Zoo Wars ~ Carole Baskin Hears Voices

So if I said that I hear voices, even as a cliché, or that I “Always listen to the little voice” you might say I am crazy right!?!

I can’t help but wonder why no authorities are concerned about the delusions of Carole Baskin!!! She even admits that she hears voices in her head…Aren’t those the words of serial killers?!?-Did anyone know this when Don went missing?!?

I have multiple concerns when I see her lost in the delusions of her own making based on her own experiences and behavior!!! Allowed to own big cats and in a financial position (from donations provided for animal care) to encourage lawmakers to ban animals or make criminals out of animal owners when she herself owns big cats-WOW!!!

There is a certain amount of craziness connected to Animal Rights Extremists so I suppose that I understand why she has followers that trust and believe her every word but on close examination I also have to question it.

My biggest concern is for the welfare of those animals at Big Cat Rescue when I see the money donated towards animal care going to hire a lobbyist to push her agenda of hatred and greed.

Does this sound like an expert ???

“MyKinga, a two month old baby and lion and Elsa, a four month old baby lion were being introduced to each other as life long mates. They had to have a fence between them, until it could be determined that they would not kill each other, but both were so eager to check out the other, that they rubbed raw, oozing spots on their noses and eyebrows.” -Carole Baskin

Or this ???

“Many X rays later with no results the Vets have decided to open him up and in addition to peritonitis they discover that his intestines are laced and permeated with purple nylon and the worst of it is a rupture where the harness buckle he has swallowed has burst through the intestinal wall, causing massive internal bleeding. For hours they cut away at the tangle of ¾ inch nylon that has frayed and spread like a cancer through his little gut. I have raised hundreds of cats and never had I seen one chew it’s harness off. I had never seen Fleetwood even seem to notice that his wasn’t a part of him. The day I found the purple harness all chewed up, I just assumed that Enya had helped him out of it. I didn’t notice the buckle was missing as I threw away the slobbery remains a month or better ago. I have no one to blame but myself.” -Carole Baskin

Or this ???

“Nirvana has eaten a $70.00 silk shirt, a bra, all of the tops off of Don’s socks and chewed holes in his underwear.”       -Carole Baskin

More about her ‘voices’

“I hear voices. Countless times in my life I have been spared some terrible fate, because I heard some small voice warn me ahead of time. I cannot think of one time that the little voice warned me of something, that later seemed needless. I have ignored this voice and paid the price for stubbornness, but most of the time I listen and I have always been grateful later. I ALWAYS question the little voice, and I don’t know why it hasn’t given up on me a long time ago, but I usually give in. I could speculate on the origin of this voice, but I think that all of possibilities are intertwined into a web of something that no mortal can fully know. Most often I refer to it as my Guardian Angel, a phrase I picked up from my mother’s commenting on why I am still alive, and we even named our company Guardian Angel. Sometimes I think it is my conscience. Sometimes it is so loud and authoritative, like in really dangerous situations, that I am sure it is the voice of God himself. It usually seems to be a group effort and when it says “Don’t ___.” I hear my stubborn self say “Guys… I’ve done this a thousand times” I’ll be fine. Well what makes you think this time is going to be different?. Oh, come on, I’ll be really careful. How am I supposed to get anything done with you guys getting all hysterical every time I try to do something.” I’ve been told that not everyone hears little voices and I don’t know why. Maybe they do and just would never admit it out loud. Perhaps if I were normal I would just follow the advice, not argue and then take the credit for just having good judgment. Even knowing that the little voice has never lead me wrong, I still argue and tonight was no exception. The little voice said “The next time that car passes you, take note of the license plate.” I immediately responded with “What for?” To which the voice replied “Just do it.” Again I questioned “Why, Am I going to see this on America’s Most Wanted? Are these people murderers that I’m going to identify? Or are they notorious for leading unaware travelers astray” I was mocking and being my usual sarcastic self. Just as calmly the voice came back again “You are really going to want to remember the tag. Pay attention and slow down”. You can’t argue long with someone who won’t yell back, so I resigned, “Fine. I’ll look as they pass me on the next uphill grade, but I can’t afford to slow down.” -Carole Baskin

Baskin wants your pet

Information for this post came from Big Cat Rescue Watch and I strongly recommend following those blog posts and leaning about this non-expert crazy woman, Carole Baskin, as he delves into the psyche of this sociopath who is Hell bent on banning these animals from private owners and taking away Protected Civil Liberties concerning property rights.

Link of Interest: http://www.bigcatrescuewatch.com/ceo-of-big-cat-rescue-hears-voices-in-her-head.html

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 26, 2015.

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