Here’s a New Idea-Get the Local Government to Pay For What They Can Get for FREE!!!


I received a notification a few days ago about an article in the Marshall News Messenger:

(Which of course would also be in all affiliated papers in the area) with the most amazing news to date. The city of Jefferson,Texas-the only city in Marion County due to the size of the county and population; will hire the local Humane Society of Marion County [Bloggers Note: The article refers to this Humane Society by that name however they refer to themselves as The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County-Wonder who’s confused-the paper or Carolyn Wedding or the city, lol-one thing for sure, they are referring to Carolyn Wedding the local Humanic and *Animal Slut] (*see pages in this blog for this reference).

The city wants to pay this humane society $8,000.00 a year to do for the city what they already provide for free and will continue to place animals in sub-standard conditions as they only have outdoor cages-HELLO, Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail, the dogs are in outdoor runs yet this humane society (cough) has a mission to stop animal abuse and wouldn’t think twice about accusing you of cruelty for properly providing protection from severe weather conditions and will receive animals or take animals without a proper warrant and properly serve that warrant…

Now for the bigger part of this scam-at the same time, owners will be required to pay $100.00 to get their animals back if picked up (even from their fenced backyards (cough). It should also be noted that the sheriff’s department is responsible for animal control and that Carolyn Wedding CEO and self proclaimed founder for this (cough) humane society, is NOT an animal expert and NOT an animal control officer although she and Sheriff McKnight will refer to Wedding as Animal Control Officer when she is NOT and has NO authority to take any animal and/or hold animals for ransom-Animals are PROPERTY-She knows it as previously stated herself, has no entitlment, training or capability to provide ANY animal control services. However, considering that the sheriff of Marion County has very little training for his job or even be a deputy, he does as he pleases with a totally corrupt government filled with people who have had minimal training with people paid by the county-they get away with ALL of it and they are not above lying (I have contradicting affidvits to prove it).                         WILL THE REAL ABIMAL ABUSERS PLEASE STAND UP!!!

Sheeple people1

How dare the mayor and council members for the city of Jefferson, Texas for frivilously paying a Not-For-Profit for doing a service for what they are required to offer for FREE considering it’s their mission to control animal population and stop animal abuse having NOTHING to do with the community affairs and might I add, this is not a wealthy highly populated community that has SERIOUS SEWER PROBLEMS!!! PEOPLE COME BEFORE ANIMALS AND A SEWER PROBLEM IS A SERIOUS PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE THAT THEY CLAIM THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO REPAIR WHILE AT THE SAME TIME ALREADY RECEIVED A GRANT TO FIX THE PROBLEM-HELLO!!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Complaints can be filed with the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality as a serious public health issue-especially since this is a tourist town with numerous Bed and Breakfasts (I wonder if any are lacking proper sewer disposal-Holy Moly!!! shut the town down).  1-888-777-3186 (24/7)

Back to the animal issue-Already animals have gone missing from their fenced backyards and turn up at that humane society-(Complaint was filed on this blog) And you bet they will, if they don’t already, require peiople to S/N before their animals are returned afterall, Dr. Hedges needs work with her Jefferson Animal Clinic shut down for years now and closely tied with Wedding -at one time was the agent for this humane society-Get the picture?!?

My personal anger with Marion County and the Humane Society of Marion County/the Dixie Humane Society of Maion County, or whatever they are calling themselves these days’ Runs deep-As the sign read in the city/county jail (one and the same)


It didn’t take long to discover all the corruption in Marion County and pretty pathetic that no one is doing anything about any of this…I have povided infomation on what they can do about it including placing a simple call to TECQ-anytime night or day. Let’s see if anyone is willing to make a simple phone call-HA! If I was without sewer service you bet I’d be complaining and if I was paying tax on services for the city, even though I live in the county, that are not being provided [NOTE: From what I’ve been told the entire county is now being taxed for sewer improvments for Jefferson] WTF!?! They already received a grant for the sewer-What’s going on here?!?

Listen up Marion County-Pick-up the phone and file your complaint-Actually, you don’t have to live in Jefferson or Marion County to make complaints, afterall, it’s a tourist town and their only source of income that the mayor and council members have jepordised again (Let’s not forget Jade Helm)!!! $8,000.00 to the humane society-NOT from my tax money!!! Already people living in both the city and the county have not received proper protection from that so called sheriff department, their stinking county/city jail with torture chairs where they can tie men and women up and shock them for complete cooperation (or because they think they might try to commit suicide instead of taking that person to the hospital for evaluation and proper care), a courthouse with 2 uneducated, non lawyer judges (I guess you can call that on the job training, lol) that have no law background hearing cases out of their jurisdiction, denying a jury, denying a deafman his right to a court certified (at least someone in the courtroom should be certified to be there-no scarcasium intended) ASL interpreter, oh Hell, the list can go on and on…

Just remember court appointed attorneys are paid for by the county, just like the prosecutor (in Marion County they pass these jobs around and no one seems to know whether it’s a criminal or civil case and in a cout out of it’s jurisdiction-Even change a case from criminal to civil on appeal-Oh yeah, they have done that as well and in the public records) so nevermind anyone’s right to justice and protection from the abuse of the law-You get what you pay for or is that vote into office-Maybe it’s both and when you STEAL over $207,000.00 of personal property you will get what you deserve-I repeat…THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog-Written for documentation, education, state my opinion and I am the founder and CEO of The Watchdog of Marion County, Texas -Hear me Roar…Kudos -B


~ by topcatsroar on August 24, 2015.

3 Responses to “Here’s a New Idea-Get the Local Government to Pay For What They Can Get for FREE!!!”

  1. Gosh, I guess I blinked and missed the elections where the taxpayers voted to make the humane society woman their new animal control officer! How come she or her society are not listed as such on the county’s website? By law, unless and until a proper animal control agency is established, the county sheriff is designated animal control officer. This means the Jefferson Police Department has no authority to seize or order the seizure of animals, whether or not in the city of Jefferson. It’s still the county sheriff’s job -with properly obtained seizure warrant, of course. But then, this is small town Texas, where everybody gets fleeced. Oh, and that $8,000 a year? The city doesn’t even have that kind of money. But they can increase taxes county-wide to cover it, right? HSMC started construction on a building, on donated land, with some pretty hefty contributions, several years ago, but the animals STILL are kept in outdoor cages year-round. As they say on Saturday Night Live, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT??

  2. How many Jefferson and Marion County citizens are aware of the merry-go-round game played out in their government offices and the extent of nepotism there? It’s a small community, sure, but where else would the sheriff’s wife be the Clerk of Court, the judge’s wife work at the major Realty firm, the Public Defender’s wife be the town’s Librarian, the wife of a sheriff’s deputy be an assistant court clerk, and the District Attorney and the Public Defenders take turns at each other’s jobs? So the guy who charged you and dragged your ass into court a few years ago is now in a position to defend you when the one who defended you back then is now the DA and charges you with something else…! Seems there’s so few attorneys that they have to play musical chairs with the jobs. It’s no wonder one of the best attorneys they ever had left the county in disgust. They pull a similar musical chairs game with the JP and county court judge positions as well. So if you lost a case in JP court awhile back, under Magistrate Judge Lex Jones, and appealed it to the county court, you just might find yourself facing… County Court Judge Lex Jones! Good luck with that! -Only in small town Texas!

  3. I spoke with TECQ and the lady said it might be the wrong agency to report the sewer issue in Jefferson however, I’m expecting a call back tomorow.
    I’m planning on calling OSHA tomorrow for where to report the sewer issue if TECQ is not the right agency.
    I also have a call reguarding the regulations for ani[mal shelters inTexas. The thought of where it’s located (city residential area) and the issues of this humane society needs to be addressed-Just the fact that the city is planning on providing $8,000.00 of taxpayer money for impoundment for animals to be placed in sub-standard conditions makes the city liable especially when there’s a need for serious ‘human services’ that it’s already not providing.

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