Skinned Alive is a MYTH!!!-Update Animal Rights v Animal Welfare

UPDATE-Animal Welfare v Animal Rights-Skinned Alive is a MYTH

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“The German High court also found PeTA’s vet who had made the charges against the agricultural industry in Germany guilty of making false charges and in the verdict required PeTA to turn over all information about their videos and to list all person in their videos so they could be contacted to determine the facts presented in the videos. To date, PeTA has not turned over any videos or information. One has to conclude that… all of their videos on skinning animals alive were paid for by PeTA and therefore do not represent the norm.”

“40 years ago, a man filmed skinning a seal alive ended up signing an affidavit confessing he had been paid by animal rights activists to commit this atrocity.”


No industry has been hit harder by Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists than the fur industry and has led to less fur and leather production. Fake leather and fake fur can not compare with the real thing. I have yet to see people rejecting the fake products even though they do not offer the wear-ability, the look or the appeal. Instead I hear “I eat meat, yes, but I would never wear real fur.” WHY?!? Does being politically correct keep you from buying a superior product? Does it mean you’d consider going vegan?

Interesting enough, a real fur jacket given to me more than 30 years ago is still just hanging in the closet and only worn a few times, but not for reasons you would think…and while I have gained weight since being given this beautiful coat, yes, it still fits me. DO I fear being politically incorrect on this issue?-Maybe but considering I always stand my ground, it’s not the reason…I fear it being ruined by some Fanatic with a can of paint to tell you the truth-I love that coat. (Actually, surprising they didn’t take my coat in the raid-“All animals, alive, dead and unborn” and don’t tell me they knew better because they most certainly did not! After all, they took (stole) many things not listed on the warrant to convert for personal use. The warrant was not specific to anything-So yeah, I’m shocked they didn’t take my coat and the Humaniac, Carolyn Wedding, of Marion County, not wearing it to church on a cold winters day!-Really?!? YES, REALLY!!!)

The following information came to my attention, so I decided to update the older post with some of the information it contained-Follow the link for the full post:

5 Reasons Why It’s Ridiculous to Claim Animals are Skinned Alive

1. It would be completely inhumane

Contrary to what activists would have us believe, most farmers take great pride in what they do; they take good care of their animals and treat them with respect. After all, their livelihoods depend on these animals, and the only way to produce the high quality of mink and fox for which North America is known is by providing them with excellent nutrition and care. When you work hard to care for animals – seven days a week, 52 weeks a year – you certainly don’t want to see them suffer.

It is therefore completely ignorant (and insulting) to claim that farmers would treat their animals with cruelty. They certainly would never skin an animal alive!

2. It would be dangerous for the operator

If respect for the animals and normal compassion were not enough to ensure that animals are not skinned alive, the farmer’s self-interest would be. A live and conscious animal will move, putting the farmer at risk of being bitten or scratched or cut with his own knife – creating a real risk of infection or disease transmission.

Why would anyone expose themselves to such risks by skinning a live animal? The answer, of course, is that they don’t!

3. It would take longer and be less efficient

We’ve already explained the dangers of skinning a live animal – only common sense when you think about it – but let’s also take a moment to consider how difficult it would be.

Farming is a business and, like in most businesses, it is important to be efficient. Clearly it must be faster to skin an animal after it’s been euthanized. It is also important to understand that the skinning of a mink or other fur animal must be done very carefully, to avoid nicks and other damage that would lower the value of the fur.

So, again, why would anyone skin a live animal? Quite apart from the cruelty, it would make no business sense whatsoever.

4. It would spoil the fur

While activists like to accuse farmers of being greedy (“killing animals for profit!”), they don’t seem to understand that skinning animals alive would work against the farmer’s financial interest.

Today’s international markets are very competitive. The amount you earn for your fur is determined by a number of factors including pelt size, fur quality, colour … and damage. But the heart of a live animal would be beating and pumping blood; attempting to skin a live animal would therefore unnecessarily stain the fur. Yet another reason why animals are not skinned alive.

5. It’s illegal

In North America, Europe, and most other regions it is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal. Skinning an animal alive is therefore not only inhumane and immoral – it’s clearly illegal. Yet another reason why animals are not skinned alive.

But what about that video?

Activists frequently cite a horrific video taken in a village somewhere in China as “proof” that animals are skinned alive in the fur industry. When this video was first shown, in 2005, fur industry officials contacted the European animal-protection group that released it. They asked for a complete, uncut version of the video, as well as for information about when and where it was filmed, so a proper investigation could be conducted.

Unfortunately, the activists refused to provide this information.


Fur is still extremely popular in other countries and while not politically correct in the US, it’s making a welcome back…faux leather and fake fur belongs on the backs of vegans and not necessarily for everyone but that choice is yours to make not because you’ve been brainwashed to believe that wearing a fur coat or leather boots isn’t proper or politically correct-The question of animal rights v animal welfare-The treatment of the animals for their lifetime is the actual issue at hand and if an animal is treated appropriately thru their lifetime and killed in a humane fashion then there should be no question as to whether you decide to wear or not wear fur or leather and if you believe in animal usage then use the entire animals still holds true in many respects.

If appropriate to raise animals for food, then why wouldn’t it be appropriate to raise for it’s fur?!?

Now I know many people are right now saying -WHAT!?! Well, if you’re a believer in animal welfare then you need to rethink what animal welfare really is and dump the brainwashing from Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists. Ingrid Newkirk and her PETA organization is largely responsible for the demise of the fur industry in the US and working hard to succeed in other countries.

I doubt wearing fur will ever make a come back but if you choose to wear fur as your personal choice then wear it proudly without shame or remorse for having worn it. If your name is Carole Baskin and you failed to provide for animals in your facility ALL of which were pelted out-There is much to be ashamed of. And if you are Carolyn Wedding, the Humaniac of Marion County and whatever you’re calling your humane society these days; you have a lot to be ashamed of with false statements about animal owners, the theft of animals and the killing of so many stray and unwanted animals that should have been sold rather than having to plead for donations for a fake humane society that inflicts wrongful acts against animal owners in Marion County, Texas (Jefferson, Texas)…or Dr. Carol Hedges, dvm, “Angel of Death”, claiming rescue as you abuse animals placed in your care…The ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) who claims to have built an animal holding area and instead built a facility that in reality is an animal penitentiary full of animal abuse, and then kill animals placed in your care…or an animal wildlife sanctuary claiming to provide for rescued, unwanted animals and then refuse to return monkeys to their lawful, legal and rightful owner that were wrongfully taken and given to you to provide proper care when you don’t (Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary) and not your area of expertise while claiming to be pro-private ownership and working for a private owner yourself-Hypocrites (Joel and Chemaine Almquist); poor monkeys now living outdoors with unfamiliar people and scary surroundings; in full sight of the big cats and not being feed properly! All eyes watching to see if Almquist will finally do the right thing or follow thru with the threat to kill them rather than to return these service animals to their owner. But all this has already been told or a story for another time and day…expect it!!! I’m not above exposing a story no one is talking about especially when wrongful things are done to animals and their owners and I know about it.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned; you might just have a lot more re-thinking to do  -B






~ by topcatsroar on January 24, 2016.

2 Responses to “Skinned Alive is a MYTH!!!-Update Animal Rights v Animal Welfare”

  1. In this post, you fail to mention people like District Attorney Bill Gleason, who are perfectly happy going in without warrants and doing the job of a police officer in order to build their own case, then -despite specific wording from the judge- take it upon themselves to personally care for seized exotics they have zero experience caring for. There’s a reason USDA requires 1,000 hours of experience before issuing a permit, and there’s a reason that permit is required before people are allowed to perform the job of (unsupervised) exotic animal handler. And I’m sure Mr. Gleason is not the first, nor the last, to pull a stunt like that and walk away untouched by kangaroo court judges who are personal buddies off the bench and, being untrained in law, depend on the DA as their on-the-job legal adviser. Scratch each other’s backs, you know…

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