Private Citizens are Arrested and Charged Immediately-Ohio SPCA Gets a Free Pass?!?-Hypocrites

spca truck

It’s all over my FB news feed as I imagine it might be on your about the dog that was euthanized from exposure after being left in freezing temperatures overnight.

What’s with the double standard?!? Frankly, if a NFP is collecting donations to help rescue and save animals and also making sure that owners are charged with cruelty; there should be complaints to the sheriff against this NFP for cruelty charges AND against the wrongful collection of funds to rescue and save animals!!!

If a convicted felon (CEO-Jeff Kozlowski-WBCR-Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue) can make calls to Texas from Wisconsin about non-existent noise and a neighbor can pretend that his cows were stampeding thru the county will start investigations that led to the creation of building a case against a private owner then action should be taken to file complaints against the SPCA in this case…Pressure on baby…Take action! That dog had NO FOOD, NO WATER or PROPER SHELTER…This is a clear case of animal cruelty that should be prosecuted and the SPCA held responsible. North Texas SPCA got away with KILLING two donkeys with no medical reason or any testing….and the theft of a donkey without a valid warrant-Happens all the time and no one has bothered to do anything about the abuse that exists within  when they (SPCA) stake a claim to rescue.

I filed with the TXBOME about the abuse from the Humane Society of Marion County (now DBA the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County-same people) and Dr. Carol Hedges dvm for all the abuse my animals endured once placed in their care by the court-No reason or medical testing and no permission from the judge to destroy animals taken as evidence-Her response was unacceptable as she gave NO REASON for having done (did it because she knew she’d get away with it) it and let her off the hook for having done it…I imagine because I included animals in her care that received no medication but there is also no documentation that those animals were even sick until they became sick in her care weeks later. They accepted her reply and let the ‘Angel of Death’ off the hook. I wonder if they would have that same judgement today, especially if numerous complaints had been sent!?! Maybe that case should be reopened with proper investigation-insisted by numerous complaints being sent to reopen and properly investigate that case…Maybe a waste of time considering I have yet to see complaints about seized animals in Texas receiving improper care with a vet, properly investigated. Hell, I have yet to see any proper investigation by the USDA/APHIS for the abuse of animals at BCR (Big Cat Rescue).


Maybe it’s time to demand proper investigation when ‘shit happens’ in the hands of so called rescuers. The courts aren’t listening and many cases simply dismissed and disappear…with or without an attorney, it’s been the same results; very few cases are won and even when they are the rescue makes a demand for what care they did provide with excessive fees or the owner forfeits the animals. With all the corruption in the claim of animal cruelty at all levels and still no arrests or charges on this SPCA then there can be no such thing as cruelty; even in a case like this one. Hell, many of my animals were removed from heated areas and placed in an uninsulated outdoor storage shed over night, with the door open and without heat-The TXBOME dismissed the complaint!!!

Well, this case is not in Texas…Maybe someone will hold the SPCA responsible for the abuse of this dog if enough complaints and questions raised about this so called rescue…all of this sickens me and effects me deeply.


Dog dies after being left in cold van overnight

~ by topcatsroar on January 22, 2016.

One Response to “Private Citizens are Arrested and Charged Immediately-Ohio SPCA Gets a Free Pass?!?-Hypocrites”

  1. I too am OUTRAGED! NO more of this crap! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! SHELTERS & RESCUES all must be the ones who are REGULATED by APHIS/USDA regulations, as are other animal related businesses, only THEY SHOULD BE HELD ABOVE all the rest, so Stricter REGULATIONS & more FREQUENT INSPECTIONS is the only answer to solve this farce! Makes me furious!!! Double standards indeed!

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