Joe Exotic 2016-Message from Joe Exotic, Upcoming Texas Town Hall Meeting and Radio Broadcast

Press Release:

Our Government and Domestic Terrorist

Office of Joe Maldonado
The government no longer represents or protects the American public. In 2011, an employee of our zoo was found to be an agent for PETA, an extremist animal rights group. Found copying the zoos hard drives and admitted on video tape he was paid to do it.
FBI agent Lance Pharson confiscated his laptop and camera which both were registered to PeTA and let him walk out the door of the zoo as if nothing happened telling the zoo staff that is was too political and would not be prosecuted despite a full video confession.
Is PETA too dangerous to prosecute?
March 26 2015 the zoo’s studio was blown up and all animals inside died in the fire except for one alligator which escaped when the doors blew off from the explosion, once again a suspect was caught on video surveillance and the FBI responded and has done nothing.
If they would have subpoenaed Facebook messages they could have closed this case.
Governor Kasich has taken over 6.4 million dollars from the taxpayers in Ohio to issue contracts to extremist animal rights groups to the tune of one quarter million dollars each without putting these bids up to the public.
Marco Rubio Senator of Florida running for the Presidential Office has fraud and a murder cover up right there in Florida with the County Sheriff refusing to file charges on any of the issues going on in Tampa Florida with this very same person benefiting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the decisions Governor Kasich has made with sending in swat teams to homes in Ohio and taking their animals away and giving them to the same group tied to all of this.
Our question is at what point is the cover ups and allowing American people to be robbed, terrorized by crooks and criminals forcing laws upon the people for greed and profit? Do the candidates of this country agree that all Americans and all businesses legally operating in this country deserve equal protection under the law, or just those that donate to whatever campaign, judge, or sheriff? Now is the time those in office and running for office are made to answer questions as to what is going on and why our justice system is not working in the name of justice and the people of this country. If they can’t answer, it can only mean they are bought and paid for.
It is time the media ask some of these questions. It is time the those in office are held accountable to answer these questions.
This country will never and can never move forward in the name of justice, freedom and live the American dream as long as our politicians are working against the American public for greed, campaign promises and donations. Heads must turn toward the issues that are destroying our very own civil rights.
I and the American people I represent demand answers.
Joseph Maldonado for President
For Immediate Release
Joe Maldonado
The Committee for Joe Exotic for the People of America
KBLP 105.1 FM
Presidential Candidate Joe Maldonado will appear on KBLP 105.1 with Jason Wallenberg on Wednesday the 16th of December at 8:30am to discuss the upcoming Christmas Day Dinner at the GW Exotic Zoo in Wynnewood Oklahoma, as well as Joe Maldonado’s platform for putting America back on track.
8:30am-9am KBLP 105.1 FM Lindsay OK Streaming online at
Joe Maldonado
The Committee for Joe Exotic for the People of America

Press Release “Town Hall Meeting”
At Elks Lodge In Sherman Texas
With NWA Texoma Wrestling

Joe Maldonado For President
The Committee for Joe Exotic for the People of America
On December 18 2016 Joe Maldonado will hold a Town Hall meeting at the Elk’s Lodge #2880 in Sherman TX to address concerns of assisting local police departments in preventing future terrorist organizations both foreign and domestic from carrying out attacks on US soil as well to answer the public’s questions on what needs to be done to put the nation back on the track to prosperity.
The Town Hall is being hosted by the NWA Texoma Wrestling Association and Police Chief Gordon of the Boswell Oklahoma Police Department.
All are welcome to come and meet Joe Maldonado and pose any question to the people’s candidate for President.
Town Hall Location:
Elk’s Lodge #2880
1713 Vietnam Veterans Parkway
Sherman Tx 75090
For more information:
Joe Maldonado for President


This is a Grassroots campaign for Joe Exotic for President 2016

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