ZOO WARS ~ RIP Jose Luis Barbero -Dolphin Trainer

Out of nowhere a video surfaced and the death threats began against Jose Luis Barbero and his family-ACCUSED does not make it so-even with a video especially since most of the animal cruelty videos these days are ‘doctored’-He was INNOCENT until proven guilty yet, that never happened as the media created a sensational story of it and created a media frenzy for the victim-Some may say he must have been guilty-others will wonder and some know the truth…Doesn’t matter when the end result was a loss of human life over that of any animal…and I’m not ashamed to say that!!! He didn’t take the easy way out-He ended the suffering for himself and his family -RIP Jose Luis Barbero


Jose Luis Barebero

Spanish dolphin trainer Jose Luis Barbero was found dead inside his vehicle in the public parking lot of the Palma de Mallorca airport.

Authorities say the case is being treated as a suicide.

Barbero disappeared earlier this week, just two days before another troubling video showed up online.

Animal activists say the most recent video shows Barbero, a dolphin trainer, using aggressive training techniques at a theme park in Spain. Barbero was set to become a senior vice president at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.

Barbero was last seen leaving his home in Spain on Tuesday.

Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant first broke this story last month, with the original video that animal activists claim shows Barbero hitting and kicking dolphins.

In February, Georgia Aquarium CEO Mike Leven said, “We want Jose Barbero to get fair treatment, a fair judgment, and we will stand behind him until this video is proven to be true or false.”

Aquarium leaders confirmed it hired consultants to analyze the video, and to see if it’s authentic. A former FBI agent hired by the aquarium traveled to Spain as part of his investigation.

Leven also told Diamant that Barbero received death threats once the video surfaced.

After receiving the news about his disappearance Leven sent Diamant a statement that read, “We are very concerned. We hope he turns up soon and that everything is all right. Our thoughts are with him and his family.”

Barbero was supposed to start work at the Georgia Aquarium the first week of March.

In a statement, Georgia Aquarium CEO Mike Leven said:

“It was with sadness, outrage and frustration that I received the news this morning that Jose Luis Barbero was found dead in Spain. Initial reports suggest that he allegedly ended his own life. He was a husband, a father and a grandfather who dedicated nearly four decades to caring for animals. We at Georgia Aquarium were proud to have had him serve periodically as a consultant to our organization over the past eight years.  His service with us was exemplary.

“After allegations were levied against him, we took the situation very seriously. Georgia Aquarium began a search for truth in hopes of disproving these unsubstantiated claims.  Sadly, he and his family received death threats, and groups and individuals rushed to judge him.  He was not given the right or the privilege to be considered innocent until proven guilty, a principle I hold dear.  His death is untimely, unnecessary and unjust. 

“We were not given the chance to thoughtfully and thoroughly review the allegations against him before activists, consultants and some in our own community tortured him with enough hatred to cause him to allegedly take his own life. I hope the death of Jose Luis Barbero teaches those who were quick to condemn him a lesson about being hasty to charge and indict.

“We will continue to operate Georgia Aquarium with dedication, devotion and pride in how we care for and about our animals — as well as the people affiliated with our organization. We will continue to serve the community and be advocates for animals around the world, as we have done since our founding.  We will never condone any injustice, such as the one done to Jose Luis Barbero.

“We mourn with his family, his friends and all those who must contend with this terrible loss.”


Seems there are many animal owners and trainers have died a mysterious death and called a suicide-It is totally possible that this too was not a suicide but all the same, a victim of the Animal Rights Extremists Agenda…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B


~ by topcatsroar on March 11, 2015.

8 Responses to “ZOO WARS ~ RIP Jose Luis Barbero -Dolphin Trainer”

  1. this should be OUTLAWED and the makers of these and other hate videos should be imprisoned and fora lifetime, as this man and his family have suffered the ultimate wrong at their hand!

    • Breaks my heart that his only way around it would be suicide-There have been so many others that felt it their only option as it’s common knowledge that just being accused destroys your life- Haven’t stopped thinking about him today-really upsetting!!! -B

  2. * * Seems there are many animal owners and trainers have died a mysterious death and called a suicide-It is totally possible that this too was not a suicide but all the same, a victim of the Animal Rights Extremists Agenda… * *

    Wow. I did not know about that detail! I have heard of a few, but not very many. I was paying very close attention to all the COP-related animal deaths, especially all of the dog-shootings. I remember, from about fifteen years ago, when there were numerous reports of COPs being deliberately trained to shoot other peoples’ dogs! My, how the chickens have come home to roost?!? Here in Idaho (in my area, actually), BOTH “officers” who shot to death -companion animal- dogs got off scot-free (as usual)! – So, WHERE are these “animal-rights” loud mouths??? – * * CRICKETS CHIRPING! * *

    If I am lucky to be “adopted” by another dog, I WILL defend him (or her) as if be my own child. – Nuff said.

    I also extend my heartfelt condolences.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • So sad!!! And yes many deaths have gone by mysteriously with unanswered questions-Don Lewis remains a cold case-I often, as others, refer to Carole Baskin as the black widow, OK, maybe not a suicide but all the same, mysterious…Terry Thompson (Zanesville) No way I will ever believe that was a suicide. Someone will probably write a book about it -B

  3. I feel that those who dedicate their lives to the care of non-human animals are among the most sensitive, loving, compassionate people in the world. Often they are wounded more easily & more deeply than the average person. Perhaps, if these incidents are suicides & not murders, it is their exposed hearts that leaves them vulnerable to suicide. I feel that the perpetraitors (bullies) should be found & prosecuted for murder…maybe “involuntary manslaughter”, but murder, nonetheless!

  4. The man abused dolphins. He took the cowards way out. Otherwise he would have fought the accusations. Burn in hades Barbero.

    • Hey Jim-You’re a fucking asshole-The life of an animal over a human-What the fuck is wrong with you??? It is a brave thing to take your life and no way would doing it be easy-thus less a cowards way out-Your sick-Seek help immediately!!! -B

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