Zoo Wars ~ Peru Sends Homeless Lions to US-Pat Craig Can’t Afford Them!!!

Going directly to my rage on the news -it’s trending now and I’m taking back this conversation!!!

So here’s the latest BULLSHIT and outrage…It began in Peru of all places; they decided to BAN animals in the circus and, as previously mentioned in this blog, there was no plan on what to do with those animals as unemployed trainers wouldn’t be able to bring them home or remove them from the country themselves-Rather than assist in sending them back to their respective countries-They seized the animals-That’s where the story began and far from a happy ending for anyone-man or beast!!! ~Except for Pat Craig/The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s Executive Director-Their new OWNER!!! With a well planned SCHEME for donations to come pouring in for a rescue from Peru-PERU-WTF!?! But I sure called that one-They are claiming there isn’t room in sanctuaries and other places for animals displaced in this country so why the fuck are they bringing animals to the United States from other countries and calling it rescue!?!

Links of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/zoo-warspat-craig-the-animal-sanctuaryonce-again-scamming-for-money/


The ban itself was created without any actual thought for animal welfare for any animal -The ban was created like all other bans-more BULLSHIT laws and regulations to satisfy Animal Rights Extremist TERRORISTS-Never mind the needs of any animals-the lawmakers get their ‘pay-day vote’. Copies of petitions ultimately and successfully helped to get the animals banned from the circus-other petitions and fundraising campaigns brought them to the United States and into the hands of one of the most vicious and corrupt facility owners in this country who showed his true colors when he threatened to kill all HIS animals a few years back-A man who kicks bears and calls it a rescue-The devil himself and everyone knowing yet looking the other way…

The government has no actual interest in animals so the welfare of animals is of little to no concern-Use of laws, regulations and bans is to obtain votes and has gone on for years. Happening all around the world but this ban was created in Peru yet it is now affecting the United States-sending us their banned and unwanted animals and rather than say this was a cruel thing to do to animals with poor planning as to what would become of them-Now destined to be subjected to cold weather conditions in CO with their only shelter being concrete culverts open on both ends-But Wait…He can use that too as a fundraiser-I think Bob Barker should provide for ALL their needs the rest of their lives and stop Pat Craig from making them his bid for money-He will be exploiting these animals for YEARS and YEARS to come….

What the fuck is anyone even thinking bringing these big cats to the United States where there is war raged against the private keeping of these animals. Peru created the problem by creating the ban so those animals should remain in Peru and their fucking responsibility to care for them-Certainly not to be sent to Pat Craig’s facility!!!

A few years back this guy, Pat Craig, decides to threaten to kill all his animals-That’s HIS ANIMALS not ‘the animals’ as once they go into his facility, the only way they are coming out of that place is after death, so if he can’t provide, his plan is to do in HIS ANIMALS-So now he continues to depend on you to make donations so he can provide for HIS ANIMALS and at the same time help to create laws that forbid you to do as he has done for himself-The ULTIMATE SCAMMER of all times!!! Pat Craig CLAIMS he is going over his head with more animals…If this were true then why accept animals he can’t afford if so concerned about animal welfare?!? The ultimate HOARDER would do that but not a responsible exotic animal owner but Pat Craig has a new scam to assure for himself yet another way for collecting even more money.

Pat Craig is not alone with the ‘RESCUE MONEY SCAM’  -Oh Hell no he’s not!!!…Carole Baskin, Big Cat Rescue…Jeff Kozlowski, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue Wisconsin BCR 2013-260359726-0ac202e5-Z …Black Pines…In-Sync Exotics…These facilities and many more have all raged war against private ownership and want YOU to support THEIR keeping of THEIR ANIMALS!!! Pat Craig is one of the worst CASE SENIARIOS FOR ANIMALS

Just look at his campaign that he’s been planning for months, now in complete arrive at his facility…


Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg Does the Unthinkable

Lion Rescue-Peru

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado has done some amazing things in their time, but nothing that compares to Operation Spirit of Freedom. Never before has this been done.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg is actually the largest facility of its kind here in the United States. The 501(c)3 foundation was started in 1980 and they have literally helped thousands of carnivores live better lives. Many of the animals have come to TWAS because private owners could no longer care for them or were doing so illegally. In fact, there are an estimated 4,000 tigers living as pets in the state of Texas alone, which is more than there are wild tigers in the world.

Now, TWAS is working with a British animal welfare group to rescue 33 circus lions from Peru, which is the largest rescue of it’s kind, ever.  Never before has a rescue like this been attempted by anyone, and as you can imagine, funds are running out fast and TWAS needs our help to save these animals.

These majestic carnivores have literally lived their entire lives in tiny cages on the bed of beat up trucks and run down zoos, and have been mistreated from day one. TWAS is now feverishly building a habitat for them that is over 100 acres, complete with rolling hills and lakes, but construction is not free and help is needed to complete this habitat for them before their arrival on April 25, 2015.

In a temporary compound in Peru, the Lions have more space than they ever had with the circus, and they have toys and natural bedding. But the facilities are still small and basic, so everyone has to be focused on keeping them safe and secure, whilst building up their strength and health to be ready for the move to the U.S. Their new lives will really begin when they arrive here in Colorado. These Lions have endured incredible pain and hardship, but their new home with us will be a natural oasis where they can live freely in family prides the way nature intended – Pat Craig/The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s Executive Director

Back in 2011, TWAS did another massive rescue of 25 Lions from circuses in Bolivia, but that pales in comparison to this monumental rescue. These lions were removed from circuses all over Peru in late 2014 by welfare workers working with the Peruvian authorities enforcing a new ban on animal circuses in the country.

At a cost of $8,000 per lion, per year, it’s estimated that The Wild Animal Sanctuary will spend over $4 million dollars on just these 33 lions alone over the next 15 to 20 years.

To learn more about helping to bring them home, or to make a donation, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX or click on one of the links below.


You just can’t make-up this much BULLSHIT -The shocking fact that the public buys all this and will send him money…Poor Carole Baskin-She got left in the dust on this one, LOL!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions or others…Stay tuned -B

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6 Responses to “Zoo Wars ~ Peru Sends Homeless Lions to US-Pat Craig Can’t Afford Them!!!”

  1. Peru has much more wild land than the US. So why not turn them loose there? Isn’t that what all the AR terrorists want? But then, if those lions are brought to the US, they (the AR folks) will be assured of somebody to go after at some point. They need their bad guys to chase, even if it means importing animals to keep up the supply…

    • Many love this guy and believe him to be some sort of ‘expert’ yet couldn’t be further from the truth-Let’s watch and see what happens NEXT-There is a NEXT coming…The Never ending fundraiser and bet there won’t be much in the way of improvements…How many will survive?!? Guess well have to watch his inventory from his USDA inspections-There has been some questions raised already about his perimeter fence-HA!

  2. They needed to stay with the people who loved them.

  3. […] Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/zoo-wars-peru-sends-homeless-lions-to-us-pat-craig-cant… […]

  4. Hi
    I read this article and started to worry
    We are sending two tigers to Pat Craig from Montevideo Zoo because we are reaconditioning it, we are the news authorities , and these tigers don´t have any genetic conservation value. An uruguayan NGO and activist started a campaing to send then to USA, but you said that the story is different
    Do you have any kind of proofs?

    • Thank you for your concern for where you send animals…As I recall, I believe that deal may have fallen thru-No sweat for Pat Craig-I’m sure his fundraiser went well and doubtful any money was returned…Contact GW Zoo or USZA (United States Zoological Association) for proper placement in the United States; both have websites and FB pages. They can guide you to USDA facilities that will offer a better enrichment for those cats if they don’t have the space but, GW is known for not turning any animal down or will provide help with placement.

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