How Special Interest Groups Are Influencing Lawmakers

Message #86-Joe Exotic drops a bombshell regarding the issue of private ownership of exotic animals-Wisconsin lawmakers are busy creating a ban against private ownership-What might not appear to be a ban is when they require conditions that are impossible or near impossible to meet…Listen up, the creation of the new Laws are based on a HOAX-Exotic Ownership Bans furthermore, Cougars (Mountain Lions) exist in the wild yet any cat seen in captivity (even if it were true that a privately owned animal was roaming the streets of Milwaukee) could have easily been a cat that naturally exists in the wild.

Create a HOAX, repeat it enough then, WALA, you have the creation of a new law where no evidence exists to it’s facts or truth!!! That’s exactly what’s going on in Wisconsin and well supported by a convicted felon, Jeff Kozlowski, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) who has a lot to gain due to it’s creation-First create the HOAX then payoff the lawmakers who accept money to swing a vote-This should be a criminal offense!!! Lawmakers in Wisconsin are a sell out just as the other states that have banned or created laws where it’s impossible or nearly impossible to meet the standards set in those laws.

There is no public safety issue concerning big cats or other animals with Responsible Animal Owners-HSUS wants you to believe that there’s a concern over private ownership -HSUS wants to end all relationships with animals-Whether it be a big cat, a monkey, a dog or house cat. The bigger issue is the money being made by special interest groups (Not for Profit organizations) and people who are gaining from these laws being created. There is little concern for the rights of ownership or this breach in constitutional rights…Laws that ban animals infringe on constitutional rights to life, liberty and property.

Video Message 86: Politicians getting money to vote against saving our own environment. Wisconsin Animal Bill, and yes wasted time on Gun control. This is a good one to watch.

I’m fed-up with this BULLSHIT

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 8, 2016.

One Response to “How Special Interest Groups Are Influencing Lawmakers”

  1. And in Washington, it’s illegal to shoot or harass a bigfoot.

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