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Make sure if you make a donation to an animal cause or organization that they are NOT associated with any Animal Rights Extremist organization-HSUS, PETA, ASPCA, and many others…That means not all local rescues and shelters deserve a donation especially if their main mission is to limit animal population and stop animal cruelty…That’s the BULLSHIT story from FAKE rescues!!!

Most REAL shelters are No Kill shelters and are not involved with either as their main mission and are totally truthful about the animals that thy take in-push for education. Take your time rather than donate because they tell a great tall tale about how they shed a tear or touched the soles of animals-If they have to say it, then they aren’t doing it…Action speaks volumes!!! What they have done or are doing answers a lot of questions-Don’t be a mark-They don’t give refunds on donations…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 21, 2015.

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  1. We have one in Jefferson, Tx. that should be shut down and the dogs are outside in a cage or pen with only an tarp over the top. the dogs and cats were better off running free and they did not bother anyone and can take better care of themselves .. People that keep an animal locked in a pen are just controlling and do not really care for the animals and just collect money every time they pick up one.  They pick up anyone’s dog and lock them up and charge the owner for picking up the dog.  I will never again donate or help and so many like me here are the same.  The humane society is gaining a very bad name and very fast.  These people should be locked up and the animals loose. These are farm dogs and acts and they run loose and help keep the other animals and snakes and things away.  You people have no clue as to what you are doing.  

    • As you likely know, the Humane Society of Marion County, now DBA Dixie Humane Society of Marion County, located in Jefferson, Texas, president and founder Carolyn Wedding-Yes well aware of them, is at the top of my SHIT list and reason for the warning to do the research before donating to any animal cause!!!
      There is NO leash law in Marion County (not sure about the city) and what right do they have to pick up any animals that are not presenting a public safety issue-What right did they have seizing my animals?!?
      Are you aware that at one time Carolyn Wedding was picking up the animals and hauling them off to Marshall Animal Control, the majority were killed and part of the record as to who brought them to that A/C and what happened to them once there with a rather high kill rate (last I looked) at that A/C-Public information records-Just ask the Marshall A/C for all records in the last 10 years for animals brought there by Carolyn Wedding. It provides the number of animals, appearance and what happened to them…sold (adopted out) or euthanized.
      It’s also public information to ask for the intake records of this humane society, their IRS filing should be interesting as well…just saying…ALL public information…
      They claim to be no kill but have covered it up for years by making that run to Marshall-No kill my ass!!!…There are others who have lost their animals to that humane society and accused of cruelty-IMAGINE THAT!!! Shed a tear…BULLSHIT…The old Jefferson Animal Clinic, Dr. Carol Hedges, has the ghosts of numerous animals roaming it’s halls-Should be on the tour if you ask me…No testing and no permission from the judge or the owners-It’s a NFP and you can shut that humane society down!!! But won’t be an easy task-Get out your camera and take pictures especially after or during one of those spring storms-Send them to me-I’ll publish them!!! Put a utube up of what goes on…You bet I will publish all of it as public information and community concern!!!
      Look at the Wilson case-They just took a man’s property with no warrant and no hearing and gave it away to anyone showing up…Extremely valuable animals…We lost more than $207,000.00 of property within weeks of moving there with nothing wrong!!! (that was the estimate done in 2010 for replacement.
      We had court appointed attorneys in the JP court of Lex Jones for a class “A” mis-demeanor-That court is not allowed to hear class “A” mis-demeanors nor preside over property of such great value and was appealed in the county court as civil-Well, yeah had to justify that it as the right court but still wasn’t the right court for a civil case over property issue so either way Judge Lex Jones was in on the scam. Gets worse…Judge Phil Parker heard the case in the county court of Marion County now a civil case HOWEVER, the county court of Marion County can not hear civil cases-WHAT you ask!?! Appears that Judge Phil Parker too is dirty and in on the scam!!! And exactly how many civil cases have been run thru the county court of Marion County-Judge Phil Parker?!? That too is public record-state records show there have been numerous civil cases that went to that court-TX-Government code 26.258 -signed by Parker and Gleason (I won’t even get into it about Gleason!!!) so he was well aware of it!!! No statue can over rule a government code-No law can over rule the constitution of Texas. Until a court rules on this issue and so far two federal courts have ignored it and refused to rule n this matter of extreme importance-no law or statue can come before that government code SPECIFICALLY stating that the county court of Marion County can not hear civil cases…The only thing transparent is the corruption…
      So bearing in mind, that the entire county is corrupt and sorry if you have friends involved-You now know what I know and you’d be more than disgusted…By the way, Sheriff McKnight was named (giggle) Humanitarian of the Year by this humane society just before the election-HELLO-Watch your ass…And certainly no attorney in Jefferson is on your side because they are all hired by the court-Matter of fact, good luck with any case in Marion County and good luck finding any attorney willing to go there to represent you -maybe from Marshall but…seriously…ugh…Run for your life and Rovers!!!
      Complains have been filed and no one gives a crap about what goes on in Marion County (maybe there haven’t been enough complaints filed or editorials written-Go ask Robin Richardson how mant times she has been invited on private property by county officials to do a sorry and didn’t have owner permission to enter that property!!!)…There is a history of trespass by McKnight and these people-WHAT??? Yup-It’s even documented with their utubes of rescue, LOL!!! Maybe animals need help but not without a warrant or the sheriff present onprivate property -gated or not…fenced or not!!!-HELLO…Carolyn Wedding is NOT hired by the county as animal control officer-not to my knowledge but a quick phone call…just saying…She’s not now and never was animal control for Marion County no matter what she claims!!!
      Word to the wise-Do not talk to them or allow them on your property for any reason without a warrant that demonstrates probable cause-They are dirty so be careful if they come knocking on your door…They have quite a scam going on between them all…’law enforcement’ and those ‘judges’ (cough)
      Might be worth your time to call the Rotary Club and making them aware of the dealings of the one woman show…and her minions…
      I am so sorry that you live there and glad to be out-fled the county and the state in fear for my life…just saying…Are you aware that a woman was tazed at the county jail while restrained…They didn’t call for medical care for the woman thy believed was suicidal…and got away with this in that federal court house-all of this well documented on this blog…with hard evidence and the court was presented with that evidence…So I repeat my disclaimer to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned my friend and follow this blog -B

  2. Fear no evil:

  3. I can’t speak for today, but at the time of our “raid,” in 2010, Caroline Wedding’s credentials and training as founder/president of the local humane society consisted solely of two PETA lectures of an hour or two each. She admitted as much in court. She also admitted that she’d only come along on that raid to help and was not under contract to the county. Yet later she declared in a sworn affidavit that her “job” is animal control for the sheriff. So which comment of hers is perjury? Normally, if the county contracts anybody to do animal control, it will say so on their website. You won’t find any mention of her or her humane society anywhere in county papers or records. -Unless they’ve now “fixed” them to reflect that. It’s the same thing with the veterinarian. Carol Hedges, who used to have the Jefferson Animal Clinic, on Hwy 59, was asked by Wedding to “help out,” and suddenly became a county agent, immune to prosecution for trespassing and killing animals without court orders or valid reason. Then you also have the state game warden, who blabs all over that he knows he’s out of his jurisdiction in searching private property, but doesn’t care, and “in his day, would just kill them all…” But wait… There’s more! Toss into the mix, the state Animal Health field agent, Eddie Hays… This guy throws his extensive weight around for kicks, hovering like a vulture over the Marion County Livestock Auction and is probably a big reason they stopped featuring animals at all. He’ll personally wring the necks of your poultry and claim you couldn’t prove you didn’t bring them all in from out of state (even if you grew them from eggs you hatched), so he “has to” put them down immediately. There’s just not enough crime in Marion County, so they have to make some to keep themselves on the taxpayers’ payroll.

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