Zoo Wars-What was Learned This Weekend

Over the past month animal lovers have been working hard to clear the path towards proper animal welfare from none expert fanatics who think they know what’s best for animals that they know little to nothing about (Can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands for both the animals and people-Days of no contact with the animals long past and already proved to fail when it doesn’t allow for proper handling or vet care). This past month includes protests against a circus producer for excluding elephants and big cats from important Shriners dates to save a buck and claiming he’s joined with PETA when this hypocrite did no such thing. There were camel and pony rides-Since when did PETA ever approve of animal rides or the inclusion of horse and dog acts in the circus-NEVER!!! All he’s doing is trying to save a buck by excluding these acts. Of course these shows were buy-outs (meaning promising a certain amount of money to the Shriners for their hospitals) allowing him (Bill Cunningham-producer-Fun Time Shows-not!!!) to do as he pleases and book whatever acts he chooses to include or not include…Same Price-Less Show…His big promotion was the FREE press by using the PETA name and thought all the Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists would fill the large venues he booked to produce these shows-


Seems that never happened-Performers for Cunningham are wondering if they are going to be paid…

It’s nearly impossible to make a success out of what’s been tried and failed before least anyone forget Circus Chimera and Jim Judkin attemping the same-FAILED-Difference being that Judkin was well capitalized, lasted more than a few dates and wasn’t doing large venues for the Shrine Circus…

It’s NOT OK to join PETA and still have horse and dog acts or animal rides-What an IDIOT!!! Can you say HYPOCRITE!?! Not only did the Shriners not appreciate the show Cunningham produced but was protested.


Doug Terranova, president of the USZA is making a difference and spoke to the Shriners about Cunningham and what’s going on concerning the welfare of circus animals. Considering the attendance of these recent shows, it demonstrates that people come to the circus to see the animals and how important to keep the animals as part of the venue.

12144765_10207972415288258_8130932875317170506_n12105824_10207971536066278_1875222106414298209_nMuch thanks to Doug Terranova for all he does!!!

The following was taken from his FB wall and just had to share it-Here’s what he learned this past weekend: 

“1) People want to see animals in the circus…How do I know??

Since Bill Cunningham has infamously denounced the animal circuses and attacked responsible owners he has had a few “rough” weeks. This week David Maas* put on his Facebook page that they were about to make history in the Cajun Dome in Lafayette…He was right, Rumor has it that Attendance was SO bad (record breaking bad) that the show can’t make payroll, I’m told by friends on the show that Performers are waiting (and hoping) to get paid on Tuesday.

2) The Shriners are committed to keeping animals in the circus… How do I know??

At SCAFRA in Maine I saw FOUR BIG Temples change producers. MAYBE Mr Cunningham will have an easier time making payroll with less dates. 

3) The animals had a big weekend…. How do I know?

In a HUGE blow to HSUS, PAWS, and other activist groups Gov. Brown vetoed SB716 retaining the rights of trainers and owners to have free contact with their elephants in California. Additionally, with Producers who include animals in their productions picking up dates from Bill Cunningham this will create more jobs for the animals and their owners

Now if the Cowboys will lose tonight all well in my world!”



All in all, it was a pretty great weekend for exotic animals…!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars-What was Learned This Weekend”

  1. Good! Screw PAWS, HSUS and ALDF and all those groups!

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