ZOO WARS-Bells and Ringers Gone Off-Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Invasion

I’ve been working on concerns for the biased and double standards of inspection reports and the enforcement of violations when I finally decided to take a break. By golly, there is no break…When are people in this country going to WAKE THE HELL UP!?!

Case in point VIRGINIA


Virginia Says: No Elephants Allowed

Katharine Dokken

Virginia legislature continues to march lockstep with animal rights terrorists and dance to their fringe lunatic tune.

Already this session, just days old, there are three bills to allow anyone to smash into your car and steal your animals with complete immunity in total violation of private property rights (SB 9, HB 38, HB 1155), a bill to commend the life of an animal rights terrorist (HR 57), and a bill to outlaw all circuses from Virginia (HB 302) and destroy the lives of elephants and their owners.

The world has reacted with sadness and outrage that Ringling Bros circus has announced they are retiring their elephants 18 months early due to animal rights terrorism. People have demanded to know why. People deserve to know that people like Democrat Delegate Sam Rasoul are one of the reasons why. His bill, HB 302, is designed to turn every owner of an elephant into a criminal deserving of jail time and fines if they dare to enter Virginia with their animals.

The Ringling Bros Circus has already spent a decade in court exposing the actions of the animal rights front who continuously lie about how Ringling cares for their elephants.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was forced to pay Ringling Bros. $15.75 million to settle a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act Lawsuit against them. That’s right, HSUS was accused of being the Mob and paid out almost $16 million to make it all go away.

Other circuses’ like Cole Bros., who has been in business since 1884, still use elephants in their acts and this legislation will destroy them as well. When private ownership of elephants are outlawed, your children and grandchildren will never see them again. Most zoos that own them are either privately owned or if publicly owned, are also removing elephants from their exhibits under pressure from the same terrorists.

In the wild, elephants are being poached to death.  It is estimated that over 100,000 elephants have been slaughtered in the last three years.  Once dead, they can’t come back.  What a sad world this will be with no more elephants in it.

The circus and zoo elephants are the lucky ones. They have shelter and safety from poachers, full time free medical care, and regular restaurant style meals.

The circus elephants in particular are the most lucky animals of all. They have so much freedom from want and worry that they have the free time to play that their wild cousins don’t have.  I have personally met some of the Ringling Bros elephants and they love the public, love the attention and dance to the music of their own free will.  No one is making them do it.

The American public is fed up with politicians who listen to fringe lunatics instead of the American people. The recent surge in popularity of Trump is case in point.

@RinglingBros is retiring their elephants– the circus will never the same,” Trump tweeted Monday afternoon.

Politicians have vastly under rated the absolute rage among the people on the street at their out of control behavior. Delegate Sam Rasoul has no experience in the training and care of elephants. It is not his job to interfere with businesses that he knows nothing about. It is not his job to decide that actions taken during the care and handling of animals he knows nothing about are criminal. Delegate Sam Rasoul is not a veterinarian. He has no education to determine what is and is not a crime against an elephant. Will Rasoul find jobs for the circus workers who will lose theirs? He boasts that he is a small business owner but what about the small business owners he is determined to put out of business? What about them?

Ringling Bros Circus estimates that it costs a minimum of $65,000 per year to care for each elephant they own. The smaller traveling circuses like Cole Bros. simply can’t absorb costs like that to maintain an animal that by law they can’t use. So what happens to the elephants then? Sanctuaries and zoos are full and ending their elephant programs as well due to the never ending battle against animal rights terrorists. Will those elephants then be put down? What kind of end is that? Working animals need to work. Elephants, like horses are working animals.

Delegate Sam Rasoul is just one of many who has over stepped the bounds of his authority, who has attempted to destroy the private property rights of Virginians, and who has attempted to destroy the liberty and freedom of Virginians just so he can participate in killing off the elephants of this world to appease a fringe element that does not answer to American values. After all, what is more American than the circus?

Feel free to drop Sam Rasoul a line through his website and tell him what you think of his plan to kill off all the elephants.


Katharine Dokken is a Public Affairs Specialist at The Cavalry Group and the author of two new books, including The Art of Terror: Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…STAY TUNED  -B



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