The Destruction of American Culture

I am compelled to share the following information!!! The history of the destruction of American Culture has been in play for years -SHARE WILDLY!!!

Animal GreedAs posted by BL Cozad:

“Do you really want to know who and what is behind the attacks on our hunting, fishing, farming and ranching industries? These are the same globalists that want to disarm Americans to continue their agenda.”

[BLOGGERS NOTE: This includes attacks on commercial breeders, small backyard breeders, owners of ANY animals…Restaurants that serve meat, exotic animal facilities, circus animal owners and any establishment that uses animals for entertainment purposes including tropical fish tank hobbyists and bee keepers…These attacks include any business or hobbyist that has a relationship with animals. Animals are considered a natural resource: Agenda 21 is an attempt to control all natural resources to create a New World Order.]

“Every person worldwide should watch this video. If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare at least watch the last ten  minutes starting at the 21 minute mark this video. Then go back and watch the full video because the information exposed during last 10 minutes will make you want to watch the first 20 minutes.”

“Exposing the truth about the globalist behind the international banking cartel and their UN Agenda 21 plan to seize control of all natural resources.”

The New World Order ( EU ) 2014

Please share this video with everyone you know.

“What is really behind the animal rights movement: Please view the video and read the article below. Then understand that U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has a long history of championing the animal rights agenda. According to HSUS’s Mark Markarian: “Vilsack has a solid record on animal protection, and he was the top choice of HSUS and HSLF to lead the USDA, the agency that oversees our federal laws on animal welfare, humane slaughter and transport, horse protection, animal fighting, and others.”

Full article available here:…/2008/12/cabinet_apppoin.html

“I think it is critically important at this point in time for us all to realize that the Animal Rights Movement is being embraced to facilitate the implementation of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a UN mandate to create a “sustainable planet”. To better understand the word “sustainable” in this context just substitute the word “acceptable”. Agenda 21, once fully implemented, will dictate the manner in which all resources are used as well as define which of our behaviors are “acceptable”. Since we know that the use of animals must cease and domestic species must be eliminated according to the tenants of Animal Rights, then it is safe to assume that we animal owners, breeders, and farmers are in grave danger from Agenda 21. HSUS and other ARO’s are simply vehicles being used to implement the larger agenda- Agenda 21. The fracas that has been created about “animal protection, preventing animal enslavement, etc” is nothing more than a red herring to confuse and distract us away from what is really the root of this poisonous tree. In California, SB 917 and AB 1117 are not simply about preventing roadside sales nor the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect. It is about the destruction of farming and animal breeding just as we suspected all along. Likewise, the restriction of water to southern central valley California farms was not about the protection of the Delta Smelt. That was just the excuse used. What this is really about is power and control over the American citizenry by controlling the production of food.”

“Please share this information with everyone you know. We still have a slim amount of time to save our freedom but time is quickly running out.”


“Reagan stated that the plan of the government was “to imprison the farmers and ranchers” and “to remove two million farmers and ranchers from the soil”, but how do you imprison farmers and ranchers = the same way that Adolf Hitler did, communist supporters institute and enact unconstitutional animal welfare laws and then arrest the farmers and ranchers for violating the “rights” that the same communism supporting organizations gave the animals by passing the unconstitutional laws in the first place.”

“And two short years later in 1966 Congress passed the Animal Welfare Act. All of the animal welfare/animal cruelty laws are meant to force communism on the people of America exactly as Adolf Hitler used animal welfare laws to destroy private property rights and force communism on the people of Germany.”

“JFK warned about the globalists behind this communist plan in 1961 before it was ever called UN Agenda 21.”


Now I know that’s a lot of u-tube watching and time consuming but I promise it will become a compelling share for you as well!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

*I agree in the opinion that “only a complete fool will advocate that government agents should force rural Americans (farmers) into their arrogant opinion when it means agents may hurt, cripple and/or kill other people (farmers).”

*The agenda of the Animal Rights Extremist is not about animals-it’s about control which is against the American way of life-Stand against the abuse of your PROTECTED Civil Liberties before they are lost.

~ by topcatsroar on March 18, 2015.

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