ZOO WARS-Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Put Animals in Harms Way

Butte Fire Forces Mandatory Evacuations

PAWS is subjecting the animals at their facility to PANIC and BURN!!! NOT because they don’t have equipment or offers from people who are considered professionals that do have the equipment but because of their no contact policy…!!!

“Pray for the animals people-Pray from some sanity in a world where sanity doesn’t exist” -B

Sick people claiming to know what’s best for animals are actually putting them in harms way for Animal Rights Agenda issues.
In extreme emergency conditions they continue with their rethoric rather than to do the right thing for the animals protection-This is outrageous…!!!
You bet the people remaining behind will run for their lives and leave those animals locked away to be burned alive or manage to escape the flames of such a fire…
This is one of many reasons why some of these so called ‘animal sanctuaries’ owned by extremists, should not own animals and should be shut down for their LACK of concern for animal welfare…!!! Where is their emergency plan for action under such circumstance!?! Where are the trucks and trailers to be able to move them at a moments notice!?!-They have none and have a no contact policy-Where’s CA Fish and Wildlife to force them to relocate the animals!?! Where’s the USDA!?!
From starving animals to death with USDA experts watching it happen (Laurie Gage was present at WAO while Boris was starved to death) and now under the threat of wild fires, the truth surfaces about places like BCR and PAWS!!!
It’s totally unacceptable that PAWS is refusing help from the preforming animal industry, at their own expense, who transport these types of animals and have always been considered experts who strictly follow the guidlines of the USDA-These are not common people volunteering to go in and get the animals out
They are turning down help from PROFESSIONALS..!!!

“Pray for the animals people-Pray for some sanity in a world where sanity doesn’t exist” -B

from Have Trunk Will Travel-

From ABC News-

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “ZOO WARS-Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Put Animals in Harms Way”

  1. Totally Insane! So they are concerned about the right.s of animals to die, but totally unconcerned with their welfare. “Too BIG to move???”

    • ALL BULLSHIT!!! More information from USZA coming -Their attitude sickens me-literally!!! Same attitude that we see time and time again in the shelters killing more animals to make room fo new merchandise…They have no concern for anim[al welfcare-it’s all about the money-Feel free to contact Gov Brown (CA) to report this animal cruelty issue-USDA…CA Fish and Wildlife..,GFAS as thi facility with no means for evacuating animals and nNOT the only one (wondering about Chimp Haven!!!-Holy Moly-I believe they have infected animals…) BCR has no means to trnsport in large number…GFAS/HSUS is BULLSHIT!!!

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