THEFT of Animals Under Color-of-Law – THIS NEEDS to STOP!

Typical of illegal, unconstitutional animal seizures in Texas…scams under ‘the color of rescue’.

A popular Texas past-time is civil forefiture, you loose your property and they gloat about it for years to come-No matter that the asshole KNOWS he stole property…From DA to court appointed attorney-Still paid by the county making animal owners easy marks even when they SKIP the TXH&S CODE 821 STATUTE as was recently done in Moron County and get this…The PREVIOUS DA who KNOWS the statue-He even gloats of his personal involvement in previous theft of animals, yet he does a little write in on a probation agreement to forfeit the animals-Nope, doesn’t work that way….Just like the theft of the animals he wasgloating that he stole with no criminal conviction -HOLY SHIT!!!

The JP Judge whose not an attorney is now the county judge breaking the law in that court believing the words of the previous DA who continues to be a lying sarcastic bastard that he is a big fish in a small, stinking muddy pond.

Texas-Corruption at it’s finest- Check out this post of yet another illegal unconstitutional animal seizure in Texas…Remember, They are counting on you to do nothing about it…

Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul

The story at the link below demonstrates ALL of the elements of an ILLEGAL seizure scam or rescue raid.

We have “the neighbor” whose been complaining about this veterinarians horses for years according to the “reporter” on the scene and they are USING TAX PAYER-FUNDED government agencies to go after people they have some kind of “problem” with.

Then there is the “rescue” that appears to be behaving just like a “retail rescue” and is NOT really there to “help” the owner of the horses and the horses but we can bet a million dollars NO ONE has checked THEM out and run background checks on them – not even the District Attorney!

We have a tax payer-funded government agency (the DA’s office) appearing to be in on the scam that MOST LIKELY doesn’t even have ANY, or much of any, information on this handy-dandy animal rescue loading up and literally STEALING…

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~ by topcatsroar on July 12, 2015.

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