Zoo Wars ~ Tiger Truck Stop v Sanctuary

Let’s get real for a minute with a true comparison of Tony the Tiger’s enclosure v an enclosure at a facility claiming to be an animal sanctuary…say Big Cat Rescue, shall we???

A picture is worth more than a thousand words-Take a look-I do believe you’ll have to agree that the Tiger Truck Stop catering to ONE tiger is a much better place for Tony than BCR !!!

Tiger Truck Stop v BCR

No tiger should be at Big Cat Rescue-Carole Baskin is NOT an expert and doesn’t have a clue other than creating promotions to raise money for her numerous NPF organizations which include hiring a lobbyist ($40,000.00 last year) to promote her attempt to ban private ownership. She wants to be the only one allowed to enjoy these animals-

There have been numerous accidents at Carole Baskin’s facilities and ALL go back to Baskin herself and her lack of knowing how to handle her own animals-What was she thinking renting cabins where people could come and sleep with her big cats, unsupervised-Oh I forgot, ALL that she thinks about is money and owning ALL the tigers in the US. You will be denied even if you qualify to own one while she enjoys this:

Carole and Arora

More pictures have turned up -Carole Baskin was doing more than breeding and collecting to make a buck from creating NFP organizations and allowing people to sleep with her cats-future post…Oh what webs she weaved when she lied to deceive…

Baskin wants your petDisclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 16, 2015.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars ~ Tiger Truck Stop v Sanctuary”

  1. Totally agreed re Carole Baskin. I have seen her at the Conservation Commission hearings. Some animal owners want to hit her because she is such a hypocrite. She wants to be the only one with these animals.

  2. This is complete bull. You can’t compare these enclosures when all you see is a little bit! I have seen the enclosures at BCR and they are very spacious. The cat was laying down and relaxing in the hot Florida heat. I strongly suggest you get your facts straight!

    • blogger as been and seen BOTH!!! The enclosures at BCR barely, IF AT ALL (!!!) meet minimum requirements for space requirements. I also question the requirement of double door safety measure that is also required for entry whether by animals or people at BCR. The Tiger Truck Stop could easily exceed the requirements for at least 4 tigers to be in that single cage…and I venture to say as many as 8 if he were allowed to have more big cats which currently LA law prohibits. BCR cages are way out of spec, in my opinion, and frankly I wouldn’t go all out with ‘war’ against BCR had Carole Baskin not turn against other private owners as she has and excluded herself from the same requirements she expects of other although it is shocking that there has been 179 cats that have died which is a far greater number from any other facility that has held the same number of animals over this many years and should be of greater concern to YOU! I have traveled throughout the United States and Canada and never have I seen anything as bad as the set-up at BCR-including that no attention was ever paid towards proper cleanliness. Taking a scrapper thru the wire and shoving poop and residue of uneaten food thru the wires is extremely unusual and lacks any attention ever paid towards proper cleaning of an animal enclosure which should have been a primary factor when they built the first cage thus less the honey-comb of cages at the BCR facility.
      You bet we can make the comparison as the law applies for each and every animal to be treated properly. If you which to be so opinionated then go for yourself to both and make the comparison yourself!!! You can trust in the words of facility owners who are ALL of the very same opinion as my own.
      If Carole Baskin wants to believe her own far superior than anyone else that’s fine as she’s often demonstrated her delusions publically but it’s far from the truth and factually unsound to put oneself on such a pedestal when it’s not honest or believable.
      Obviously my facts are straight and you demonstrate in your short blurb just how UNknowledged you are with giving an opinion as you’ve not gone to see for yourself either of these facilities…Many a commenter over the years has come back to apologize as I believe that you would do should you study animal husbandry which includes the bare minimum of the requirements as enforced by law.
      Frankly, I’ve likely forgotten more than Baskin has ever learned in the many years since I trained the Lewis’ and obviously to attack me would discredit her (and let me add, she has tried) You see, I am the ONLY one who wrote letter of recommendation for the Lewis’ so the state of Florida would back off in their decision to confiscate their 3 tigers that they held ILLEGALLY within the state of FL as well as imported into the state ILLEGALLY. When Don was around things were very different than they are now…!!!

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