ZOO WARS ~ UPDATE-Arson: Fire at GW Interative Zoo


Fire at GW10

Alligator Once Owned by Michael Jackson Killed Wynnewood, Oklahoma Zoo

Joe Exotic: Animal Rights group may be to blame

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. — An alligator reportedly once owned by Michael Jackson has died in a fire at an Oklahoma zoo.

On March 26, a fire was reported at G.W. Interactive Zoo in Wynnewood, Okla.

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes called the fire arson but investigators have no suspects.  The sheriff said items were reported stolen from the facility but he wouldn’t comment on what was taken.

“Many times an arson fire may be used to cover a burglary or a theft to destroy evidence,” said Rhodes.  “And that is a very strong possibility in this case.”

Rhodes said investigators hope surveillance video will lead them to a person of interest, adding whoever set this fire would have to have had knowledge of the animal park and plan the crime in advance.

The building that housed the reptiles was destroyed in addition to a recording studio.  Entertainment director Joe Schreibvogel, known as Joe Exotic, told KXII repairs will cost $250,000.

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Please help Joe Exotic TV build a new studio after an arsonist destroyed the entire facility killing all animals inside but one.


Joe Exotic TV is going to record live from the zoo and broadcast 5 nights a week world wide to educate people about exotic animals and share the truth about the rights to have them as pets and expose the scams in the animal industry to educate people on which to donate to and which not due to the scams and lies in order to further pad their pockets. This building will be located just outside of Wynnewood Oklahoma right on I-35 so people can come watch live and learn about some of the more important issues. The studio also will record Country Music Artist Joe Exotic with his wonderful music used as messages for the terminally ill and getting more messages across. Please help us build this studio so we can educate the public around the world and try to save our environment and the animals that choose to live in it.

Joe Exotic has a sizzle reel for the reality show he would like to be able to film live from the zoo with no scripting or prepared scenes to bring what real life at a zoo is all about. Breaking the barrier of what cannot be found on TV today which is real life with no acting or false information.

Also telling the story of John Reinke the Lion man who lost his legs falling 55 feet on a zip line accident and the only thing giving him a reason to live was a crippled lion and 4 dachshunds

Please help us educate the world of what love and compassion with animals can do for humans. We must keep them on our planet by saving their habitat.

 Risks and challenges

The risk of this is easy, Joe Exotic is a determined individual that will not be beat down for any reason. He started his TV Studio and Country Music Career from nothing and had it built up to 12 million fans before someone on the Animal Rights front torched the original TV Studio. Yet he has not given up because the focus of teaching the world about how to save our environment and the animals that live in it. Along with exposing the scams taking peoples money and none of it makes it to the animals.


This is a short term Kick Start for rebuilding the studio. Follow the link below to help!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…PLEASE donate today as your money will be spent wisely -Just follow the link-TY!!!

~ by topcatsroar on April 3, 2015.

2 Responses to “ZOO WARS ~ UPDATE-Arson: Fire at GW Interative Zoo”

  1. they set the fire they needed a new cash cow!!!

    • Really Tim?!? Is that your take on a fire that killed VALUABLE animals and other VALUABLE property with no insurance?!? Are you saying the firemen are so blind that they don’t know it was arson? Cash cow, LOL!!! I think your accusation is a waste of blog space.
      Joe doesn’t need to stage anything to ask for donations…no zoo or sanctuary does. All they need to do is ask for support for the zoo and the animals…Frankly, that’s all any of the 501-c-3s need to do…Ask for support, have a bake sale, stage a family event, etc…they most certainly don’t need to set their property a blaze…Dumbass

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