ZOO WARS-See no Evil-Hear no Evil-It’s ALL Just Down Right EVIL!!! Bat-Shit Crazy

From my FB feed, links of interest to the exotic animal community:

“Big Cat Rescue posted this article. I’m not defending Black Jaguar White Tiger but I just find it annoying when people lie to promote Big Cat Rescue. So I’ll list some things wrong with this article. Here it goes. Sorry if all the information is unorganized.”

“Big Cat Rescue is known for blocking people and deleting comments that question them. I was blocked after answering someone’s question regarding their live feeding practices for rehab bobcats. If you speak against Big Cat Rescue your post will receive a lot of hate and threats from their supporters.”

“Big Cat Rescue is known for getting their supporters to attack Facebook pages and reporters with no regard to the type of cyber-bullying their supporters commit.”

“Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries accreditation means nothing since there are numerous accreditation agencies. Big Cat Rescue always says AZA is the “Gold Standard”. So does that mean Big Cat Rescue is not up to their standard’s since they aren’t a certified AZA sanctuary?”

“Anyone that knows about Carole Baskin knows that she is a narcissist. She even wrote an article where she boasted of her “genius” level IQ.”

“She also boasted about how she always wins.”

“Speaking of disorders, Carole also wrote an article saying that she hears voices in her head telling her what to do.”

“As for vilifying, Big Cat Rescue vilifies the people that speak out against them by calling them “animal abusers”.”

“If you really annoy them they will take it one step further by creating a page about you on their Animal Abuse website.”
“They have the typical us vs them mentality that cults have.”

“How can Project Icarus say the skulls and skins are for learning when Big Cat Rescue promotes their party room as a place to be rented out for parties, weddings, and corporate meetings?”

“Big Cat Rescue offers a unique venue for corporate meetings, off-sites, mixers and parties as well as personal parties like birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers or weddings.”

“those skulls aren’t for display but for learning.”

“Give me a break. Here is one of the parties their volunteers always have.”

“(an inside source tells me that there are only two of these curio cases)”
The writer said she has an inside source that told her there are only two of the cabinets. That would make sense if Google didn’t prove otherwise.”

“Carole Baskin even said there are 4 display cabinets” http://bigcatrescue.org/thesecrettestimonials.htm

“If the skins and skulls were actually used for education then why doesn’t Big Cat Rescue utilize them for their tours?”

“If that isn’t bad enough you can see just how lacking Project Icarus’ reporting is when they talk about Big Cat Rescue’s website 911 Animal Abuse. They point to a photo Black Jaguar White Tiger posted saying that one of the merged together screenshots was not of 911AnimalAbuse. That’s laughable since the homepage of 911animalabuse clearly shows Carole Baskin and Susan Bass as the curators.”

“If that’s not enough evidence of Big Cat Rescue owning 911AnimalAbuse then take a look at this.”

“Big Cat Rescue publicizes evidence and opinions regarding what it sees as exploitation of animals at its “www [dot] 911animalabuse [dot] com” website. Through this site, Big Cat Rescue also solicits information from the public regarding animal abuse. This public relations campaign is an integral part of Big Cat Rescue’s mission.”

“To further prove how deceptive Project Icarus is, they say Black Jaguar White Tiger fabricated the page about Big Cat Rescue paying people to write comments on articles. I guess they didn’t do any research at all since that is in fact a real ad Big Cat Rescue created on their website. That is evidenced by the archived copy found on the Internet Archive”

“Why are people willing to lie for Big Cat Rescue?”


“In my last post, I focused on how the pseudo conservation, and misleading representation of Black Jaguar White Tiger was finally being mentioned in news…”
For more on BCR please go to Big Cat Rescue Watch-Juan Garcia well worth the read for the truth because Carole Baskin is more than Bat-Shit crazy if she thinks no one will notice and start asking questions. All the above research gets credited to Juan Garcia and posted to his blog
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 26, 2016.

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