Fire is the New Normal Ed Stewart so get used to it

The truth has surfaced about the recent attacks on PAWS for not IMMEDIATELY moving animals at their facility that are in harms way of the Butte WILDFIRE in Califonia.
The USDA has stated thatthey are only receiving updates on their situation rather than ensuring that the animals are being taken to a safer location. USDA is responsible for animal welfare-Do you really consider this acceptable from a government organization resoponsible for animal welfare?!?-I DON’T!!!
There have been numerious offers from professionals from all around the country and at one point responded to an offer that they would rather see the animals dead from the flames of this fire than accept help.-WTF!?!
Time for others to jump in and get involved-We need letters complaining to the USDA about this completely unacceptable situation!!!
The weather channel is calling the Butte fire “Hell on Earth” as “Apocalyptic’-Yet, no attempt has been made for the animals at PAWS evacuation…
The USDA says the animals will be sheltered in place-AGAINST A WILDFIRE?!?-Are they fucking out of their minds to consider this acceptable…???
Send your complaints to Dr. Robert Gibbens, USDA Animal Care Director, Western Region Email to:
Ask him to start an investigatioin into the health and well being of the animals at PAWS ARK 2000 facility. Feel free to discuss smoke inhalation, psycological issues, stress related injuries and to investigate the general well being of the animals. Besure to state that you would like a case number so that your complaint can be tracked.
All GFAS and private santuaries must be investigated to determine and ensure that the animals are not being abused at those facilities when you consider that the USDA response was that the animals are being sheltered in place with a fire so close as the Butte fire is. I consider forcing the animals to remain in place animal cruelty and if those animals are burned or harmed in anyway from being exposed to poor environmental conditions, they should have felony charges levied against them when there have been so many offers with plenty of time to get them out before it got to this point-

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others (stated for legal purpose giving us the right to state the obvious and our opinions)…Stay tuned and follow this blog -B


“Ken Pimlott, director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said Monday during a news conference on the Valley fireand two other major fires still burning, that the state has recorded about 1,500 more fires than usual for this time of year. And it’s not over yet. “We don’t see an end to fire season in the months to come,” he said.”

Wildfires are the new normal

smoke dangers

PAWS and its supporters are complaining that they are being targeted, picked on unfairly. First let’s just point out that PAWS and its affiliates have targeted and picked on animal owners and zoological facilities for many years. They are not exempt from scrutiny, not because quid pro quo but because they have made very public claims that they are the industry standard and the world’s best at just about everything, transport and animal care, leaders in protected contact, the…

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One Response to “Fire is the New Normal Ed Stewart so get used to it”

  1. Sheltered in place… Yeah, they’ll throw wet blankets over the animals and everything will be fine. When the flames hit, USDA officials can go there with their own wet towels and watch the animals survive.

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