Zoo Wars ~ Investigation Reveals Piss-Poor Training-Trending NOW!!! [UPDATE]

Scott Lope’s career got off the ground before he was slammed in the face by his on true agenda and on further reveal, demonstrated that he knew little to nothing in properly handling animals…Scott Lope was trained and was in charge at Big Cat Rescue, trained by Carole Baskin before he left his employment at BCR for what he thought was going to be his television career as The Repo Man and failed after numerous complaints went to the Discovery Channel that he was a fraud and the truth surfaced…the program was pulled. Now no one wants anything to do with him although no one seemed to mind he was trained by Carole Baskin-who still remains with a facility built on fraud-Carole Baskin is not a Big Cat expert by any means.

On close examination of one of the videos from The Repo Man that was aired by the Discovery Channel, it was noticed that his help in this FAKE bear rescue was none other than PAT CRAIG HIMSELF!!! OK, who’s Pat Craig?!? Pat Craig OWNS  Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado and was assisting Lope with the FAKE rescue. PAT CRAIG KICKED the bear to get him in the transport cage-Obviously agitating the bear and stressing the bear even more than what transporting bears normally does when they are not accustom to being transported or away from their enclosures and from their rightful owners…See for yourself!!!

How dare these facilities claim to be specialists with rehoming animals when the people they put out there for the purpose of rescue don’t have clue and create potentially dangerous situations.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

BLOGGERS NOTE: This post was corrected to reveal who actually kicked the bear.

~ by topcatsroar on March 2, 2015.

One Response to “Zoo Wars ~ Investigation Reveals Piss-Poor Training-Trending NOW!!! [UPDATE]”

  1. This certainly isn’t what you’d expect from someone claiming to be an expert at transporting ‘rescued’ animals and/or rehoming animals now is it?!? I can only imagine what he might have done and what Lope wasn’t doing had there not been a camera pointed at them…

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