from TX-RPOA ~ Biased Reporting for UN-reasonable Bills Supported by None Other Than THLN -Sister Organization to HSUS

Nothing like wasting your time for an interview and not be heard over bad proposed bills that are supported by Animal Rights Extremists organization like SPCA of Texas (remember the SPCAs of Texas are animal killers), THLN, and HSUS. Some of the bills would lead to bad laws which would allow enforcement to seize even more animals or fine animal owners because someone didn’t approve of how the animals are being cared for (or disgruntled neighbor). Remember laws beyond concern for public safety issues are created for the sole purpose of limiting ownership and provides one more reason to not own any animal.

Contact your state representative and state senator IMMEDIATELY so they will know you are against these bills and any law created to limit ownership as you consider them illegal and unconstitutional besides do absolutely nothing to protect Rover or the general public. Remind them they are in office to represent things that concern you and that the legislature has no business creating laws that concern animals other than the limitations for public safety. Your animals are your property and do not have the same rights as citizens of the state.

Already there is an unreasonable animal cruelty law that serves no purpose other than to provide free merchandise for retail animal rescue and dog flipping…Unless you remind these lawmakers of their actual responsibility that they were voted into office by people not animals.

Contact them before it’s to late and these bad bills become laws.

Link of Interest:


from TX-RPOA


Britney Martin, Dallas Morning News reporter, contacted RPOA’s Mary Beth Duerler and Tom Lundberg (with the Endangered Breed Association) regarding the misnamed “Tethering Bill” mentioned below and several other animal bills being proposed at the Texas Legislature this session.

Then Martin proceeded to write this biased one-sided article supporting the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) tethering proposal that actually regulates ALL outside unattended dogs, with unreasonable provisions. Somehow we had an idea where our interview would go since Dallas is the stomping grounds for THLN’s Skip Trimble. We don’t know why she wasted her time and ours.

Read the article at the link in its entirety for a classic example of media “animal rights” propaganda just to get legislation passed … but doesn’t tell readers what any of the legislation actually says. Dallas’ SPCA of Texas now enforces Texas animal laws? Who knew?

Lawmakers give animal lovers’ protection proposals a hearing.
By BRITTNEY MARTIN Follow @beedotmartin,

Austin Bureau
Updated: 24 April 2015 10:36 PM

AUSTIN — Troy Willmon pulled a thick chain out of his bag and held it up
for lawmakers to see, estimating it weighed 30 pounds. He said it was
used to tie up a dog outside.

“Under the current law … a dog that’s tethered may suffer for months or
years before we’re able to take action,” said Willmon, an investigator
for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas. “We
have to make better laws to protect our animals.”

A House committee heard testimony this week on a bill by Rep. Kenneth
Sheets, R-Dallas, that would allow police to cite people who tie up dogs
and leave them unattended.

Sheets’ bill is one of several measures that lawmakers have proposed
this year to protect man’s best friend. The bills call for police
training to reduce dog shootings and creation of a commission to study
animal welfare and suggest legislation….


More at the above link

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others  -B

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