NO OVERSIGHT For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues – The PUBLIC NEEDS To TAKE CHARGE!

Keeping you informed on wrongful animal rescues and shelters is a rather important aspect of this blog.
Ever so important that you are not fooled by what is going on AFTER that ‘color of law rescue’ with animals being killed and abused in the name of rescue when in reality, there was no REAL reason to take those animals from their rightful owners.
On examining REAL facts from the imaginary contrived claim of some not-for-profit animal rescue organization whose ONLY claim can be that they are not-for-profit, with no training in animal husbandry, no training on the laws that surround animal seizures, being awarded the property that is miraculously OK to be ‘re-sold’ (flipped)!!! Yet on examination when animals are held for a longer period of time, the truth is revealed that the animals once seized became sick, died or were euthanized in the process without any medical reason to murder those animals and no permission from anyone to have done such a henious crime. In some instances, supported by corrupt sheriff departments even when no abuse existed-ahhhh, such is the case in MARION CO., TEXAS.
The most important thing that you can do for animals and your community is to ask questions!

from Grace and Truth Spirit & Soul-Pay close attention to this post!!!

Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul

Split Personality Woman

The link below illustrates that just because people choose to have jobs working with animals, NOT all of these people actually feel much toward animals at all, they may be able to “disassociate themselves” from killing animals and do not give killing them much thought at all, and some of them are downright sociopathic/psychopathic and “get off” on tormenting, torturing, and then killing animals.


The terrifying part is that MANY of these people are intelligent, and they look and behave so normally, that unless they’re caught in the act of torturing and killing, or have made mistakes, they often are NOT caught at all:

Below is an excerpt from the blog post at the link:

“As a reminder, the primary complaint is that management needlessly kills animals they have resources to shelter – because they can.  It would seem that the only thing the current management has a passion for…

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