ZOO WARS-Message to Wisconsin Lawmakers Concerning a Ban of Exotic Animals #Stop the Ban

I have seen the enemy-the enemy within…

Traitors who play a long game-People missing the warning signs…



Know who is pushing for a ban on exotic animal ownership-The government has no interest in animals beyond a public safety issue-Animal ownership is not a public safety issue in Wisconsin-consider the source. No one has died in Wisconsin due to a privately owned exotic animal, there truly is no reason to consider a ban as a public safety issue.

There have been serious incidents with dogs throughout the United States but no one is suggesting a ban of Man’s Best Friend. Why specifically call for a ban on exotic animals which will increase the limitations of freedom granted to US citizens by both state and US Constitution.


There are issues over ownership that sould be considered an issue worth looking into as a public safety issue or issues that should be addressed before considering a ban-WHO and WHY!

Why specifically target exotic animal ownership with a low incident rate that will limit the freedoms granted by both the state and US government.

Dear Sirs,

I am a US citizen and greatly concerned that a ban on certain exotic animals in Wisconsin is being considered (SB241 and HB333). This is a dangerous piece of legislation without cause being promoted by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) who are not experts concerning exotic animals. HSUS spends less than 1% of of the 180 million dollars collected for animal welfare nationaly.

There have been numerous incidents with dogs but no one is considering a bill to ban or limit ownership of Man’s Best Friend.

This law will over regulate law abidding private private owners and breeders as well as prevent ownership in the future which will led to total extension of these animals.

SB242 and HB333 are mis-guided bills that are poorly thoughtout and written that will destroy exotic animal ownership of certain animals; putting the health and well-being of animals and their owners at risk.

Both SB241 and HB333 over regulate law abidding exotic animal owners with it’s imposed onerous, expensive and un-necessary restrictions and regulations while doing absolutely nothing to improve public safety fo exotic animals and people.

SB241 and HB333 vastly expands the jurisdiction of federal inspectors requiring owners to have a USDA permit and calls for an oversight without funding. Incidents in Wisconsin are rather low with private owners. Exempting owners with USDA permits or AZA members does not decrease any incident from occuring for increased public safety or animals.

Small incidents are given as a reason for considering banning exotic animal ownership. Instead, as lawmakers, it should first be considering what and who is behind this SB241 and HB333.

1) Should a convicted felon be allowed to own exotic animals and have a NFP tax exemption ? Should a convicted felon be lobbying for any creation of any law ? Jeff Kozlowski is a convicted bank robber andspent time in federal prison. Kozlowski is claiming his facility as an educational center when he’s had no formal training with big cats what-so-ever. CEO-Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue, Jeff Kozlowski should not be considered a reliable source for information concerning a ban on ownership which would effect the lives of law abiding citizens.

Instead I suggest a complete investigation of Jeff Kozlowski’s background and criminal history of this convicted felon who robbed a bank and since, has a history skirting laws and deceiving the public for donations for animal care that are being used inappropriately to support himself and his family.

2) The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is under investigation for fraud. HSUS settled a federal case with the Feld Corporation for fradulent activity. Melissa Tedrow, Wisconsin state director for HSUS, is not an exotic animal expert-Her view concerning an issue over property ownership should not be considered a viable source for information.

3) AZA is a private organization. They have a no contact policy over the animals in their facilities greatly hindering the well-being and veterinarian care for exotic animals. AZA has always been against private ownership. There has only been one single incident in the United States where a member of the public was killed, and a high incident rate exists at AZA zoos. The opinion of AZA is not to be considered nor should they be exempt should any law pass concerning private ownership.

Thank you for your consideration in a matter that is very important to me.



It is extremely important that this ban be stopped and for you to send your message immediately.

You will find contact information at the following links. Simply C/P the above letter and send to all Wisconsin State Senators and House of Representatives.

Wisconsin State Senators http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/legislators/senate

Wisconsin State House of Representatives https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/legislators/assembly


I will update if an email list is created to make this easier-If you don’t have a lot of time, at least contact the committee members in each and the leaders of the senate and general assembly members.

Link of Interest https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/zoo-wars-wisconsin-legislaturers-in-bed-with-convicted-felons-stop-the-ban/

Thank you for your concern and help in killing these bad bills in Wisconsin…What happens in one state greatly affects what happens in another state.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog-Now please, get to work and send the message -B

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