“Convenience Killing” Coming to An Animal Control and Donation-Funded “Rescue” Near You

Just because they do not hold themselves accountable, it does not mean you should accept as necessary…expose the truth to help animals!!! With military invading communities under the guise of practical war games to previous district attorneys becoming court appointed attorneys…and justice of the peace taking his turn as county judge when he wasn’t able to properly control his courtroom as JP judge now allowing the community to live in mass chaois…all as, Moron County, Texas remains unaccountable just as the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County/Jefferenson, Texas…Beware!!!

Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul

Animal Control5

Its evident that when people that are suspicious of activities at an animal control/animal shelter go forward with a FOIA request, some truly heartless acts are being uncovered and EXPOSED as what was reported on at this link:


Because animal controls and animal shelters are tax-payer funded government agencies, FOIA requests can be submitted, and even if the “powers that be” are dragging-their-feet on sending the requested documents and are giving those requesting the information the typical run-around, diversion tactics and evasiveness that goes hand-in-glove with people that are doing things wrong, the information is finally forthcoming.

Animal Control3

Unfortunately, this is NOT TRUE for the publicly donation-funded animal rescues, that are not at this point held to comply with FOIA requests, and they disrespectfully:

1.  ignore requests for information on

2. how many animals they have at their facility

3. how many are in foster care

4. how many are at sanctuaries for “animals…

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