ZOO WARS-Here’s How the ODA Cares for Animals at Their Penitenary-It’s Auschwitz for Animals!!!

Oh, but the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) will make every attempt to blame the owner-NO!!! It was NOT the owners fault-Those animals should have NEVER been taken from their owner over a REGISTRATION issue-There’s Governor Kasich (Now running for president-yeah, that’s just what we need-NOT-An un-caring, in-humane US president whose a Fanatical Animal Rights TERRORIST-NOT!!!) for starters…Jack Hanna (Columbus Zoo)…Tippi Hedron (Shimbala)…Carol Baskin (BCR who is now housing several of Mr. Hetrick’s animals as they have been moved out of the state of Ohio without permission from anyone including the judge or the owner or even informing anyone of their intent-rather sneaky-but has fooled no one. I have been informed that several of the animals are in horrible conditionafter several months in ‘Auschwitz’-after being held in Ohio’s 9.3 million dollar animal penitentary-AUSCHWITZ for Exotic Animals under the direction and direct authority of the ODA-They are lacking the proper skills, knowledge and even concern for the basic needs of the animals including fresh air, natural light and exercise!!!

Enough said-Nothing better at demonstrating the truth-PICTURES!!! The following pictures were exposed for the first time today…Kenny Hetrick, Leo the Lion’s RIGHTFUL owner, has requested that everyone take a long hard look at these pictures-Open sores and skin ulcers from being kept on concete, with no natural sunlight, fresh air or exercise. Saddly, Leo died wondering what he did to deserve this type of treatment from humanity!!!-Face it, there has not been any humanity granted to Mr. Hetrick or his animals.

We need to hold those responsible for bad regulations and decision making on those that helped and/or supported the writing of Ohio’s recent laws and regulations (Even the ODA can’tlive up to those regulations) and helped to create an Auschwitz for Exotic Animals.

WARNING!!! The following pictures are very GRAPHIC-NOT for the faint of heart!!!




These are just a few of the pictures on the record and vailable as public infomation. They disposed of his body in a vat of acid in an attempt to hide the care or I should say lack of care this for this animal; that Leo the Lion received once stolen from his rightful owner by the ODA despite an order from the judge to NOT take the animals from the only home they have ever known…!!!
The sheriff allowed it and carried assault rifles during the entire process of abuse to Hetrick’s animals and Mr. Hetick himself.
Once again I have to ask where is the USDA whose sole responsibility in the creation of those positions is for the sole purpose of animal welfare.

My heart goes out to Mr. Hetrick and his family!!! [BLOGGERS NOTE: My Boris was starved to death at WAO as Laurie Gage (Laurie Gag-me)-Big Cat specialist for the USDA, who watched and did nothing to see that he receive better treatment and food-Boris too died wondering what he did to deserve that type of treatment and wondering where I was to correct the situation…My Boo-Boo, Sierra, and Magic still remain captive at Jeff Kozlowski’s Wisconcin Big Cat Rescue after being STOLEN by Marion County, Texas and were placed in the care of a HUMANIAC, Carolyn Wedding, Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist, who put them in harms way with an inexperienced incapable vet, Dr. Carol Hedges dvm (Angel of Death)-cared for directly by the DISTRICT ATTORNEY of MARION COUNTY, Bill Gleason-at that time…with no experience what so ever with those types of animals. Least anyone forget my Angel who ended up in the care (cough) of a complete idiot, Casey Ludwig of the Lakewood Zoo (Now closed permanently (TG!!!) and in the end, Ludwig’s home was lost due to fire -Hey,I didn’t say what I think about that!!! But likely a nice chunk of change was collected at that shot…]
At the end of the day-The USDA knows and/or been told about ALL of these incidents and them some but does nothing to help animals or their owners…It’s all about that paycheck…or is that pay-off…!?!

Kenny, I am so sorry about everything that has happened to you and your animals and to countless other animals and their owners who have lost their animals due to the government’s illegally trampling of an owners civil liberty rights as well as the welfare of animals.

Leo before he was taken by ODA

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 15, 2015.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS-Here’s How the ODA Cares for Animals at Their Penitenary-It’s Auschwitz for Animals!!!”

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  2. Tami McCormick says: The reason Leo the Lion of Tiger Ridge Exotics quit eating is because he was heartsick and homesick. The ODA stole Leo away from the only home he had ever known his whole entire life, and locked him up in a small concrete floored cage with nowhere to barely move and he had zero sunlight or exercise! Kenny Hetrick delivered him as a cub and raised Leo his whole life. There is absolutely no legitimate reason the ODA has to take any of these animals. It would be different if there were even one reported incident whereby any of these animals showed aggressiveness or to being a threat to anyone at any time! They were not! They were Kenny’s pets that he loved and cared for. The ODA is in the wrong on every level. They need to be stopped!

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