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Thank you Doug Terranova, president USZA.

Here we go Folks,

HSUS is at it again here in Texas. Rep Ryan Guillen has introduced HB3952 which is ostensibly a bill to create a statewide registry of Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA’s). Unfortunately it goes far beyond that.

It will remove the cap on registration fees which is currently $50 an animal, capped at $500. It will also create NEW fees paid by the animal owners so the State can inspect. IF there is a complaint against a facility this bill would provide for the facility to pay for the cost of the investigation. Potentially bankrupting smaller facilities.
In addition to the above, this bill would make public contact with a DWA illegal. No more touching, petting, or taking pictures with a DWA. A proposed change that I received YESTERDAY was the addition of Elephants, Hippos and Rhinos to the list which would then make riding or even feeding an elephant illegal.
Removing all exemptions means that Circuses or Animal Acts, that in the past were exempt, would now have to register and comply with these unnamed caging and care requirements not to mention the fees. The shows, or acts would be allowed into Texas for up to 30 days in a calendar year. In the past it was 30 days per county.

We need phone calls and/or emails from anyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy these animals locally and across the country. Please tell these members that you are opposed to HB3952 as written because of the unknown fee structure and caging requirements. Texas ALREADY has those in place and they are working. Also let them know that there is a Committee Substitute that is pending and that it is unacceptable because it not only contains the fee and caging clauses but ADDS more animals to the list. We NEED to stop this Bill in the Committee… Adding animals to the list on Easter weekend was a very sneaky trick.

If this passes what animals will be added next?

I can easily see primates being added in a floor amendment where no testimony would be taken. Here is a list of the Committee Members. The hearing on this bill will be at 2pm tomorrow April 7 in Austin. Animal owners will be testifying along with several other industry representatives.

PLEASE let them hear from you as well and OPPOSE HB 3952.

Thank you.

Ryan Guillen (512) 463-0416 ryan.guillen@house.state.tx.us

Dawnna Dukes (512) 463-0506 dawnna.dukes@house.state.tx.us

John Frullo (512) 463-0676 john.frullo@house.state.tx.us

Lyle Larson (512) 463-0646 lyle.larson@house.stste.tx.us

Marisa Marquez(512) 463-0638 marisa.marquez@house.state.us

Andrew Murr (512) 463-0536 andrew.murr@house.state.tx.us

Wayne Smith (512) 463-0733 wayne.smith@house.stste.tx.us


Just a quick glimpse at what happened in recently in Ohio due to such outrageous regulations with animals suffering in the Ohio Animal Penitentiary for months now is an insight as to what outrageous Animal Extremist Regulations can do. Tiger Ridge animals remain without fresh air and sunshine. Kenny Hetrick and his family, the rightful owners of the Tiger Ridge animals is still suffering as well as his community due to such outrageous standards and requirements. These laws are being pushed by Animal Rights Extremists that want to see animal owners suffer and their facilities fail. THLN, HSUS, BCR (Carole and Howard Baskin) GFAS members who will gain from receiving the free animals while denying anyone else the right to ownership. On the BCR website, Carole Baskin BRAGS about facilities failing and includes a list of facilities she hopes to see fail in the future. She then pleas for donations for her own facility which is already a multi-million dollar business where her entire family benefits from large salaries, including herself and her husband although they are already multi-millionaires and building a large retirement fund for themselves.

Laws can be written to promote safe and worthy animal ownership, others can be written to deter it or otherwise, flat out ban it. This bill is an attempt to get a step closer to an all out ban and must be stopped. Please help prevent this from becoming law in Texas!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog for more legislative updates  -B

Much thanks to Doug Terranova, President of USZA

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Baskin wants your pet

~ by topcatsroar on April 6, 2015.

5 Responses to “ZOO WARS ~ TEXAS ALERT Needing IMMEDIATE Attention!!!”

  1. […] Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/zoo-wars-texas-alert-needing-immediate-attention/ […]

  2. From Doug Terranova-
    Good Morning from the great State of Texas! I’ve thanked the groups that were at the hearing yesterday in Austin but I want to say how proud I am of the efforts made by animal owners that were not DIRECTLY affected by this bill. It was wonderful to see Dog Breeders, Horse owners, Exotic Hoof stock people, Primate owners and everyday citizens band together against a common enemy. I have one more request from all of you. PLEASE send Rep. Lyle Larson a short email Thanking him for standing up to HSUS and calling them out on their lies. If you watched any of the hearing yesterday you know he didn’t let them get away with anything. You might mention that you watched online if you did. Let him know how grateful we are!

  3. Just a part of the bigger movement underfoot: To effectively outlaw any form of “pet”-ownership for the people.

    THAT is THE plan.

    • They will not win…they are soon to be on the run and an end to the fucking bad laws and witch hunts. They are out numbered by TRUE animal owners and animal lovers and none of us are quitting on our animals-What happened at the Texas legislature proves that they do listen.

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