ZOO WARS ~ A Compelling Read ~ Open Letter-I Can Relate to Her Words…

How well you know me depends on how well you can read me and know what I think about day in and day out, monotonous and boring!!! But how could anyone not have trouble moving on ?!? Day after day, week after week, month after month and now year after year of endless grief…

You read a story in the media and hear the conclusion of a court hearing and so you figure it’s done and over-But it will never be over for the person or persons you read about although they were never criminally charged or wrongfully criminally charged with or without conviction; they had no defense, how can you defend yourself against something that never existed??? You’re considered guilty with the accusation NOT innocent until proven guilty but in most of these cases, there is no way they could have convinced a jury that the accused was guilty-Why else would we have been denied a trial by jury ??? Flimsy excuses by the clerk of the court (the case placed in the WRONG court I should add-without civil jurisdiction-kangaroo court); who was working in conjunction with the district attorney so what was STOLEN from our family and from loving arms has become a serious bone of contention. (Maybe we should file suit against the clerk of that court-Now that’s a thought…Maybe then we could get to the truth of the matter because I won’t stop-You hearing me??? Maybe a suit should be filed against the state for allowing judges who lacked jurisdiction to hear cases and no one doing a damn thing about it-The state receives reports-Hummm…Does any really thing I’m done with this ?!?)

My Justin, my monkey, (the one the Gleason said I could have back that was never returned home) was sent to live in the dirt-got that, to live in the dirt…from my home where he had his own TV and high chair, swing and even a car and powered motorcycle; now living in the sub-standard conditions at a PETA recommended CLOSED facility by Carolyn Wedding (might as well say her name, the Humaniac is so proud of her role in this ugly crime against us…She was overheard saying she would see that not a single animal would be returned) the president and founder at The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County formerly known as the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas….based on FAKE rescues, fees, sales of animals and services that frankly, would have been cheaper elsewhere-

You might wonder what has ‘set me off’ in writing this post but truth is -as much as I rant about the actual crimes committed against us, I have managed to hide the emotion-hidden are my fears and the tears that I shed silently by myself when no one’s around as I remember the struggle to keep my animals happy and healthy for the years following my husbands death. I remember being ‘out’ working during a hurricane to try to prevent the barn from flooding and the barn door from blowing in, keeping the animals calm…and the days before, buying the supplies and food for the animals that would be needed in the days that followed…I remember the construction of new transport cages and the compound caging before making the move to what was supposed to be our safe-haven far from the threat of any hurricane and the Hellish move to our new home in Marion County.

I remember the happiness although we struggled with the well for water and the freezing weather coming in the day of our arrival…Again, I had purchased excessive supplies before the move unaware of what would be available and what changes would have to be made. Several vet inspections, fresh vaccinations for many of the animals before the move and the surgeries that were done -Preparation for a move over a thousand miles away for hurricane relief and our final journey and I don’t believe I ever worked so hard in my life before, during and after the move only for people we didn’t know to come and take those animals from us within weeks of our arrival, accusing us of failure to provide necessary paperwork although we were exempt by the state…then jailing us for having ‘done it’ although we had done nothing wrong-You bet I cry for what they did to us and the horrific things they did to our animals including killing 1/3 of them for no reason without a single medical teat because they could, the following day…they had control over us and our property, even taking things that weren’t listed on the warrant-a warrant that lacked probable cause after three days of warrantless searches and still lacked probable cause for having done it…They took food and supplies-the large cages and anything else that wasn’t nailed down-If they weren’t prepared to provide for the animals then they had no business taking them!!!

It’s no wonder I hide my grief and my tears and all the pain I still feel. I try so hard to return to the person I was before all this happened and instead, even after the move away from Marion County…away from the state of Texas, I find myself staring out the window in disbelief that this happened, could happen and wondering why ALL of this happened to us and questioning why the courts have done nothing about all of this and often angered that my government has been hy-jacked because we weren’t convicted-there was no trial accusing us of criminal activity because there was none. Yet, listed on a sight as accused of cruelty when in reality, we were not…Like Darwin the monkey, they took our animals because they could with people over joyed with being awarded our animals and people selling them and making a profit off what took years of work to acquire, own and love. Ahh, the true emotion I leave out of my posts and the great sadness in my heart.

Far from over as it is for YASMIN NAKHUDA, Darwin the monkeys RIGHTFUL owner You do remember Darwin right ??? Poor sweet monkey living in inappropriate conditions at Story Book Farm…Yasmin hasn’t forget and neither have I for any animal that was taken from me-There was no abuse or cruelty; but what there was, was a single woman’s determination to take ALL my animals and to place them in PETA recommended facilities or to murder them which she did by helping the vet she placed in charge of them who did no testing and had no permission from us or the judge to do that yet, both got away with it!!!. In the end, it was decided by a judge who lacked jurisdiction over this case to decide that we could have animals but not those animals…Aided by enforcement and the judicial system of the lower courts in Texas. Carolyn Wedding successfully shut down a business that would have presented competion to her struggling ‘humane society’. Rescued animals are still being cared for in her substandard facilities and exposed to ALL weather conditions with no proper place to house them beyond the outdoor fenced enclosures. Yet, she would accuse others for housing animals the same way with cruelty.

Anyone who has had their animals taken with or without criminal conviction has the same story to tell with no one in the community doing anything about it or to stop the thieves from the RAIDS on private property and in the case of Carolyn Wedding and Marion County officials-trespassing on private property to do it. Maybe the Supreme Court will or will not review the case, doesn’t matter I suppose, they all know exactly what they did, we know what they did and how they purported themselves to do it. The same is said in each and every case against innocent animal owners however I do not believe that there is any single community that has infringed on PROTECTED civil liberties as much as Marion County has done not only to us but to others and no one doing a thing to stop it-Dangerous to live in Marion County especially if you’re an animal owner…I can only imagine the ‘other abuse’ committed against innocent citizens that live there for crimes that they didn’t commit but jailed and lost property or even served time for an imaginary ‘crime’ that was never committed-Imagine THAT !!! After all, when it happened to one and occurred again since, you can not help but to assume it has occurred many times over before and since that time by improperly ‘trained’ enforcement and judges with no law degree-Imagine THAT !!!

Enough about what happened to us-I want you to read what Yasmin had to say-Please read her letter with the understanding that her words not only speak of her own position and situation but the same could be said by any victim of the illegal taking of Darwin. I have underlined and highlighted words that stuck out to me https://www.facebook.com/312243825559357/photos/a.315256071924799.75929.312243825559357/771168026333599/?type=1

Darwin the Monkey


May 1, 2015

To Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Attention: Mrs Sheryl Lea Delaney


Today is Darwin’s third birthday but I suppose you won’t celebrate this day but you will celebrate December 10 each year, it being the anniversary date of his capture in 2012. Two years four months and 21 days later, I still ask myself the same question: why? Why did you fight to keep him? What made you feel that you were in a better position to care for him than his human family? Why spend so much time, money and energy to keep an unknown monkey if you were already struggling for donations and doing so may diminish resources for your existing monkey residents? Why?

You claim that you are a place of rescue and safety. Your mission is to take in abused and unwanted primates. But Darwin was neither abused nor unwanted – how does he fit within your mission? I am inclined to believe that you felt that Darwin was your “jackpot” and through him the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary (“SBFPS”) will have public exposure and thus get the financial help you needed to keep your other monkeys. After all, sanctuaries have to struggle to keep afloat. While I understand that you may have had a “broader vision”, you have to admit that sacrificing our relationship to serve your goal as truly selfish and cruel. It is said that “visionaries” must sometimes be heartless and ruthless to achieve their goals. You must have been driven by the “greater good” and somehow along the way, lost your heart.

I am writing to urge you to quit the “goal and objective” of your “mission” and to see Darwin and me for who we are. Darwin is a pet. He is no wild animal. He may turn wild and he will if he continues to be caged with minimal contact. I am no “celebrity” seeker. I am no shallow person or opportunist looking to exploit Darwin through his image. I am a hard working professional with a love in my heart for animals and humans alike. But more importantly, I am a mother. A mother to two human children and one monkey “son” – a mother who is not prepared to give up on any of her children. You have tried your hardest to keep Darwin and I away from each other. You will not allow me to see him because you are afraid his glee and shrieks of delight will overcome you with guilt and to achieve your mission to “save” your other monkeys, guilt has no place.

I cannot blame you for thinking that Darwin was going to be your meal ticket. After all within a week of capturing Darwin you gained some $17,000.00 in donations – mostly from IKEA. You revamped your website and became ready to collect “sponsorships” and public funds. Pockets Warhol, your monkey resident whose paintings you sell, was not enough. You had to hold off your donation campaign as per your solicitor’s advice during a year of the trial. But once you “legally” obtained possession of Darwin on the sad day of Friday 13, 2013, you unleashed your advertising campaign. You sell “Darwin Dreams”, “virtual kisses” – none of which are real or tangible. You failed to see that meantime Darwin had nightmares and he was not having his usual hugs and kisses. You have over 20 monkeys stuck in an old 4000 square foot barn – nothing anywhere close to a real sanctuary with acreages of forested area where they should be running free.

You being a police officer with connections and enjoying bona fide legal representation, had nothing to lose to stand up against me in my costly battle to free Darwin. Any reasonable person could see that you could have returned Darwin to his human mother and perhaps set out conditions for her to have him back – such as an enclosure and visitation rights by OSPCA, but somehow you always refused to consider this as an option.

We both know While your story that I hit Darwin with a spoon made headlines and discredited me, you dropped abuse charges on the day of trial.you had no evidence of any abuse but it served your purpose to get public opinion on your side and make me look like a monster. Some thought of me as psychotic (after all who wears the badge “monkey mom” with pride?), uneducated in primate needs and a terrorist since you had to employ security to patrol your premises to prevent me from breaking in.

You claimed your “sanctuary” was the best place Darwin could be at. Let me remind you that the so-called sanctuary is a cage which he will never leave. Some have reported that your existing facilities are in fact sub-standard and you have admitted that you have run out of space. It may be all right for your other monkeys to be behind bars but Darwin was raised as a small person and had a very active social life – albeit one you may not look well upon. He had a mom, a dad, a “bro”, his uncle Shawn, his aunt Jola, friends at the office, and so many others who would put him to sleep, play with him, hand feed him, sing and keep him interactive. You claimed you were a primate expert or worked with experts. You claimed against my outcry, that Darwin was a “rhesus macaque” and it was only recently you admitted that he was a snow monkey. Was it the fact that his short tail has not grown that convinced you that I was right? I guess we will never know.

You stated confidently that Darwin would find a mother in Sweet Pea, a large female baboon. Two years later Darwin is still in a cage and has had no contact whatsoever with a human or monkey save for the few scratches here and there with blue gloves through the bars. Recently you admitted that it will “take a lifetime to make him a monkey again”. What you fail to see is that your attempts to assimilate him are futile. Darwin has been human imprinted.

At Christmas 2014, you announced you were buying Northwood Zoo- a property worth a million or so – as you had plans to expand, save more monkeys from abusive owners like myself. You appealed to Christians and others to be generous and “give” at this sacred time. I am not sure if you understand what true “giving” is about.

It was very upsetting to see that you used Darwin’s image in his shearling coat on posters you distributed to call for donations. I thought you felt that a monkey in a shearling coat was ridiculous and constituted abuse. I forgive you for using his image and shamelessly peddling him because I am sure at the end you only wanted to help “all” monkeys of SBFPS.

It was Darwin’s “dream” to go to Northwood Zoo, you said and added that there were two other Japanese snow macaques at Northwood that would be his perfect family. I was told you marched into Northwood Zoo to see the place but did not once stop to look at these two monkeys. I don’t blame you – you already had so much on your mind.

I also learned a few things about you from Northwood Zoo. I learned that you purchased your first two monkeys from Northwood. If you did start off as a private owner, then surely you should be able to understand where I am coming from. If you feel you have learned better and monkeys don’t make good pets, well I hear you. But I do believe that you never really gave me a chance to prove myself to be a responsible owner. After all the only time we met was in court and between us were our supporters who did not see eye to eye.

While in December you were aiming to expand and were out to get $490,000.00, for “Darwin’s Dream”, selling his image, t-shirts and virtual kisses to the public, now you’ve launched a new appeal for donations: you need $250,000.00 immediately or you are about to be homeless and with you, my monkey and 19 others unfortunate souls!

I am not sure how you were granted a license to run a sanctuary if you did not have a satisfactory fall back plan to care for them if you are unable to. I’m told you are “friends” with some of the by-law officers of Brock Township and councilors and some of them are greatly prejudiced against private primate ownership. It appears that they see you as a rescuer and you have their unconditional blind support. In that sense you seem to have been quite lucky. It seems no one remembers you started off as a private primate owner yourself. But I guess once you call yourself a “sanctuary” no one really dares to question you especially if you have the right connections. Unfortunately I’m not that well connected.

I understand that you are divorcing your husband and you need to pay him his 50% share of the value of the matrimonial home. I realize that taking on Darwin and what came along with him must have been very stressful and I am sorry to hear that your marriage has been affected. For some reason, losing Darwin brought our family closer. We now value each other more and have understood that life is meaningless without meaningful relationships. We thank you for this.

The Darwin story should have ended the day he arrived at SBFPS. But it did not. It should have ended when you won interim custody. It did not. It should have ended when you won the trial. But it did not. I did not have the funds and was told that an appeal would be useless and Darwin’s story should have ended then. But it did not. It did not end because it cannot end thus.

You set out to rescue Darwin and now it is official that you need rescuing. Is that not ironic? Taking Darwin away was not right. If it is not right then you must correct it or it will correct itself. Sadly for you, it appears that the forces of nature are now at work to rectify the injustice created by you. After all, I have said “I may have lost Darwin – justice did not prevail but true love will prevail”.

When I went to get Darwin from Toronto Animal Services on December 10, 2012, Darwin should have been returned to me. As per by-laws, I should have been granted 5 days to relocate out of Toronto and I could have him back. Officer Beehan was given marching orders to ensure I did not walk out with Darwin. And he did just that. It is not what is true that prevails in court but what we can prove to be true. Officer Beehan will have to live with himself for what he knows in his heart he did to Darwin and to me. I hold no anger against him. He felt he had to protect his job and the image of TAS. Honorable Justice Mary Vallee’s ruling based on a century old common law that I lost ownership of Darwin once he got out of my car because he was “wild” is equally a mind blowing proposition. After all there was a huge pressure on the new judge to make a politically correct decision given illegal practices in the exotic animal trade. The story of the death of two children by some large pet snake which got out of its enclosure certainly did not help my case. Someone had to pay for ownership of exotics and it might as well be Yasmin Nakhuda, the real estate lawyer who flaunted the law by having ownership of an eight and a half month baby snow macaque in the City of Toronto. The truth is there is no law prohibiting the sale of primates in Ontario, only by-laws forbidding their residence in most cities and Toronto is one of them.

My punishment should have been a fine. In fact, I was fined $240.00 but somehow interestingly enough, TAS did not show up at the court and the charges were dropped. My offence was provincial in nature. It was similar to parking your car in a no parking zone. You get ticketed and it’s dealt with. The City does not take ownership of your car. I’m sure if this is what happened on first parking offences, there would be a riot. After all, property rights are protected under the Constitution Act.

Leaving Darwin in my car in IKEA parking lot and not realizing that my “son” would discover his opposable thumb on that particular day and decide to open his crate and the car door to look for his mommy in the store, was the extent of my mistake. And surely being a snow monkey clad in a shearling coat throws out of the window the ridiculous allegations that Darwin was at risk given it was winter.

I have been punished more than I should. I have been crucified for falling in love with an adorable baby primate and refusing to relinquish my rights over him. I was nominated one of the villains of 2013 alongside Mr. Rob Ford, had to compete with Justin Bieber for the title of most irresponsible pet monkey owner, was accused of threatening to burn down barns, depleted of over $225,000.00 after being ordered and had to pay to you $83,000.00 for your costs, only to walk away battered and bruised without my monkey son. King Kong’s love story ended with his death. Well Darwin’s had a twist. Darwin got to live and endure the torture of a separation and being peddled and show cased to feed his captors while his human watches helplessly.

My family moved out of Toronto away from Darwin’s painful memories which filled the house – whether it be the chewed baseboard doors, the garden swings, his smell- all that reminded us of him. But more importantly we moved out and elected abode in Pontypool, Kawartha Lakes- one of the few places in Ontario where living with a primate is not a sin, because deep in our hearts we always felt that love shall prevail though justice did not. The universe must rearrange itself to free him and get Darwin back to his mom and when that happens, we will have a home for him where he can live happily ever after.

In anticipation of same, we worked hard to create the right home for our son. Our property consists of 15 acres next to over 100 acres of conservation land. We currently house Sumo and Tibet two Japanese snow monkeys – the very ones you declared would be a “perfect family” for Darwin. We have a vet, an animal handler, appropriate enclosures, the right zoning, the support of other small zoos who see us as responsible owners and caregivers, dedicated volunteers and supporters who never gave up on reuniting Darwin with his owner. We have the love and support of our neighbors and community. Our premises are under surveillance and we are fully insured.

There is no reason for Darwin not to be returned to me. I plead to you to be merciful and embrace the opportunity to show greatness. Free him and let love prevail. The time has come for Darwin to go home to Yasmin Nakhuda. This, in my humble opinion, is the true story book ending.

Thank you for your kind consideration.
Yasmin Nakhuda, Monkey Mom


Different circumstance but yet most people victimized with the wrongful taking of their animals, ALL feel the same and have done the same -including surveillance cameras for protection, even though far away from the source of their pain. When animals are taken from their rightful owner both the animals and people suffer from separation. When laws change making it nearly impossible to meet the requirements, many people simply move as Yasmin did and as we did to escape the horrifying memories, memories that still linger.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

This is dedicated to Justin -I miss you!!!

~ by topcatsroar on May 5, 2015.

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