the same every year about now…Six impossible years have gone by and while I had promised myself I wasn’t going to mention the anniversary of the raid and or being in jail at this time six years ago, on the blog, The Marion County Sheriff made a FB post that has come to my attention and impossible for me to say nothing at all…

So six years ago Fred and I were arrested and jailed for a non-jailable offense when they rejected my documentation as exempt of the standard rules and in a county that allowed big cats in Texas to top it all off…Raided our private farm property and seized the animals and stole things not listed on a faulty warrant to begin with…Following three days of an illegal warrant-less search…YOUR worst nightmare came true…

Kangaroo Court

So I receive a PM with a link -The words ringing as I followed the link

“Lolol…..if they don’t want u in moron county. They file false reports steal your animals…if you’re Native American or Mexican they run u out of town.. Lolol. Or throw u in jail!”

What now??? Actually, it is funny to some degree if it was so damn serious that is!!!


FB page for the Sheriff of Marion County, Texas…
Message from the Marion Sheriff Department…Sheriff David McKnight

“Marion County deputies stopped the white van that has drawn so much attention the past several days. All occupants were identified and were checked for warrants. Although they had a Kirby vacuum sales contract and several expensive vacuum cleaners in the van, they were advised that door to door solicitors are not accepted well here. We have no legal grounds to make them leave, but citizens are free to tell them to leave their property. If they refuse or become persistent, please call the sheriff’s office and criminal trespass charges are a possibility. Also if they come to your house after dark please call us.”

No Welcome Wagon Lady for those folks…Sad isn’t it…but then after I read that I read the comments-Guess they should have been selling Hoovers…maybe Dyso or Oreck cause Kirby isn’t welcome there…Everyone knows those Kirby vacuum cleaner salespeople are criminals…especially if they are Native American, Mexican or worse yet-BLACK

Quick get out your gun -It’s lynching time-HORRIBLE-What’s the world coming to anyway?!?

And then there’s my comment with more to fear from those people than a vacuum cleaner salesman that’s for sure!!!

Are they in jail yet?!? Did they call in the Texas Rangers?-Maybe they should call the FBI??? What a brave sheriff to chase out the vacuum cleaner slasepeople…
Golly what would happen if one of those machines mal-functions -The cows might stamped…What BRAVERY of the Maron County, TEXAS Sheriff-Golly, you just can’t make this stuff up…Maybe you people should pack-up and leave-The Kirby man’s in town-What a scary place to live… Glad I made it out alive!!!

Go leave a comment -If anything happens to those people the MORON County Sheriff’s Department should be held responsible for making this community take out their guns when the Kirby Vacuum Salesperson comes a calling!!!

You can’t make this shit up!!! There are 500 shares <FIVE HUNDRED SHARES> of that post-Their IGNORANCE is showing…

Like I said you just can’t make this shit up Back by popular demand https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/the-tale-of-moron-county/

3 facepalms

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

When the sheriff of Moron County was told to leave because he didn’t have a warrant, he didn’t, even invited a mob of people to come onto our property for a second warrant-less search the following day-even joined by DA Bill Gleason, so how can he say anyone is trespassing?!?

Kirby saleman invades Marion County


~ by topcatsroar on January 28, 2016.

2 Responses to “Heads Up-If You’re an Animal Owner, Native American or Mexican They Will Run You Out of Town”

  1. If they make that much fuss over a vacuum cleaner sales team, I wonder what they do to the Avon lady or the Mason Shoes guy? Do they hang peddlers?

    A white girl and a black man, in a white -remember that very special color, white- van, selling bum vacuum cleaners (they admit on the fb page that there were various quality new vacuums in the van and the couple did have a Kirby sales certificate) and for some reason, people couldn’t seem to get rid of them. So commenters propose shooting them under the Texas Castle law. (Sorry, but that law does not say you can shoot door-to-door salesmen. Only trespassers when you fear for your life or property. I don’t think the Kirby guy will shoot you with his vacuum cleaner…)

    Six years ago last Sunday (In fact, Sunday was the 24th then, same as this year…) The Moron County Sheriff’s Department, along with a bunch of other LEO-type morons, came on our property, supposedly to check on a report of dangerous wild animals being kept. They hung around a lot longer than a vacuum cleaner salesman, and were a heck of a lot more intimidating. They came back for more the next day and the next, before finally getting a search warrant (based on what they’d illegally uncovered those 3 days without one), and I doubt the persistent Kirby duo went that far. But you know what? A federal judge surmised that when cops come snooping around your property without a warrant, it’s the same as a salesman coming to your door. Now they want tor run the salesmen off?

    • They haven’t changed their color or their stripes-With all the serious issues we face today Marion County Sheriff’s Office wants to run off the vacuum cleaner salesman!!! As usual they’re watching too much TV…Ready to stage a Ruby Ridge or Waco incident and make the headlines only it’s the vacuum cleaner salespeople-The shame of it all!! How dare those vacuum cleaner salespeople for coming to your door, trying to show you their very expensive and valuable vacuum cleaners…Maybe they want to seize that equipment for a new one at the jail…their homes…wedding gift…and the community takes out their guns-What about the sex offender living in Marion County?!? -B

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