The Loss of a Friend and Animal Advocate

I met Leslie Snipes shortly after my animals were seized in February 2010, after we were able to get on line and read her blog posts that she had made about it-Some may know her as Pearl, most of us call her PJ; PJ Boosinger as what she preferred to be called…

What she had written on her blog was so close to the actual truth about my life and what had happened that I was shocked to read the words considering that we had never met…She sent me a friend request on FB as well as a personal message. I was hesitant to reply, being fearful of everyone and everything after what we had been put thru, but I went ahead and replied to her message and of course, accepted her friend request. So began a friendship that would hold true to every sense of what a friend truly is. Through the good and the bad, the disagreements and the shared joys and sadness, PJ became an extremely close friend.

When there was no place to turn, there was PJ on the phone trying to explain it all to me-The shock of it remains with me to this day with friends and family that quickly became distant some had attacked me as if they actually believed I had done something wrong while knew nothing of what actually happened, strangers wishing me dead as well as the words of the Humaniac celebrating her win when it was such a loss for us and the animals…How does anyone celebrate a win of a FAKE rescue and a case that was put together as a conspiracy to take animals?!? PJ would laugh as I began to give names to the people who did this to us and the animals while documenting what had happened and the raid on the blog.

To everyone’s amazement, the vet complained openly in court about my blog posts…My calling her the Angel of Death and exposing the truth-Stating that I was ruining her practice. Fred, me and PJ roared with laughter over that shot-Wasn’t it ultimately her decision -the Angel of Death Veterinarian of euthanizing animals choice to get involved with a FAKE rescue and her choice to kill animals without the first medical check or permission from the judge-All of which she had no business doing The three of us celebrated the day the Jefferson Animal Clinic closed it’s doors for good; that old storage shed would not be used again to house defenseless animals from someone claiming to be their rescuer ever again!!! PJ had said their Karma would get them and in this case for some, it has-but far from over, I will never stop seeking revenge for the innocent animals and the informing the public of what they don’t know about what is claimed as a rescue. And like PJ, Fred and I dedicate ourselves to others that have become victims of outrageous cruelty laws that serve no purpose but to destroy lives, both people and animals.

Law was not something I knew much about back then nor could I even comprehend it. The police had always been considered ‘friendly’ and helpful, until then that is. Fred and I had both been on the road for years and gone to other countries; both of us without incident, not so much as a traffic ticket; so PJ’s job was cut out for her to get me to grasp what was going on. Until years later, I’m not so sure she realized the impact the raid had on me and my sudden fear of people. She had me read the TX Rules for Civil Procedure but I couldn’t grasp it-Why was I studying the rules for civil procedure when I was accused of a crime!?! Weren’t we in jail for a week with a district attorney trying to hang us for something we hadn’t done??? Wasn’t there a mob of strangers on my property against our wishes taking my animals, equipment and supplies for their care??? Weren’t the people with the job to protect me and my property carrying assault riffles and threatened our lives and the lives of my animals for days on end??? After knowing PJ as I came to know her, it’s actually surprising that she didn’t give up on me to help me to understand what had happened. You might even say that it’s because of PJ that I have become the advocate for helping victims that I am today…however because of my understanding it now the advocate against laws that should never have been written when it goes against Protected Civil Liberties!!!

PJ was thrilled we were able to file a federal case and DA Gleason was unable to stop it from proceeding as he had done in state appellate court.

From PJ’s FB wall-January 14, 2015
“Unfriended by someone who doesn’t understand or support the US Constitution… YAY!
Sadly, most people don’t support Constitutional rights until their own are under threat. I think I’m mostly done trying to explain them since most people don’t want to know until it’s too late.”

PJ was once an attorney until her health issues became the priority after an accident with a semi, mini strokes and then the discovery of an immune disorder that frequently got the best of her; she never returned to her practice, felt betrayed by doctors and occupied her time writing in her blog and on FB-She was a member of RPOA, and participated in several yahoo groups as well as several that she administered herself.

We spoke daily after the RAID as I needed the encouragement to go on with my life. She helped Fred to find what we needed concerning TX laws and proofed everything we wrote. She uncovered the truth about Kozlowski, but I think the greatest shock of all was several months later when Fred found Texas Government Code 26.258 that states that the Marion County Court is not allowed to hear civil cases-This would take president over any statue giving permission to hear the case-Hell, Phil Parker denied us a jury…PJ following all that occurred became ashamed of her chosen profession…I remember her reviewing our ‘PR Bond’ and the ‘agreement’ we had made with the county that was immediately breached -Dumbfounded that we had been in JP Court with 2 court appointed attorneys for a class ‘A’ misdemeanor with dropped charges and the JP court is not allowed to hear cases concerning a class ‘A’ misdemeanor or valued over $100,000.00-But the PR Bond stated go to court for a class ‘A’ misdemeanor and there we had been even without an interpreter for Fred who is deaf…From then on out, PJ would state that never had she seen any case so messed up for anything or anyone. And when we couldn’t find an attorney she encouraged us to represent ourselves for the appeal and as we have done ever since.

I was thrilled the night we actually met up with PJ at a Hardes near where she lived. She was thin with long hair and very pleasant; judging from her appearance, you would not have known she had been so sick.

Her son was a big part of her life and with his recent illness that was contracted while in the service, she opted for him to move in with her and provide the care that he needed after nearly loosing him. This proved to be much harder than she had originally thought it would be as it became difficult to get doctors to listen to her for his care and to fight with the VA for the things that he needed but she never quit…all the way til the end, she was his advocate. I now find myself greatly concerned for his welfare but he’s young and had a great mom to learn from; I pray things will work out and go well for him following this tragedy in his life..

As an advocate for animal welfare, she aided and spoke out against the animal cruelty law and how it followed none of the rules for the taking of property…Her love of animals and her son were always primary in her life. Hell, PJ talked me into providing transport for a Shiva to go to a rescue where several people would drive the dog approximately 30-50 miles each for this dog to reach her destination. She was just thrilled when the dog found a home. By then she had stopped blogging and dedicated much of her time to FB. There would always be something new on her status bar and one day made this comment:

“And now I remember why I stopped researching animal cruelty allegation cases and blogging. Dig, dig, dig… turns out to be the same people in the background; all too often those who call themselves “responsible” owners while flaming other owners. No real need to worry about PETA, HSUS, and the like ’cause we’re going to destroy one another!” -PJ

But, PJ stopped posting on FB rather abruptly -She mentioned that people had commented that she didn’t look well

“Yesterday was “interesting”… 2 people at the VA (including William’s neurologist) expressed concern for how awful I looked. Frankly, I thought they were placating. Then 2 people at the pharmacy expressed concern and THEN a pharmaceutical sales rep expressed concern for me in the elevator. Well, HELL, I know I’ve been unusually sick for a couple of weeks but I guess I have to admit it’s showing!
No matter… Time to dive back into the litigation paperwork even if it continues to drag because of my health issues… I think I’ll cave and try to get an appointment with a doctor though. Don’t believe it will help but… wth…”

and then the topic of lumps and coughing up blood became alarming-Suddenly her FB page disappeared but returned-She had gone to the emergency room but they just sent her home without so much as a chest x-ray although she stated that she had coughed up blood…

One of her last posts, fighting off pain that she had been complaining about:

“My grandmother told her doctor for months that she had cancer. Couldn’t get the jackass doctor to look for any kind of cancer other than the lymphoma she’d had years before that. By the time that jackass doctor diagnosed her lung cancer, it was stage 3 and killing her.
My mother’s doctor didn’t want to test her for HIV and thought the positive test was wrong. Another jackass with a medical degree.
My son had a series of doctors who screwed up and tipped the series of dominoes that lead to his serious medical problems. That’s a whole CREW of jackass doctors.
This is what happens with the long list of doctors who think they know more than patients and who refuse to listen to patients. Since few get autopsies if they die, they get away with killing us.
I’m getting worse again. I wish it were simply Fibro but it isn’t. If I die, there WILL be an autopsy… and a lawsuit against one or more doctors.

I don’t know if she got that autopsy or what went on behind the scenes-But  for sure is that the ball was dropped somewhere as she did go for her check ups when required but something’s not right to have progressed beyond belief, for her to have experienced such pain and now she’s gone…WTF?!?

She’ll be missed alright Rest in Peace my friend…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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7 Responses to “The Loss of a Friend and Animal Advocate”

  1. Seems like we are losing everyone due to slip ups and shoddy “expertise.” The so-called “experts” who take our animals, destroy them, and turn out to have no more actual training than having taken a couple PETA-sponsored afternoon lectures… The lawyers who may have a degree, but either don’t really know or don’t want to research the laws regarding what they are involved with… The doctors, the LEO’s, the judges, administrators, law clerks and even clerks of court… The news reporters who are oh, so sympathetic, then stab you in the back with their sensational versions of the story… The neighbors and friends (and sometimes even family) who turn on you due to lies spread and their reluctance to question those lies… We always seem to get stuck with the bad apples, even though we KNOW there’s got to be good ones out there somewhere…

  2. A great eulogy for a great lady! I only knew her on facebook, but we got along from the start. A great friend and she has been missed.

  3. I never knew PJ personally, but she was a great help to my husband when most everyone turned their backs on him. She was really an advocate for mistreated people. We need more lawyers like her. She will be missed.

  4. So sad to hear of her passing. She was a voice of reason, that was a comfort in the insanity of our animals being seized in this fallen world. Even though I never met her in person, I will miss her! May her son be comforted in his loss. God bless him!

  5. I’m having an issues with a country constable that threatened my life now he has come and taken my horses and has animal cruelty charges against me. I had a hearing and he swore I didn’t take care of my animals.

    • You need an attorney, contact your vet to testify, contact anyone who has knowledge of the care you have provided to testify, receipts for items purchased for your horses, PICTURES and video…dig deep and get ready for the fight of your life for your property. The latest FRAUD is against livestock owners-Make them prove it beyond a shadow of doubt-The more you can demonstrate that you are innocent of the accusation the better!! Good Luck!!! -B

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