National News-Baby Pig Rescued from the Blizzard

As if we didn’t hear enough all weekend long about the blizzard and the record breaking snowfall
-the sad pictures and story of the flooding with the REAL rescues of people; we see this: on ABC news…

Family Rescues Snow-Covered Baby Pig From Blizzard

Complete with pictures of the snow covered pig…GAG ME!!! Who the Hell takes the time to take selfies with a snow-covered freezing animal, calls ABC news with the story and numerous pictures of this ‘rescue’ and to top it off, names the pig? Furthermore, why is ABC news publishing this as national news-Tomorrow there will be numerous “rescues of animals” once the roads open of course, but they’d better be quick because there’s another storm on the way-HA! How many people who lost power will be accused of animal cruelty and left freezing in their homes if not arrested and hauled off to jail that is for failing to provide that is? It’s not about saving any animal-it’s all about the warm story of rescue and the money that will be collected.

Pig rescueI might be mistaken but that kid in the picture now knows just how ‘off’ Dad is-I’d say crazy but that might not be politically correct…

What does it mean when getting a young pig that’s wondered away from the farm into a snow storm and becomes national news-Oh when someone claims it as a rescue and someone calls ABC news with pictures and a story about the so called rescue and relief for the pig and by golly, the pig now has a name…The other side of the story, farmer Brown lost his pig and worried sick about it?…Or is the other side of the story that the whole thing was planned and now maybe, there will be fewer pork chops on the dinner table tonight? And of course, is now in an animal sanctuary-WHAT?!? So now I know where the story came from so dig a little deeper my friends and look what I found…

I went to this animal sanctuary’s webpage and read all about the ‘mystery rescues’ -a goat that wondered the streets in DC, a turkey that arrived in a crate on their driveway that interesting enough, no note or information where the turkey came from but, just in time for Thanksgiving Day-of course! The collection of eggs that’s not OK for people to eat-by golly, we can’t have people eating eggs; so they distribute them in the woods for wildlife to eat -never mind  that there are starving people in their area-OMG!!!

Don’t take me wrong, it’s a beautiful farm and interesting right there on their home page is thanking donors for the much need pig expansion for the “10 pigs who were being kept in a trash-filled pen at a trailer park in North Carolina with no shelter, food or water.”

The vegan animal sanctuary collects farm animals on it’s spacious 400 acre farm with rolling hills and trees somehow now makes national news for a pig rescue. It’s a full hands-on ‘facility’ errrr farm, cuddling farm animals because it makes them feel good and I suppose for them, somehow, makes up for the animals that are slaughtered each day and makes it’s way to the dinner table.

If that’s not enough for you…There is a group of farms listed that they are in association with (maybe the same owner?) ALL looking for sponsorship’s for their animals-REALLY!!!You just can’t make this shit up!!!

Listed are the rates for sponsorship that increase in amount of money for sponsorship according to the size of the animal, type of animal that you choose-WOW, just WOW!!! I think I have a new business idea to explore…Send me your money and I will then get paid to provide for my egg laying chicken. Matter of fact, I will mail you an egg from that chicken for each month you sponsor her or I’ll just eat it myself cause sorry, we don’t waste food at my house…Now I only have a couple of chickens so hurry with your minimum 3 month commitment for sponsorship…Any number of friends can give me one of their goats to claim as rescue-Hell, I can go to a farm auction and get a couple of horses while I’m at it-grab a few mutts from the local animal shelter-Seems to me I’m just about ready for business. Now all I need is a few volunteers and work on a cage expansion for my newly acquired sanctuary with donations of course-which, by the way, needs to be fenced in and the ‘farm house’ needs a new roof…$800. will get me my IRS status for NFP making me an official ‘charity’…This is way too simple and bet I can even manage a rescue that could make it’s way to national news to increase donations…

Their stories about the animals are over the top!!!

“They were both rescued from a farm in Rockland County, NY in 2014. They had been chained to a tree with heavy chains by a farmer who was raising them for meat, and had been kept chained, with no shelter, since they were one week old.” (I’d like to challenge them to show documentation on that bullshit story.)

Following a page dedicated to donations and how they are a 501-C-3 (Obviously anyone can get become a NFP for just about anything for any reason these days…) but goes on to add how many ways over your lifetime (yes, lifetime-wait, it’s coming) you can help and all “tax deductible as allowed by law” After all, there are so many more ways that you can donate to them (Seems they have spoken with Carole Baskin-If it works for exotic animals then surely it will work on farm animals-people drinking the kool-aid will support any sob story right?!?)

I promise, I’m not making this shit up!!!

Combined Federal Campaign– If you are a Federal employee, please consider us when selecting an organization to support in the Fall Campaign.

Stock Donations– If you would like to make a stock donation, please provide your broker with the following information: Stock donations are tax deductible and can reduce your capital gains tax

Bequests– Help to leave a legacy for the animals by making a provision in your will or by designating as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy.

Vehicle Donation– Help the animals by donating your vehicle!  Your car, truck, boat or RV will be picked up promptly and you will get a tax receipt.

I think I can come up with a better plan for farm animals than fake rescues!!! How about buying a cow and bringing it to us (after we get donations and build that fence) pay for it’s grain and hay-come over on the weekend to help with it’s care as a volunteer and after a year-you pay to take it to the butcher and share the meat with us…Learn where your food comes from and properly providing for a cow…And I’m just so crazy, I just might do this…

I can also have sponsored chickens and share the eggs-After we get donations to build a nice chicken coop for the hens, of course-You purchase the chicks and all the supplies to meet the requirements for raising chickens…But let’s not stop there-Buy two turkeys, one for me and one for you, that will be slaughtered for Thanksgiving dinner-I get the bigger of the two…or we get a few turkeys and share Thanksgiving dinner delivering full meals to the elderly or homeless families…How about we find a homeless family and let them live here on our ‘learn to farm for a year’ where they will learn to feed their family with a sustainable farm and we collect donations to buy them a farm to live on free of charge as long as they maintain sustainable living-of course the farm will remain in our name…Meanwhile, I can sit back in my nice farm house with the new roof and watch TV while that family does all the work-HA!

I could come up with more and by golly I just might do it…but that’s another story for another day -Today’s headline is the rescued pig who will soon be living in the relatively new barn that they collected money to build for those other poor pigs to live for a lifetime and be able to collect more donations and sponsorships for…No USDA is needed apparently for rescued farm animals and a visit to the farm…none listed so no one can say I’m not doing things by the book.

Excuse me while I retreat to the bathroom cause I think I’m going to throw-up…then I need to get back on my computer to search for a crippled farm animal to use as a fundraiser…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on January 25, 2016.

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