Nothin’ Better Than A Fanatic Showing Off and Loosing-UPDATE!!!

Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio can dish it out but can’t take the heat when it comes back at her-Gazaille’s FB community page is a joke and quite amusing with only 13 people (most being herself) liked the page-FB won’t remove the page because they say this is an example of the FB experience-Really?!? Hate-mongering part of the FB experience is not enjoyable but when you turn it back at the fanatic it can be, until she bans you from making a post and removes you from continuing to enjoy the FB experience.

Where does FB find these moderators that call this enjoyable or the full FB experience?!? Well, OK, if they say it, it must be true and after all, it’s on the Internet-HA!


So I turned the table and this Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio couldn’t take the heat when after Googling her name I learned she is divorced after cheating on her husband-Hey, it was on the Internet, it must be true, LOL!!! So now I am banned and no longer enjoying my FB experienced-DAMN FB, you shouldn’t allow people to do that and take away my enjoyment-I have so much more to report from the trailer park in Findlay, Ohio…I did my research, it must be true however, I still can’t figure out how she was ever married thus less found someone who’d want her…not to mention to cheat with!!! Guess maybe not everything is true that you read on FB then again, that was a Google search…

So my heart is broken that I’ve been banned and the Fanatical Animal Rights ‘Expert’ Terrorist is now back to talking to herself-Poor thing…no one else to threaten and can’t be much fun without me…

UPDATE: I just received a message with more information about WHO Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio is-She’s less than an expert…not even vegan as most these people are. She gets on her soapbox to spread mis-conceptions about what is going on and c/p whatever lies she finds on the Internet and from Carole Baskin’s site of people abuse as if that were true that anyone and everyone (accept herself -natch) who has owned an exotic as an abuser…We know who Baskin is and proved not only a liar but an intentional abuser.

Gazaille has never owned an exotic and a burger flipper at McDonalds-As far as I know McDOnalds doesn’t offer Tofu burgers yet…Doesn’t have a sanctuary or a zoo -In otherwords she’s a frustrated burger flipper and looking for attention-She doesn’t care about animals and not knowledged about them-Can’t aford to own one or even donate to a cause but oh, she’s a BCR/Baskin supporter…REALLY…Bet she’s not donated a dime for any cause…Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio who works at McDonalds has no business spreading lies and calling anyone out for their animals…I wonder what her boss thinks about all this…Destroying the lives of animal owners comes with a risk…


-Usually old stinky fish is wrapped in YESTERDAY’S newspaper and tossed in the trash…low life bottom feeder…Everybody getting stupider by the minute…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned…Maybe we’ll hear from Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio, LOL!!! -B


~ by topcatsroar on October 29, 2015.

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