On a Personal Note ~ REALLY ??? SERIOUSLY ??? Marion County, Texas Officials are More like Wild and Dangerous Animals than the Animals

Jade Helm1



So, let me see if I understand this correctly: The folks with Operation Jade Helm are from the government, and they are there to help. Do I understand that right? Government tells us we have nothing to fear, yet


Sounds GREAT to me! Conservative Tribune  reports:


and Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, says, “Operation Jade Helm poses no threat to any American’s civil liberties.”

Sure… and monkeys might fly out of my butt [Eyes Rolling].”


Jade Helm2

Just how much are the pay-offs for allowing the government to come in and make test runs in the county?!? Wait, doesn’t this stuff sound way out there ??? And what could possibly be the reason I have this up on this bog ???

Suddenly I am swamped with calls and emails about an article in the Longview news about Marion County…Good ole Marion County is up to something again, yawn…OK, I’ll go see and decide to take a look…OMG !!!

Keep in mind, Like UN-Agenda 21, no one is paying attention to the military invasion in their counties or are they?!? Gregg Abbott (Governor of the state of Texas) sure is and he’s against Jada Helm 15 but here’s a article in the Longview Journal where Sheriff David McKnight is not only for it but approves that Marion County is under a military invasion!!!-WTF!?!  Doesn’t he and his clan still live there?!?

“Do you believe what’s going on in Marion County?” I am asked. I reply that I haven’t a clue what she’s talking about and then she proceeds to tell me about helicopters and military vehicles going down Hwy 59. WTF?!? A little research goes a ong ways and I find out it’s Jade Helm 15-I don’t know what that is but I’m sure glad I’m not living there!!!

This certainly answers a lot of questions for me as to why the federal courts have looked the other way with our case and will likely look the other way if anyone files suit against Marion County and/or certain of a rigged jury as I am convinced that they were when a jury voted not guilty after the sheriff department invaded a woman’s home, tied her to a restraint chair at the jail and tazed her over and over and over again in her abdomen…WHAT ??? YES!!! All because she was suspect as suicidal-Not guilty my ass !!! Elizabeth Lawson sure doesn’t agree with that verdict!!! No one agrees with that verdict-come on!!! Why would they do such a thing?!? And why would a jury not vote in favor of Elizabeth Lawson-OMG!?!

Links of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/of-personal-interest-for-documentation-marion-county-texas/



Don’t be fooled by this sleepy little county in far east Texas; it is NOT what it appears to be-the corruption runs rampet and no one is safe even driving thru. Mark my words, when we go back for our things and we’ll be putting our lives in danger unless we take a large entourage with us or hire people and accompanied by body guards hired for our protection which is likely the only way we’ll go back and of course, with live streaming video broadcast as it happens…you bet the lengths I will go to for my personal safety!!!

Sheriff David McKnight was the led officer in our case resulting in a loss of $207,000.00 for no good reason accept that they could and did get away with it-and now I know how and why!!! Funny thing is both he and Gleason still brag on trampling PROTECTED Civil Liberties-Small men in small towns-easy to control a small pond-obviously!!!

McKnight becomes Humanitarian of the Year by the (cough) Humane Society of Marion County -now doing business as the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County…after they literally stole a man’s dogs from him with no due process what-so-ever -they do these things because they can and I finally understand how and why they continue to get away with it!!! But it doesn’t come without a price, the price paid for by the residents of Marion County.

Jade Helm


Marion sheriff on Jade Helm: No reason to worry

Federal military exercises that riled some Texas conservatives in recent weeks will include Marion County, where the sheriff is confident federal officials in Washington aren’t planning something more sinister.

“We went to great efforts to verify credentials and information as it was presented to us,” Sheriff David McKnight said of himself and county commissioners who signed off on welcoming a small portion of Jade Helm 15 to their county.

McKnight said that portion of the military exercise will involve five or six soldiers taking a Jeep ride from one part of a private landowner’s property to another, where they will be picked up by a helicopter.

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is staging the two-month exercise beginning in mid-July in nine Texas counties and at two Army camps.

The exercise, designed to train U.S. military for anti-terrorism campaigns, became the target of right-wing conspiracy bloggers describing it as a prelude to martial law, gun seizures and even the use of closed Wal-Mart stores as staging facilities.

Gov. Greg Abbott fueled those speculations when he ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the U.S. Army’s activities.

Such concerns were being laughed off by most Texans.

“At lunch in the barbecue joint, there were some comments about it,” Gary Endsley, Friends of the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge trustee, said Friday. “I was laughing it off. … And I said, ‘Yeah. I’ll bet the U.N. is trying to build a fort down there (in the refuge) right now.’ The Friends of the Refuge are not all stirred up about it.”

McKnight said he met in the fall with special operations command representatives who outlined the coming exercise, which will occur in Texas and six other Southwestern states. He added that the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas also vetted the Army’s presentation last month.

“As a rule, Texas sheriffs are very protective of their respective counties,” McKnight said this week. “Personally and professionally, I am a strong supporter of private property rights. I am convinced that no infringement of those rights will occur during this exercise and that there will be no negative impact on anyone’s daily activities or livelihoods.

[Bloggers Note: Hold it right there-I take offense to that statement made by McKnight-He has no respect for personal property He and his men took well beyond the limits of a very confusing-if not contradicting search warrant on my property after 3 days of warrantless searches, taking many things not even listed on the warrant and some of it never returned.

He certainly did a number to the Wilson property and who knows who else’s property has been invaded by McKnight and/or his lawless crew of “Good Ole Boys’-Does he just not know what PROTECTED Civil Liberties are and didn’t he take an oath that above all else he would protect them…Does he even know he took an oath ???-HA! What about those other East Texas Counties ??? Do they have some of the same issues as residents of Marion County???-WTF???]

“I have spoken with the landowner, and he very willingly consented to the use of his property and supports this exercise to better train our military men and women to defend us against today’s terrorist threats.”

[Bloggers Note: Would the landlord happen to be his father’s property or his brothers-How much are they being paid by the government to use that property ???]

Information provided at the sheriffs’ association’s May 6 meeting indicated that no live ammunition will be used in Jade Helm 15, nor will any foreign military be involved.

The association reported the exercise primarily will take place on private land in Marion, Bastrop, Burleson, Howard, Hudspeth, Kimble, Real, Schleicher and Tom Green counties. Camps Bullis and Swift, respectively in Bexar and Bastrop counties, also are participating.

[Blogger Note: Participating freely or being paid for the use of their county!?!]

The sheriffs’ association information concluded by encouraging residents to “use legitimate mainstream news sources” for information about Jade Helm 15.


Holy Crap-does McKnight even know what Jade Helm 15 is?!? [I bet NOT]

Is he aware that his job is to protect the community ??? [I think not!!!]

Wondering if he’s learned yet how to serve a search and seize warrant ?!? Is he providing the affidavit when he issues the warrant (as required by law) ??? Is he aware that property rights means you do NOT come on the property without a warrant yet ???

This guy is NOT trained for the position of sheriff and furthermore not trained to be a deputy.

Once you’ve experience McKiight’s ‘brand’ of protection’ you never want to deal with another cop again-He’s still the ‘high-school bully’ -Bet he makes his mama proud-NOT!!!


Now the REAL comedy is exposed in an editorial-WOW-He’s now working extra hard to be re-elected sheriff. Actually, I think he’s just a ‘patsy’ for the people who really run the county-It’s NOT Sheriff McKnight running the county-Corrupt little counties like Marion County is not run by Dumbo’s like McKnight…He’s gained even more weight with his big Texas belly covering his belt buckle…the voice of reason, LOL!!! He knows more than the Governor of the state of Texas-right…I think NOT!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NOW THAT’S FUNNY!!!


Editorial: Marion sheriff a voice of reason amid Jade Helm hysteria

Thanks to Marion County Sheriff David McKnight for injecting a bit of calm into the Jade Helm hysteria nonsense roiling those prone to believing every conspiracy theory that comes to their attention.

McKnight’s county, which is just a few clicks from here, will be involved — slightly — in the military exercises and, as such, he has been privy to a bit more information than most of us.

And McKnight says there is nothing to worry about.

[Bloggers Note: If McKnight says it, then it must be true-BAHAHAHAHAHAHA That might be the funniest thing I have read in a very long time!!!]

Most of us didn’t need the sheriff to tell us that. The whole idea that U.S. troops would swoop into Texas to “take over the state” is so bizarre that it’s difficult to find an adjective to accurately describe its absurdity.

Indeed, the people mongering this fear should be ashamed of themselves. We don’t care what they think of the political figures involved, but they highly disrespect our troops — a good number of whom certainly come from Texas — and, like most Americans, we don’t take kindly to that.

Do you really think those brave men and women who joined the armed forces to protect you from harm are now going to turn their arms against you? Are you buying into the theory about tunnels under closed Wal-Mart stores? If so, we genuinely feel sorry for your delusion and hope you can find a way to work through your irrational fears.

[Bloggers Note: Frankly, I am unaware of what is being said about tunnels under a de-funk Walmart Store-I am unaware that a Walmart Store ever existed in Marion County]

Having said that, we must express our disappointment that, while Sheriff McKnight speaks about the situation with such lucidity, the governor of Texas is using it to score political points.

Bloggers Note: Abbott was just elected to that position-He doesn’t need to collect brownie points. McKnight on the other hand most definitely needs to collect a few after all he’s done in the past and now this-OMG!!!]

We’re pretty sure Gov. Greg Abbott knows better than he let on with his order to the Texas State Guard to “monitor” the exercises. We aren’t as convinced U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert gets it. He’s been tossing fuel on such fantastic and unfounded conspiracy theories for years.

Jade Helm will be much the same as other military exercises that take place regularly in the United States. If we did not conduct exercises, our troops would be seriously hampered when faced with a real emergency.

Yet instead of showing support, many are showing their ignorance. All of this is stirred by what some misguided folks said on the Internet and whipped up by pandering politicians and pundits. It’s absolutely amazing so many people believe them.

But McKnight, at least, has been a steady voice speaking in the near wilderness of Marion County. We wonder whether he might have an interest in further political office, say, governor of Texas or as the U.S. representative from this area. On this, at least, we could use a fresh, rational voice.

[Bloggers Note: Who wrote this editorial anyway??? McKnight’s mother???]


I just had to leave a comment to that editorial-Truth hurts…

Then you don’t know how Marion County operates or David McKnight or how the county operates to destroy lives without blinking an eye for having done it-Or do you so quickly forget Barbara Lawson who was tied to a restraint and tazed in her abdomen over and over and over again-They thought she was suicidal-huh?!? They why wasn’t she taken to the hospital-HELLO!?!

Want to see a general warrant served by McKnight following three days of warrantless searches?!?

Tell me, who has court appointed attorneys for a civil case and the paperwork sent us to JP Court for a class ‘A’ misdemeanor and how about that the case was appealed and changed from a criminal case to civil when Judge Parker doesn’t have the authority in his court, by Texas government code, to hear a civil case (a statute does NOT take president over government code-…ALL of it ignored by the federal court for the PROTECTED Civil Liberty abuse…and now we know why!!! OMG!!!

Yeah, if David McKnight said it you best believe it because the federal courts will certainly agree-BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Just how much did the county get paid for this and what has McKnight received for supporting this is his home county. Did you know he was known as the class bully and I guess he’s never changed in my opinion.
How about we talk to the residents of Marion County when this is all over and see how they felt about it-HA!
This is my opinion and I am allowed to state my opinion when it is a community issue according to Judge Ralston for Marion County

Far as I’m concerned my new neighbor in January 2010 McKnight became the lead deputy in a case against me in January 2010 just a few weeks after moving to Marion County, living less than a mile from my newly purchased private farm property on Lewis Chapel Road…David McKnight is my worse nightmare come true-He’s a lying sack of shit and he knows it…his family knows it-God knows it and one day will have to explain his actions AGAINST his INNOCENT neighbor(there never was a REAL criminal trial or civil for that matter to his maker-About the animals and other property that was stolen and he was ‘in charge’ I can live with that…can he??
Guess he’s lucky this is the ‘new west’ and not the ‘old Wild West’ where they hung horse thieves…although you wouldn’t know that by the actions of enforcement and the judicial system in Marion County and the state of Texas. Just because he comes from an influential family in Marion County who got him that job so that maybe he could channel all that bullying for some good-Doesn’t mean that he has or is or even capable-OBVIOUSLY!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Please note: This turned up in my search for information on Jade Helm in Marion County-Seems rather odd and out of place for a commissioner of Marion County…


Marion County commissioner resigns after theft arrest

“A Marion County commission has resigned after being arrested on theft of property charges.”

“Pct. 3 Commissioner C.E. Bourne was arrested Thursday on two counts of theft of property after an investigation by the Texas Rangers and state Comptroller’s office involving allegations of removing and using fuel from county-owned fuel tanks, according to Marion County District Attorney Angela Smoak.”


follow the link for the rest of the story


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