Zoo Wars-Editorial: WTF WISCONSIN!?!


In someone else’s words, not mine but so very well said:

“Allowing a convicted felon of a serious crime, to own big cats, is like giving him a loaded gun” But the very same people allowing a convicted felon to own big cats and they’re (get this) even listening to him as he lobbies for a ban on exotic animals (excluding himself of course). These very same legislatures in Wisconsin are considering a bill to ban convicted felons ownership  of  dangerous/vicious dogs. -WTF Wisconsin Legislatures

WBCR (Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue) is owned and operated by Jeff Kozlowski a CONVICTED FELON, of a serious crime, in Rock Springs Wisconsin-He robbed a bank for crying out loud…Spent time in federal prison for God’s sake…and this bastard takes charge of a number of Big cats with an IRS  501-C-3 filing for his NFP. I have filed complaints with the USDA, even the sheriff of the county-NOTHING has been done about this situation!!! Yet, in Wisconsin, they want to take exotic animals from their longstanding, LAW ABIDDING CITIZENS!!! LEGAL LONGSTANDING OWNERS-WTF!?!

This past year, Kozlowski has spent time with legislatures in support of the ban or what can be considered a ban with it’s un-reasonable, near impossible to meet, regulations even forcing people to join a private NFP to get a free pass or a USDA permit, even if they have no exotic animal business which, by the way, would also be illegal to force a pet owner to get a USDA license he will not qualify for especially since the appointment of a Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist to be in charge of the USDA…So, Kozlowski will not be affected by the new bill against exotic animal ownership-WTF!?!

Now comes…Another bill, (AB127), of course, concerning ownership of Dangerous/Vicious dogs by CONVICTED FELONS-Does anyone see the irony in this besides me?!?

Of course you do and guess what, no one has done or is doing a thing to address this very serious issue…since his release from his 10 years in FEDERAL PRISON; he’s owned big cats (we’re talking, lions, tigers, leopards, etc.), first purchasing baby tigers and snapping pictures with cubs. He figured this would be an easy stint but soon found out it came with a huge and very expensive responsibility he didn’t want-OWNERSHIP (so he claims) however, he claims he couldn’t place those animals and reason he wound up keeping them-it’s a BOGUS claim…As he learned he could easily obtain donations to provide for those animals-Such donations to provide for himself that is…Truth be known-There are responsible owners in Wisconsin, and elsewhere, that would have taken the cats he wanted to dispose of. He speaks of the deplorable conditions people are keeping very expensive animals in that he claims he has learned of at places unlike his own-Are you hearing me and buying into this BULLSHIT!?!

To top off all of this, Kozlowski has had serious issues over the years over where he lived previously including without proper perimeter/security fencing but being the con-man that he is, he has managed to survive after relocating. Kozlowski had his Not for Profit status with the IRS in place and moved to Rock Springs where he proceeded to build what looks like a penitentiary for animals.


According to WBCR website:

“licensed by the USDA as a rescue and educational center” This is an outright LIE-The USDA does NOT offer any permit specifically for rescue and education-WBCR is licensed as an exhibitor-Just as any other roadside zoo. Most the animals at WBCR are his own animals that he obtained for exhibition to exploit for business purposes and reap in donations to support himself and his famila…

Kozlowski wants to be to only one in Wisconsin to own these animals and working hard to see to it that no one else in Wisconsin will be able to-not now nor in the future. And while AB 127 only pertains to dogs and NOT exotic animals, it must be taken seriously that his very serious crime of robbing a bank should have NEVER allowed him to own big cats thus less a dangerous/vicious dog as recognized by two law makers who created AB 127-Coming from Criminal law and public safety committee in Wisconsin. What a oxymoron (a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms).

It’s not rocket science and allowing someone with a serious conviction to ownership of big cats was never been taken seriously. NOTE: Wondering if Kozlowski has ever paid the fines he has incurred…

This new bill states serious felony conviction-Well, WTF is robbing a bank and spending 10 years in jail count for?!? Frankly, I am extremely alarmed and concerned, that WBCR has that IRS status!!! HOW and WHY!?! Kozlowski and wife in charge of funds coming into WBCR-How much is actually going in their pockets for their personal living expenses and how much actually going to the animals for animal care!?! How much isn’t counted and just going straight into their pockets!?!

There’s an old saying-‘Once a con always a con’ and seems this guy has found a way to bilk the public by referring to WBCR as a ‘charity for donations’…I think I just puked in my mouth and not just a little…Get this, Kozlowski was awarded my property, MY animals, after making the first call to county officials in Texas from Wisconsin, about none existent noise and certainly if there was noise it wouldn’t have been heard all the way in Wisconsin!!! UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!

Interesting enough no one else heard any noise including the sheriff deputy that lived down the road from our newly purchased private farm property and residence that we had purchased with the approval of the county commissioners, in a county where these types of animals are allowed to reside in Texas. But Kozlowski had  knowledge of what animals were now in Marion County following a big relocation after Hurricane Dolly and set out to own them himself…His family lived down the road and longstanding residents of the county…You bet this bastard got what he wanted.

It’s so typical and can be expected from a convicted felon to make a plan to steal away someone else’s property-Kozlowski choose the most expensive, most unusual and the youngest of my big cats; leaving the older animals behind with no concern what was to them happen to them or the rest of my animals. The local Humaniac in Marion County, Carolyn Wedding, and her vet, Dr. Carol Hedges, set out to take and keep ALL my animals with no regard that no crime had been committed against any animal or person; but a very devious and clever district attorney, Bill Gleason, went along with the plan, used a loophole to DENY a JURY and as an advisor for the County Judge, Phil Parker…a civil matter pursued over ownership of all the animals, so of course, they were awarded to the Humaniac yet no criminal charges ever existed because no evidence of any crime could be found-They took those animals because they could and effectively have gotten away with it. So the law abiding citizens (without so much as a traffic ticket I might add) lost and the FELON, Humaniac and the vet got what they wanted.

WI Bill 127 was submitted March 27, 2015 and concerns ownership of a dog, got that, Dangerous/vicious DOGS -Funny I don’t see a list of dangerous/vicious dogs in this bill-why aren’t tigers, lions or some other exotic animal they deem dangerous/vicious?!?     http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/related/proposals/ab127.pdf

No one gives a flip about Kozlowski, not his colored past nor his ownership of what they have classified as dangerous animals or that he has an IRS 501-C-3 status where he doesn’t pay tax dollars and collects donations. SPECIAL NOTE: WBCR should be paying sales tax for the price of admission and merchandise sold…Are they paying sales tax (sweatshirts selling at $40.00 a piece according to the WBCR FB page-where did this charity (ugh) get the finances to produce these expensive sweatshirts and merchandise?!? Who is monitoring the money coming in the gate?!? NO ONE just  Kozlowski that is…

WBCR-merchandise for sale


Straight from WBCR website-Set rates are taxable income-it’s not even a suggested donation and bet if you don’t have the money, you aren’t getting in:

Self Guided Tour Pricing:

$9.00  Adults

$7.00  Seniors (55 or older)

$6.00  Children (4-12)

Offered anytime during normal hours

Specialty Tours Pricing (Must call ahead):

$25.00  Adults

$15.00  Children (4-12)

Having a 501-C-3 does not exempt anyone from collecting and paying sales tax on admission fees and merchandise.


His partner, Jenny, is not without a criminal background as well -Misdemeanor convictions beyond a mere traffic ticket!…There are two children living on that property in a home paid for and maintained thru donations collected for big cats. I kid you not -that property and his residence are paid for by donations taken for the care and welfare of animals. I guess he enjoyed living off the backs of hardworking people during his 10 year incarnation in the pen as he continues on the same path since -No one in residence at WBCR has an actual job outside of that facility.

ALERT!!! WBCR is not without incident.

Jeff Kozlowski is untrained and NOT a big cat expert nor is there an expert employed by WBCR. An untrained and unsupervised volunteer had to be air-lifted out of there and was at risk of loosing a limb. The USDA put the blame on Kozlowski for this incident. Frankly, how can Kozlowski train anyone, he has no specific training himself beyond what he learned thru his incarceration that is…

If they are creating a law to prevent convicted felons of a serious crime from ownership of dangerous/vicious dogs, then Kozlowski should have NEVER been allowed to own those animals thus less been able to obtain IRS 501-C-3 status as a charity without even a law stating it-After all, he can not vote or own a gun for anyone’s protection. it’s common sense that you would not arm a convicted felon with a serious offense in his history-Bank robber now in  charge of funds and a facility of big cats-WTF!?!

WBCR is representative of a Wisconsin attraction bringing children and tourists to a facility that even resembles a penitentiary-not a loving home for animals of what he claims are unwanted. Unwanted my ass-He has my three leopards and dumped one of the cats he had no desire to keep, at now de-funk, Lakewood Zoo owned by Casey Ludwig, with serious violations of the animal welfare act as noted on numerous USDA reports; including lack of vet care, over and over again. Oh Kozlowski wanted those animals alright-you better believe it as he enjoyed stealing mine…Never know who or what owns an attraction in Wisconsin I guess…Seems of no concern to Wisconsin Lawmakers that in Wisconsin, tourists and children are exposed to a convicted felon who robbed a bank!!!-WTF!?!

Seems to me, long before trying to prevent ownership of dangerous/vicious dogs by a felon which could include a Chihuahua mind you…They had better do some house cleaning BEFORE creating ridiculous laws that will abuse law abiding citizens and giving Kozlowski a free pass to continue.

Bottom line: Some lawmaker or law enforcement officer should have seen to it that Kozlowski was/is removed from WBCR before creating any law regarding exotic animal ownership or banning felons from owning dangerous/vicious dogs!!!

You can not allow a convicted felon to continue ownership and take away everyone else’s right to ownership.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others-Stay tuned and follow this blog for updates on Wisconsin going to the dogs -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 13, 2016.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Editorial: WTF WISCONSIN!?!”

  1. Just a bit of further info for readers: USDA issues three and only three types of permits for exotic animals… A-breeder, B-dealer, and C-exhibitor. So zoos, animal acts, and private owners who allow the public to view their animals will need to obtain a class C, exhibitor permit. This is the one that WBCR has, and I have no knowledge of his having a class A or B permit. All animals transported interstate must have health inspection papers from a licensed vet, at the very least. None were had by WBCR when the big cats were transported from Texas to Wisconsin. If that new law passes, Mr. Kozlowski will enjoy the unique status of being allowed to own dangerous wild animals, but not a dog! Seems to me this guy has been taking lessons from Carol Baskin of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. She too is doing all she can to eliminate her presumed “competition.”

  2. Ludicrous to allow such people to “ramrod” such businesses for profit or not!!! Disgusted!

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