Zoo Wars-The Trampling of Animal Owners Constitutional Rights and the Destruction of LIVES

Mike Stapleton-One of the lastest victims of color of law enforcement by the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture)-Another Animal Raid in Ohio snatching his tigers last week-Longtanding rightful animal owner another victim of lawless Ohio”’

When this happened to us, I swore to see it thru to make it stop-Staying true to my words, it has has gotten the attention of others such as the writter of this blog post reblogged; and the attention of many others but sadly, the animal raids continue with owners treated as criminals and their animals abused-Animal Welfare-HOG-WASH…

Judging how people keep their animals is not animal welfare-that’s Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists-now joined by the federal agency USDA/APHIS and paid with taxpayer dollars. Animal Welfare I suppose is just too simple-Do they have FOOD, WATER and SHELTER-It ain’t Rocket Science!!!

What happened in Marion County, Texas has now Marion County, Ohio with theStapleton Raid….Humaniacs using target enforcement can not be tolerated-Civil forfeiture is CIVIL LIBERTY ABUSE!!! Last I, checked on my constitutioinal rights (and YOURS) The Constitution, both US and state actually along with the Bill of Rights was designed to protect YOU not judge you…I am against the government for this type of action…You still have YOUR right to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY-animals are property!!!

ALL owners in Ohio, with or without permits from the state are in danger-Happened in Texas and no one helped…Happening in other states and people have noticed but did nothing…Now escalted to a much greater degree with Ohio building an Animal Penitentary at taxpayer expense-Good grief, make it stop!!!

And you don’t think it can happen to you and Rover-Rover’s just a dog-Well, think again!!! It’s already been happening!!!

They already have laws for S/N and who will be allowed to own a dog or cat…How many dogs or cats you can have…careful, you might find out that someone thinks you’re a hoarder if you own more than one monkey-or two fish in a tank…

From Mr. Stapleton-
“Imagine you have 5 children and the state just took them all. Ok they are animals so is your lap dog. They country I took an oath to protect last forever not just my time in the military. Foreign and domestic enemies. We were attacked here Monday. Join our fight folks. Stop saying you can’t beat the state. Stop saying we can’t change anything. There is power in numbers and we need everyone of you. This isn’t only about exotic animals or my tigers. Not just my rights but yours too. You may not see it as effecting you directly but oh my god It does weather you have an exotic animal or not. If we rollover for this and do nothing to stop it then we have given up as a nation. Prayer gone from schools can’t even say the pledge. Next you won’t be able to fly the American flag no freedom of speech no guns. If you dismiss this like the judges have than you have sided with the enemy and will stand for nothing.” -Mike Stapleton

Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul


Animal owners may think they are safe from having their personal property animals seized just because they don’t have exotic animals, and they also don’t live in Ohio and other states where animal rights extremists and Agenda 21 proponents (more about what Agenda 21 is: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/) that WANT and NEED to CONTROL WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO WITH THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY ANIMALS on THEIR OWN PROPERTY take control of federal and state government agencies through LOBBYING USING DONATION-MONEY.

The link exposes the latest victim of an unconstitutional seizure of animals being done in Ohio:


And this link below is regarding a seizure done over a year ago that is immoral and a travesty:


Just as when people began disappearing in the dead of night in Nazi Germany actually beginning in the 1930’s with the implementation of Hitler’s eugenics and T4 Euthanasia Program (http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005200), neighbors would look the other way…

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