ZOO WARS-ODA Seizing Animals-AGAIN!!! NOW-Fuckers

What the Fuck and what a way to start a blog post but enough is enough!!! No one stopped Hitler after one conquest-No one stopped the Barbarians after one conquest and look what happened -They continued on until there was no one left after they began slaughtering human life and stealing there property when no actual crime was committed to justify their actions-This is a witch hunt that no one is doing anything about. FUCK ME-MAKE IT STOP!!!


Daniel Chambers is an amazing animal owner-Happy, healthy and wel-fed animal-He followed their guidelines and still they do this!!! -This new regulation tied to a 9.3 MILLION DOLLAR Animal Peniteniary that was built at TAXPAYER EXPENSE and therefore EVERY citizen of Ohio and actually any US citizen has the right to have a say in this matter

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This man did everything to comply with their new regulations and then they send his application back saying it was incomplete-for a fucking Ohio permit-Mr Chambers re-submitted it and they sent it back saying it was too late-WHAT THE FUCK!!! You don’t steal animals on a late submission after correcting an application-You impose a fine maybe…NOT steal a man’s property-his life!!!

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is NOT above the law-MAKE THIS STOP NOW!!! Where’s the melitia…???

How about good citizens to block the way-What???-You actually think they will turn those asault rifles on you-No violence no reason to…Call the media and get them their to witness these atrocity-

Already abused one Ohio animal owner and his animals -Still not settled:  https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/zoo-wars-heres-how-the-oda-cares-for-animals-at-their-penitenary-its-auschwitz-for-animals/

LOOK AT IT!!! All supported by Gov. Kasich who thinks he should be president-BULLSHIT Supported by Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo-BOYCOTT the COLUMBUS ZOO!!!

Supported By Big Cat Rescue (BCR, Carole and Howard Baskin who now has 3 of Hetriks big cats-BOYCOTT BIG CAT RESCUE

Supported by Tippi Hedron-BOYCOTT SHAMBLA

NO MORE donatioins to places that believe it’s ok to do this to animal owners and their owners!!!

Kasich can flush any hopes to be president down the drain-Wait he already dropped out -Unfortunately the good people of Ohiio left with him as their CORRUPT governor

Daniel Chambers needs your help NOW!!! 7816 Preble County Line Road, Germantown, Ohio-Call the media if you can’t go!!! Dayton and Cincinatti


Corrupt Kasich has special interest with HSUS-He lies and creating metal illness!!! Look what the ODA has already done-follow the link above-No for the faint of heart!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 7, 2015.

4 Responses to “ZOO WARS-ODA Seizing Animals-AGAIN!!! NOW-Fuckers”

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  2. This is a bunch of shit. If you ever came after my animals are you would have to shoot me to get them if the man is done everything right do not take his animals away from him this is his life his love. What the heck is the matter with you people anyway you got to feed him what are you going to kill him this is inhumane, I am beginning to hate human beings!

  3. How awful. this guy was bending over backward to follow the rules and they just waltz in and take his animals! What kind of system is that?

  4. The
    ODA has no right to take any animal, they have shown they have no idea to care for them and will purposely make paperwork late so it looks like they are on the right side of the law, which is a screwed up law at that. I thought the USDA were the ones to over see the well fair of animals and I know these people have their USDA license. The only time the state of Ohio should intervene is when you can see the animals are being abused and not taken care of, other than that leave a well cared for facility alone.

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