Do Animals Have Feelings-Most People Think So-I Agree

Animals appear to mourn over the loss of another or the loss of their caregivers (owners). This has been documented many times over yet while Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists want to give animals rights yet, they fail many times over for animals caught in the process of an animal seizure. Instead, these people claim their raid on these innocent victims is a victory for the animals. Instead, these people are caught up in their escapade of a raid on animals taking them from their rightful longstanding owners with their lack of proper care and the trauma of what it does to the animals.

“Relatively little is known about how social animals react to the decline and death of other individuals [animals] in their group. Chances to observe such behavior are relatively rare, and, due to the nature of the phenomenon, finding ways to do more than simply record events and associations is difficult. Still, there have been a handful of recent papers that bear on the subject…” -National Geographic

While I agree that animals have feelings I do not agree with giving them rights over the rights of people as they are considered property and the US Constitution addresses the rights of people-not animals. However, the law addresses the needs of animals as Shelter, Water and Food. Raids on the lives of animals and their owners rarely pertain to the basics as prescribed by law. Often the animals recovery is said to miraculously improve overnight and ready for resale [adoption], often in less of a weeks time with the process beginning with the taking, secure that they will be rewarded the animal for their resale project for profit for some Not For Profit (NFP) that know little to nothing about the law or property rights thus less the needs of seized animals. Even lawmakers have neglected to address the issue of property rights when they created such laws. Frankly, I do not believe that the civil process of taking animals from their rightful, longstanding and legal owners has ever been properly addressed  by law enforcement or the judicial system. Instead they follow the guidelines provided by Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists organizations on how to win these civil cases.

donor advisory

Truth be known, these NFP terrorists rarely address the emotions of the animals and only address how to snatch animals and then proceed to gather donations for support of the raid and future raids on innocent people. Little thought given in advance as to what is to become of the animals and the trauma of being taken away. They show the animals involved; animals terrorized as they are stolen from their homes and then through the descriptive use of negative adjectives, talk about deplorable conditions where the raid took place right along with pictures that show an entirely different picture or often not where the animals were found and taken from.

As a victim of the process with a raid that took place on our private farm property and residence in Marion County, Texas and knowing what occurs behind the scenes after the raid, I can’t help but wonder how so many raids have been allowed to continue in the same lawless fashion. There is not a rash of out of control animal abuse unless you consider the actions of the raiders themselves who are obviously out of control and no ones hero! I look at the media pictures from these cases and see animals are stressed and become as confused as their owners are left behind or carted off to jail. Their diet is then often abruptly changed leaving the animals suddenly overcome with depression-Hence, the pictures captured for TV commercials for donations for the ASPCA, PETA, HSUS or in the local media, of the poor creatures for the NFP group is FREE ADVERTISING for donations and sale of the animals. There is absolutely no way for an animal who is a victim of actual animal abuse to be ready for a new home within days of the taking…nor could any animal properly adjust to being taken from the only caregivers they have ever known and LOVED in a short period of time especially if a victim of actual REAL abuse.  They suffer and in mourning for each other, their owners and depressed by their new surroundings with the lack of proper care and conditioning over what just happened to them. This is entirely different from the normal sale of an animal who, since it’s conception and birth, was intended to be rehomed. There is the occasion of an animal that is naturally happy in any setting. A starving animal or a stray would naturally be happy with a full tummy but does not indicate that it would make a good pet for anyone especially if it’s accustom to roaming a scavaging for food; it too needs conditioning.

no justice when thee is none

Shelters for rehoming animals were created for strays and people wishing to give up their animals (property) NOT for the intrusion imposed upon owners and the lives of their animals…especially where no intentional animal cruelty ever existed.

The taking of animals is a serious offense of constitution rights of property ownership and should never be taken likely. Law enforcement needs to have and show probable cause and the judicial system must be aware of constitutional rights although, often ignored. They must be prepared for proving beyond a shadow of doubt that a criminal offense has occurred as well as prove there was a reason for concern for public safety although public safety laws pertain to public places NOT private farm property or private residence of US citizens with the constitutional right to life, liberty and their property.

Frankly speaking, without actual criminal offense of intentional cruelty or lack of providing food, water and shelter, there can be no reason to take civil action against any owner which causes harm to the animals in question through the civil process and then resold or better put, rehome the animals-No actual animal rescue ever took place. Color of Law animal raids fail to rescue any animals and cause them great harm-Is this an animal that you want in your home when an owner has also been so abused? I think NOT…!!!

what-they-did-1-0522Humaniac Carolyn Wedding taking property intended for the care of the animals -Property that was not listed on the warrant. If unable to properly provide then they should never been allowed to do the raid.

Just how many cases have gone by without concern for proper criminal process is unknown, but their are numerous cases that exist that are questionable. Our case is one that has been ignored for years as there was never a criminal case pursued, and/or processed, thus less documented. The warrant itself lacked probable cause and was not written by the hand of the deputy sheriff whose signature was attached to the document, yet he’s now the Sheriff of Marion County, Texas, Sheriff David McKnight -untrained in matters of law, voted into office. Prosecutor, District Attorney Bill Gleason, is now a public defender (WTF…???) for the county was also never held accountable for his actions; even bragging on what he did. Judges Lex Jones and Phil Parker, both untrained in matters of law, held improper, illegal and lawless kangaroo court hearings. Lex Jones is now the county judge and Phil Parker ran back to his accounting firm-BOTH never held accountable for their improper form of justice. Larry Nance the investigator for the prosecutor, remains in that position with the new district attorney for the county; Larry Nance KNOWS those animals were never abused as does Shawn Cox, both of which had to help make a case against us which obviously didn’t hold up to showing evidence for a criminal case against us as no such case was ever filed. The sheriff department investigator has left his position and now works as a sheriff deputy in the school system of Marion County. And why was the Texas Wildlife officer, Rick Lane. involved when he was out of the jurisdiction of his position…first one on our property demanding to see the animals; asking if animals were even on the property as there was nothing to indicate their presence as they could not be scene from the road; I’m told he still hold his position with the county. And then there’s Eddie Hayes who works with the Texas Department of Animal Health commission who first attempted to kill poultry by wringing their necks, in front of us, once the media was no longer present, without reason and later issued an order to hold the animals until tested. They ALL know what they did was under the color of law and not one has answered for their crimes against us and our animals.

dangerous humans

There was a mob of people the day of the raid who trespassed on our property including the media. The Humaniac  took property not listed on the warrant as thieves in the night would do and right in front of us. We sat and watched as they came with their assault rifles; we watched in fear of our lives; terrorized by their presence, what they were doing with little to no attention paid regarding animal welfare.

Sweet Justice1

The Marion County HUMANAIC, Carolyn Wedding, founder and CEO of the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas now known as the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County, had never been trained and was unable to properly provide for my animals Then placed them in the care of Dr Carol Hedges owner of The Jefferson Animal Clinic, Jefferson, Texas,  (now closed Thank Goodness), the ANGEL of DEATH, who proceeded to abuse the animals the moment they took them. There was no REAL Humane Society located in Marion County beyond that of a PO Box with The Jefferson Animal Clinic  connected to the Humane Society their agent, as it existed in Marion County, while both of these women do not (both live in Avenger, Texas). So, most of the animals were totted of to Carol Hedges veterinary clinic or her home which was out of the county. They hadn’t intended to house all of them for long figuring on a slam dunk case after making plans with the district attorney and likely included Judge Lex Jones along with law enforcement.


Without remorse or shame the house cats were stacked in plastic kennels into an uninsulated storage shed in the deep of winter in below freezing conditions with wet soiled bedding, without heat and the door left open over night, located behind the veterinary clinic; only the following day were those animals admitted into the clinic but NOT for proper care. Instead, the house cats were admitted for Carol Hedges to kill, assisted by her friend and cohort in animal abuse, Carolyn Wedding, without reason or cause, without medical testing on a single animal at the time of their great rescue, with no threat to any public safety issue…NO CRIME HAD BEEN COMMITTED…!!! Neither of these women have ever been punished for their crimes against us or for any animal cruelty issues-They did the deed and blame it on us-To top it off, the TXBOME and judges bought that SHIT…HUH…??? What they did was done by their hands not ours and without regard that the warrant specified that the animals were taken as evidence; permission from the judge would be required for the destruction of property evidence for any reason-there was no emergency to kill a countless number of animals without medical reason or testing for a medical reason. Records indicate that at the time of taking nothing was noted to indicate that we had treated any animal cruelly. Furthermore, no documentation on court record demonstrates we were charged with animal cruelty until we were ambushed in a court that had no authority to hear any criminal cases of cruelty issues. Our federal suit and all complaints dismissed…Now explain that, especially to the animals that suffered -the ones that survived that is.

Marion County Court[1]

YES, animals mourn and have emotions-just as people do. Animals will actually die of unknown reason after experiencing torture inflicted on them by their so called rescuers, just as ours did-Animals were starved and known medical issues of blindness ignored, the needs of animals ignored by Carolyn Wedding, Carol Hedges and the legal system. Half the animals were put to death or died for their cause where the only tears shed were ours and the animals that simply put, were placed in harms way in the unnecessary taking…

How dare anyone support any unnecessary raid of animals that should be safe in their home with their owners.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 6, 2016.

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  1. Seized animals are not always healed and ready for adoption in a matter of days. Sometimes they are held for weeks until they get sick or die, and then it’s blamed on their former owner’s presumed neglect -even if they were healthy when seized. Go figure.

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