Bobbi Brink is out of her fucking mind if she thinks an ingrown toe nail and an animal biting another is reason to justify stealing animals from thier RIGHTFUL, LEGAL OWNERS!!! I also notice she fails to mention her name or signed her blog post, BOBBI BRINK; she flushed any good reputation she may have ever had when she thinks she can justify her actions when the motive was actually MONEY MOTIVATED-MONEY IN HER POCKET!!!

TAXPAYERS are flipping her OUTRAGEOUS bill for transporting animals to the tune of $250,000.00…Poor thing, has to wait to receive her money…Grant money from WHO!?! If it was a federal grant, ALL TAXPAYERS paid for transporting those animals. I suspect that might be the case as she skips around where the grant money came from and how much for each transport including fees for services rendered, including herself!!! LTB raised money thru donations and a grant then WHY bill Ohio anything!?!

for the last three rescues that we have done under contract of the state, we only billed for a portion of the actual costs – meaning we used grant funds and LTB’s own funds to pay to rescue these animals.”

Billed the state of Ohio-WTF!?! If she got grant money and donations; so is she actually doubling her money by sending a bill to the state of Ohio!?! Of course she is-after all, she draws a big salary, likely charging additional fees and needs MORE money to be able to keep paying herself…Doesn’t this BITCH realize we can see thru her smoke screen!?!

She also claims to be the only place capable of transporting those types of animals -100% FALSE!!! Circuses have been transporting those types of animals for years-Zoos have been transporting those animals for years…but Brink needs to justify taking money from TAXPAYERS…

Money that could be used to serve the PEOPLE as tax money is intended, NOT animals!!! Money to feed the poor and get help for people living on the street, families without a home, school breakfast and lunches so no child goes hungry, and numerous other things where PEOPLE in Ohio benefit NOT Bobbi Brink!!!

“The Ohio Controlling Board approved a $250,000 contract to ODA to reimburse Lions Tigers & Bears for rescue and transport expenses incurred through the rescue and relocation of animals seized and/or relinquished to the state.” 

Real rescuers rescue with their own funding but this wasn’t a real rescue now was it!?! A toe nail…one animal biting another-SERIOUSLY…???-FUCK YOU Bobbi Brink.

JOE EXOTIC offered to not only transport for FREE but also to house the animals so owners could visit and stay informed about their animals with a guarantee that their animals would NEVER be exploited for donations…Joe has had proper transport equipment and awell trained staff for transporting those types of animals for years withfar less travel time than treaking to CA-furthermore, i went on one of Joe Exotics REAL rescues of a special needs white tiger, Angel who had been inappropriately placed. We went to Casey Ludwig’s, the Lakewood Zoo, in WI and back within a 24 hour period NON-stop including for meals. Not only did we pick-up Angel but a total of 5 big cats that needed placement that we hadn’t actually planned to take…uhhhhh…where was LTB…??? Calls had been placed all around the country…no one would come…

FACT-Unless there’s a buck to be made, none of those so called sanctuaries will take an animal needing placement- Baskin CEO of BCR will say she doesn’t have the space unless there was a buck in it for her-Oh the corruption of exotic animal rescue exists alright and totally sickening-Frankly not a single animal should be kept at BCR for any reason EVER!!!

Welcome to my 911 SHIT LIST Bobbi Brink, you’re in horrid company but hey, nevermind concern for the company you keep with a quarter mil at stake. I guess you can justify that somehow too including the crappy place where you transported animals to in FL, non other than BCR-The biggest shit-hole in the county -Justify that!!! After seeing that place, how could you leave those animals there and did nothing for those animals living in the worst of conditions at BCR that no private owner in Ohio or private owner anywhere else for that matter, would have done…One or two more suffering at BCR… NBD considering that income yet to be awarded…even though technically, you’ve already been paid-Wondering the 990 cover-up…

If I were that bear in a double crib cage, I think I would have preferred being in that cage rather than being taken away from my owner who loved me and had properly provided for me for all those years. I’m hoping that people realize just how big a double corn crib or a 15×30  foot cage actually is which exceeds the USDA standards…HOWEVER…If more space were required, then the USDA would extend their standards…Boo-Hoo Bobbi Brinks, APHIS is the federal authority over animal welfare not YOU!!! -and the truth of the matter be known…You know I don’t think much of BRINKS opinion afterall, everyone has an ass-hole-but the difference between my opinion and Brinks is that she is one…

Thank you Bobbi Brinks so much for your shabby attempt to justify yourself to animal owners and TAXPAYERS.

The subject of her blog post is a mis-nomer-Apparently, the impact of Ohio SB310 is out of Brinks range of understanding…NOTE: No way to comment to that blog post…Couldn’t deal with the comments I suppose…I wonder if the supporters of Lions, Tigers and Bears will see thru this shit she writes especially if she’s asking for more money-Hell, she just been guaranteed $250,000.00 just to transport animals…OUTRAGEOUS!!!

The corruption is right before your eyes-The people who pushed for SB310, including Bobbi Brink now repeaping the rewards in payment thru donations AND the money they are billing to TAXPAYERS!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thansgiving and had things to be grateful for unlike the animal owners in Ohio who just had their animals stolen from them.

My heart breaks as more animal owners have their animals stolen away from them due to the corruption going on in this country that no one is willing to address a matter that the government has not interest in!!!-It is NOT being done for the good of any animal-It’s for the money…Laws are written to protect people and no one benefits from these types of laws let alone any animal!!! Again, FUCK YOU Bobbi Brink  -B


~ by topcatsroar on November 29, 2015.

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