Jade Helm-Not for the Good of the Community-Certainly NOT in Marion County, TX-Exposed

Jade Helm

The response from Sheriff McKnight was rather vague last May…With no comment in a more recent media report. Non-lawyer, County Judge Lex Jones who ultimately makes major decisions for the county was more in-touch with what it meant, yet he obviously ignored the fact that the county seat is Jefferson, which is known as a sleeply tourist town with numerous Bed and Breakfast Inns whose business counts on those tourists and NOT military personnel and equipment invading the city and county for ‘war games’.

McKnight claimed the “military exercise involved five or six soldiers taking a Jeep ride form one part of a private landowners property to another, where they will be picked up by a helicopter.”

[I assume that means McKnight property where he had the media land their helicopter after inviting them onto a neighbors private farm property for a search and seize without permission from the judge who issued the warrant (Lex Joines) or the actual owners of the property where the search and seize took place with no reason for the media to be present for serving the search warrant-intended for sensationalizing the news. Sheriff McKnight is also accustom to unlawful, unconstitutioinal warrantless searches and stealing dogs from their rightful owners…The only property rights Sheriff McKnight seems to be concerned with are his own. The entire McKnight ‘rehelm’ is equiped with survailance cameras, K-9 patrol dog and of course guns and asualt riffles…think about that for a second!!!]

The Texas militia is protesting…Numerous citizens are complaining about Jade Helm so there must be something to this or there wouldn’t be so much concern with potests against Jade Helm, blog posts and hours of youtube footage concerning Jade Helm. The people living in Marion County have to think twice before making any complaint with a sheriff department that’s demanding control of the people who live there, a court appointed attorney telling the accused if they don’t plea guility that he will not represent them in a criminal case [huh??? -WTF??? He is required represent the accused in a CRIMINAL case] and a county judge taking property as part of a probation agreement who has NO civil jurisdiction and this actiion is against TX-H&S Code 821 concerning that property which was NEVER addressed according to Texas statute. This is not the first time that Sheriff McKnight has been involved in the illegal and unconstitutiional taking of animals from their rightful owners and not adhearing to the statute and other laws concerning the taking of property including the taking of animals. Just how much abuse by the law must this community endure?!?! They don’t have a clue until it happens to them with little media coverage unless the media is brought in for sensationaling the news’, contaminating a possible jury and to pat themselves on the back-What they really need is a strong kick in the ass. Go figure po-dunk town in Texas filled with corruption and getting away with their ‘brand of enforcement’.

McKnight has assisted and/or placed animals with a local Animal Rights Extremist, Humaniac Caroyn Wedding who is CEO and founder the Marion County Humane Society [Now DBA the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County] and habitually enjoys trespassing on private farm property and taking animals for the benefit of her not for profit-Wedding is so proud of her actions that it’s documented on youtube.

Remember, the government has no interest in animals beyond public safety issues. But Carolyn Wedding and her humane society is on a mission to control pet population [although over population of animals no longer exists. I have already revealed on this blog the numerous animals Wedding hauled illegally to Marshall Animal Control to be euthanized-even though wedding ‘claims to be no-kill’…No-Kill my ass; obviously, they are NOT!!! Weddingand her humane society vet Carol Hedges were involved in killing and slaughtering 1/2 the animals seized and placed in the care of this so called ‘humane’ society by Lex Jones and aided by the sheriff’s department-McKnight in charge of that raid] and end abuse; even when no abuse exists. Obviously, abuse does exist once in the care of Wedding and her so called humane society that is anything but ‘humane’ when thisoccuredwith no medicaltesting, no permission from Judge Lex Jones or the rightful owners ofthat property. It’s so easy to accuse animal owners and take control of their property to do with as they please-Even before being awarded the property…Even if no search warrant existed.]

Why would Marion County agree to Jade Helm?! I guess the answer would be why not!?! And what did Marion County have to gain by agreeing-Just WHO are the the federal courts protecting when constitutional rights exist?!? There is extreme concern when the federal courts are not protecting citizens from abuse of their constitutional rights including disabled citizens, from warrantless searches, illegal and unconstitutional issuance of criminal warrants for class A misdemeadors that lacked probable cause and withh nothing specific to be searched or taken!!! Now Jade Hem exercise enters into the community. Judge Lex Jones denies the concern of thecommunity!!!

Rep. Louie Gohmert for the district stated he is “appalled” that Texas is considered a hostile state in the Jade Helm exercise-He stated “the message becomes extremely calloused and suspicious”. Listen up Rep Gohmert-under the conditions in Marion County there might very well be reason to consider the citizens of Marion County hostile when the county is LAWLESS!!!

Governor Gregg Abbott has ordered the Texas National Guard to monitor the Jade Helm exercises…I truly doubt that they are monitoring Marion County?!?


So what’s the real reason for allowing Jade Helm in knowing it will likely disrupt ‘business as usual’ and upset the entire community nevermind those Bed and Breakfast Inns and their loss of revenue and reputation.

Jade Helm2

Must thanks to an extremely angry resident so says they have had enough from the ‘Marion County brand of government control’. From the illegal taking of animals [theft under ‘color of law’] from their rightful owners and giving them to this bogus humane society with the abuse by both law enforcement and the Marion County ‘judicial system with non-lawyer judges’ who operate outside their jurisdiction  [codified law] to this Jade Helm pay off-EXPOSED!!!

Maybe next time the residents will give more consideration as to who they vote for…and certainly about time for more citizens to partiscipate in ALL elections!!!

May 15, 2015 -It was anounced that 11 counties in Texas would partiscipate in Jade Helm 15 exercises-however, several counties in Texas turned it away; Marion County accepted Jade Helm with open arms and sold it to the community as a way to boost the economy…Is that how a tourist community boosts it’s economy?!? WTF???-With ‘war games’ when we are not at war with ourselves-or are we?!?

[By the way, I’m not on the phone and nor is it late night on the Internet-the issue was sent to me and this written with very little research of my own-‘Government’ in Marion County needs a complete overhaul!!!]


Marion County:Jade Helm Exercise includes East Texas

…”45% of those polled had reservations that the government will use the training operation to impose greater control”…

Of course, as already stated, that’s what Marion County is all about-government control of it’s citizens especially law enforcement that took a woman they considered suicidal to the jail, placed her in a restraining chair and then began to taz her numerous times in her abdomen to gain control rather than calling an ambulance or transporting her themselves to the hospital -She is now left with the scars from the memory of the experience.]

Maybe Governor Gregg Abott who isn’t so pleased about Jade Helm coming to Texas should consider monitoring city and county law enforcement and judicial systems considering just how much corruption exisits in Texas; least anyone forget that previous Texas Governor Rick Perry who too has legal problems concerning constitutional rights yet he has the gall to run for president.

Rep. Louie Gohmert stated he was appalled when he reviewed the Jade Helm map so it becomes even more contradicting to read what Marion County Judge, Judge Lex Jones had to say…and the ‘boost’ for the local economy-WRONG…Please go to the link to read the full article-you just can’t make this stuff up-

What Jones fails to mention is the federal government has contracts with Marion County…He fails to disclose what the county is receiving for it’s cooperation?!?

Marion County is now a ‘war zone’ complete with miltary tanks and helicopters for the war games.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

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