I Might As Well Toss In My Two Cents-Cecil the Lion

Never before have I seen so much outrage about the taking and killing of an animal as recently displayed all over the world on facebook and twitter. Yet few are speaking out about the wrongful taking/killing of animals from their their rightful owners under the false claim, ‘color of law’ in the name of rescue from their rightful owners in this country that has escalated as shelters need more animals to flip, rake in donations and to appease some idiot that has some need to be considered a hero and take power over people and animals-CONSIDER WHAT THE ANIMALS ARE GOING THRU DAMN IT!!! Consider the homeless animals that are left to fend for themselves with the ones picked up, often killed with the claim of ‘un-adoptable’/SELLABLE-WTF?!?

Everyone crying out about this lion who trusted people so it was so easy to lure him out of his protected territory. Big cats are territoritoral, especially a lion, so, over the years he developed a trust of men. Is that any different than the established trust between an owner and a dog or cat or any other animal that has bonded to his owner?!? Are we judging the care provided to animals when we judge the owner for how they live, able to live or just moved into the area and no one has any idea about the owner or the animals-So easy to falsely accuse, round-up a mob for the raid and steal animals from their longstanding rightful owners.

I cried for Cecil as I did for my own-I continued to cry as it set me right off with my memories of my animals and the pain of the loss. I saw the outrage pouring out of people for a lion owned by a government-unlike our government that has no interest in animals beyond a public safety issue.

I heard people wishing that Dr. Palmer should suffer and die; and read that he’s received death threats to the point where his office was closed and that he had to go in hiding.

This no different than what happened to me and I had done nothing wrong…There was no criminal conviction-It was simply the wrongful taking-Had there been a real reason to take them, then, as everyone knows, they would have prosecuted as well-They did no such thing!!!

What Marion County did was a real ‘show’ much like what is happening over one lion-one that had a name, Cecil. All my animals had names and had bonded and trusted in me for care and protection.

There was a mob during a warrantless search, and a mob that came and took animals and other property; after all, NOTHING was specific on that illegal and unconstitutional warrant.

And then, there was the media ignoring what was actually going on; they were invited by District Attorney Bill Gleason-And ingored the fact that they had no one’s permission to be there-not by the judge and not by us as actual property owners but they came and trespassed to sensalize the news as was their intent with Gleason counting on it…You bet I was attacked-nevermind the true reason they did it or that there was no reason to do such athing. They abused our civil liberties and constitution rights of both US and state constitutiions. No one paid much attention as to what happened to those animals accept us of course-There was no outrage for any of it, with few exceptions. We had been terrorized with the mere taking of the animals; horrified for the ones that were killed without medical testing, permission from the judge or us’ as the rightful owners of the animals. In some instances, the state would have provided free testing but no one wanted to have it known that there really was no reason to have done such a hienous deed before the first hearing-the following day.

Determined to get blood and to satisfy their lust for it, animals were killed within 24 hours for no apparent reason except that they could. Many who knew the truth ran and hid under a rock-Otherwise, we were abused and beaten to a pulp…Retreating and hid from the attrocity of THEIR CRIME-NOT MINE!!!

And the saddest side to my story is that we finally fled from our newely purchased property-I only spent less than 2 weeks with my mom who was suppose to live there with us and our animals but there was no way that I would subject her to the corruption of Marion County and that corruption continues to this day…

I continue to grieve and at this point, it all blurs. They not only destroyed animals and their fate without reason but our lives and all our plans for the future. Even people convicted of cruelty often receive back a few of their animals; we received none with the ones they killed and the ones murdered hauled off to the county dump-imagine that!!! Others mis-placed and abused where they were sent-Boris starved to death at the ‘death camp’…Angel used as a fundraiser at Lakewood Zoo by Casey Ludwig-Jeff Kozlowski, a convicted felon receiving my leopards at his penitentary for big cats, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. Yet no one is outraged-I seem to be the only one scearming about the abuse of the law that occured in Marion County-

Today, I see new posts going up with people making open statements that they will not have the story of Cecil the Lion on their news feed any longer as if that will make all the crimes against animals and their rightful owners go away. Cecils story needs to remain alive but for all the right reasons.

Dr. Palmer will have to answer questions about this hunt on his return to Africa. It is legal there to bait animals out of the preserve and could be a mistake that Cecil was shot-The only questions that remain unanswered is if he saw the collar and if he knew that a lion could not be killed on that property. Considering that he was actually there to hunt a leopard; he likely didn’t know about the property owner not having the proper permits. He has stated that he did not see the collar and stated how sorry he is; what more should we expect from this man.

The people that Dr. Palmer hired so he could go on a big game hunt and the property owner have been charged and will go on trial. It is unlikely that will include Dr. Palmer; big game hunting is totally legal, he purchased the proper permits, trusted his guide for the hunt to be 100% legal so, it appears that he did nothing wrong.

I support all animal usage as long as that usage is allowed and includes hunting. I don’t judge him or any hunter as long as it was a legal hunt and I prefer a clean kill. I also believe that if we kill an animal it should serve a purpose. This type of hunting serves a purpose-government controled conservation-get over it.

The point is that tigers need to be returned to their rightful owners-Both in FL and Ohio yet, where is the outrage. Both cases and others have been discussed on this blog…Law enforcement and judges need to consider circumstance and if actual animal cruelty was the intent for reason to take animals from there owners.

Fake public safety issues is NOT a reason to ban animals and FAKE rescues and SCAM-tuaries need to be held accountable such as Carole Baskin of BCR who has a party room filled with the skins of dead animals on display-much like a big game hunter that I am hearing so many people opposing. How can anyone with such a high death rate, proudly display the animals that died there in a fucking party room!?!

And lastly, hold rescue accountable for their actions-Join the movement to end the taking, the mindless killing and animal bans created under the ‘color of rescue’ and public safety issues when none exists!!!

Keep Cecil’s story alive!!!


~ by topcatsroar on August 1, 2015.

12 Responses to “I Might As Well Toss In My Two Cents-Cecil the Lion”

  1. Excellent post, and as usual, when TopCat Roars, I hear it too, and more importantly i agree almost entirely with the post.

    Except that my case is different becaise no two cases are the same, I could have written the same post. Our situations and feelings about the topic are the same.

    I guess that ia why I said it was an Excellent Post. More to follow from me in my next post.

  2. My situation is almost exactly what TopCatRoars speaks about in his blog posts.

    The only difererence is that my case is still ongoing, although I am not to sure how much longer my case will be going, being the prosecutor in my case, has informed my attorney that the case will in all likelihood be dismissed by the DA and the judge this week.
    I doubt that will actually occur, at least not this week.

    I do not want to confuse anybody, the only reason the DA will dismiss the case is because 3 months ago, we proved in the MAPP “suppression hearing”, that the Sheriff’s did break into two houses, without a Search or Arrest Warrant, and that there were NO Exigent Circumstances, and that the Sheriiffs did NOT have “Probable Cause” to break in without a Warrant. It took the Town Justice, 10 1/2 Months, to rule on.the.facts and testimony supplied at the Suppression hearing, but much.to my surprise, the Judge ruled in our favor, and determined that the Sheriffs did break into two houses without a Warrant, Probable Cause or Exigent Circumstances, and in doing so, violated our Civil Rights provided in the 4th Amendment, so he supressed 98 percent of all of the states “supposed evidence”, which incuded falsified veterinarian reports, supportting their bogus claims of underfed, mistreatrd abused animals, which they seized, after their illegal search and entry, and to this date have STILL NOT returned, nearly 18 months later. But, nobody saw anything.in the news or blogs or internet or anwhere tjat the Judge ruled they entered our home illegally.

    More to follow on this story, soon

    • I hope they return your case is dismissed, you can pay the big attorney bill and that you turn around and file suit!!!

      • My case is not over yet, bb u t as of 6 weeks ago, after the suppression hearings my Justice (who has been a.good, fair Judge so far) gave the “ADA”, the Assistant District Attorney, 8 days to produce any evidence agaist us, after he suppressed 98% of the evidence, based on the illegal entry, and now it has been 6 weeks, and nothing from the DA, or judge on the case, but thw ADA, “ran into my attorney” and mentioned that the police and the “State” / DA’s office, have no way of identifing any of the animals seized, and do not have an ability to “match” any animal to their bocus VET reports. The “sheriffs involved in the “raid” to seize our valuable, trained animals, broke so many laws in their illegal search and seizure, including letting over twenty people in our house, including the TV news media, before even applying for search warrant.

      • I think fom everything said, you andI could have a pity party and not joking-Media was invited onto our property and into our home. Nothing was suppressed, no one gave a damn-the judge ignorant that he couldn’t issue that warrant -general warrant that lacked probable cause-Inow warn others and use my case as an example…These raids on innocent longstanding aniumal owners have to stop!!! The corruption in Marion County and where you live has to stop!!! Imagine what theyare doing to others in other cases-OMG!!!

  3. Zimbabwe is currently pushing to have Dr. Palmer extradited, not just for questioning, but to face trial there, just as the guides have now been jailed and await trial. He faces the possibility of a $20,000 fine and up to 10 years in a Zimbabwe jail, if the U.S. agrees to his extradition, after already paying $50,000 for what he thought was a legal and legitimate hunt. Cecil, by law, was butchered and his meat went to feed needy locals, and it’s unclear whether Dr. Palmer brought back a “trophy” of any sort, other than pictures and memories. The story is still unfolding.

    • Until Palmer returns to Africa this story will be flipped again and again as more information is learned about Cecil’s death. For now, ALL big game hunting in Africa has stopped as it is believed that Jerico has been killed as well. This clearly upset a very delicate balance on that preserve and screwed up all conservation efforts.

  4. THIS was a very well written and tasteful blog! Thank you, Top Cat!

  5. I am curious about the disturbing information that was included about BCR, ” who has a party room filled with the skins of dead animals on display”. I have been supportive of that rescue in the past, but have never visited there.

    • Just take a virtual tour on google-Mentioned here in previous posts on this blog and pictured. Go to Big Cat Watch website-It’s all over the place that she has had all those animals taxidermied and on display…she bears no shame of it and collecting money off the animals that have died-DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY!!!
      ‘The Great Wall of Death’ -More than 160 animals have died there-many of which were breed there, born there-She bred them and rescued her own animals that apparently you suppoted-sorry.
      Currently the place is under water as the torrential rain continues in Tampa; many of those animals are NOT provided proper shelter under such conditions nor is there anyway to evacuate them.
      You might say that she didn’t have the money to do all that EXCEPT last year collected MILLIONS!!! Most of which was not used for animal care but instead hired a lobbyist to create laws to ban private ownership and stop animals from being in zoos and the circus.
      Carole BAskin is proud to have joined HSUS and even had a dinner to honor Wayne Pacelle. A Diamond sponsor at the AR convention each yearin Washington DC…She has built her empire from pulling the heart strings of Animal Rights Extremists who don’t have a clue.
      Obviously, you care about the animals at BCR. Then do them more justice than contributing money that is not being used for their care and NOT needed (Insidently, you can go look at how much money is collected and how the money is spent-click the link on BCR site-look at salaries-She is paid, her husband is paid along with other members of her family including mom…Rather large salaries-just under 50 grand fo each).
      Call and/or write the USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife demanding that those animal be properly cared for. Demand that the issue of constant flooding in those cages be addressed and proper shelters. BCR doesn’t care about accountability-Demand it from the USDA and FWC!!!

  6. Almost 3 years now since my animals were taken after deputies entered the property based on an anonymous call and climbed over the fence claiming “exigent circumstances”. The next morning they showed up with a vet that had refused to put a horse down (chronic illness) and then claimed that my NOT having him put down was neglect on my part and stating the horse needed “immediate euthanization”. Mares and stallions hauled together despite my plea that they not be…I was told to sit down and shut up as the brand inspectors assisting were “the experts”. Last ones left after dark and were placed at a sales yard, privately owned and posted, and one of the brand inspectors notified a rescue almost 300 miles away, via a FB post to their page, that they would be getting the animals. No receipt, no arrest, no charges. The following morning the brand inspectors transferred ownership of them to the sheriffs office. The next day I got a “notice of seizure” listing (inaccurately…..seems a brand inspector can/did miss both brands on some and balls on one described as a gelding when there wasn’t a gelding on the place) and a hearing scheduled 3 days later “to determine disposition” of the horses……hmmmmmm……seems that had already been decided. Then, two days later, another deputy climbed over my locked gate (despite having my phone # and presumably a horn on his vehicle) to present me a form requesting my permission to have the one horse put down…..4 days after the vet said it was needed immediately and more than a month after I requested it be done by this same vet and been refused. Then there was the hearing at which I pointed out that if they were going to remove and dispose of my animals in this hearing I felt the need for legal representation. I wasn’t able to hire an attorney and the public defender was only for those charged with something and unable to pay…..no charges had been filed. Got a one week extension. Next hearing date, unknown to me, charges were filed within minutes of the hearing scheduled start time. DA then made a bogus offer of “no charges will be filed based on what is said here if you will represent yourself”…….refused….and was not allowed to testify to any care provided. Horses signed over to the above mentioned rescue if they paid the $70/head accumulated board bill…which they apparently did. Served “summons” (like a traffic ticket) two days later. Horses hauled to the rescue over next several days. The one needing to be euthanized was reported sold to a private buyer who later brought him to the other sale yard where he was reportedly sold “for slaughter only”. There was an arraignment hearing scheduled for some 8 weeks after the horses were taken and at which I was finally, officially charged and read my rights and appointed an attorney. Trial was scheduled for two months later. The rescue involved then sent an extortion message via FB demanding the registration papers on the horses in order to “preserve the bloodlines” or she would castrate the stallions immediately beginning the next day. Over the following months the charges were gradually dropped by the DA in on offer after another and finally came to “plead no contest to 5, we will drop 29, and you choose which 5 horses to apply those charges to”. Since there was to be no jury trial (misdemeanor charges don’t get jury)and the justice of the peace was a former sheriffs deputy and had already made clear in a reported conversation that he would find me guilty and impose the max sentence available AND since I was informed that the rescue had notified DA and sheriff that they would demonstrate with 3-500 people at the courthouse (and informed that the costs of added security should this happen, could be/would be likely added to any fines imposed by the JP) I accepted the plea offer under duress. The rescue has accounted for only about half of the herd, at least one horse died, several mares look pregnant in photos posted of them up for adoption. They’ve posted time and time again for funds to feed and to buy an additional 250 +/- horses and ended up in Feb of this year under state imposed quarantine due to disease outbreak. There are questions about their claimed non-profit status and they are running an interstate horse hauling business without apparent USDOT regs being met. Now, most recently, they are advertising one of the former stallions as a 6year old halter broke registered Paint. He is eligible for registration but is NOT registered yet according to the Paint horse registry…..and he was more than halter broke when he was taken from me.

    The lack of any kind of requirements to be licensed as a “rescue” and the total lack of oversight allows this to go on around the country on an almost daily basis.

    • Both alarming and upsetting-It’s not a rescue when it’s NOT a rescue!!! The masses need to take charge to MAKE IT STOP!!

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