When Are Spectators To A Death Held Accountable For Doing NOTHING?

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Animal Rights1
Why would people that call themselves animal lovers stand by and video this poor dog featured at the link below strangling itself to death and not help?
To “get at” someone they don’t like?
To “win”?
To “prove a point”?
Too many people saying they “love animals” and they “want to help” (unless it costs them money, inconveniences them, or whatever), but WHERE WAS THE “HELP” FOR THIS DOG?!?
This lack of action in not helping a dog that strangled to death reeks of the death videos that animal rights groups put out for the shock value that is designed to pull in donations with their shock value by the millions and billions.
Sadly enough, people fall for it and send in their hard earned money without ever asking “what happens to all of the animals that are rescued by these organizations?”
Too many people sure are good at phoning and…

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~ by topcatsroar on January 16, 2016.

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