Zoo Wars ~ Stop the Illegal and Unconstitutional Animal Bans -ACTION ALERT: New Hampshire and Clark County, Nevada

To quote one of the very facilities trying to take others animals away, “The love you get from these animals is priceless. There is nothing like it”. Why then would you push the bans that will rip these animals away from their homes? Fight for your right to love your animals.

Love is-

Stop the illegal and unconstitutional theft of animals ~ PROTECTED Civil Liberties ~ Your Right to Life, Liberty and your Property!!!

It’s once again time for that the legislatures in your state are meeting-Send your senators and representatives a message that you are against any ban on animal ownership!!! Whether that be specific number, BSL or exotic animals-Send a message to YOUR representatives at the capital that bans on animal ownership are far from acceptable-They ALL need to hear from you and as an animal lover -as an animal owner, anything limiting you to the right to freely own and enjoy your property is unacceptable!!!

Here’s just a few more that have been brought to my attention:

from YesBiscuit-New Hampshire:


Discussion: NH Bill Backed by HSUS

In New Hampshire, HSUS is promoting House Bill 624 which would require owners charged with cruelty to pay for their seized animals’ care while waiting for their day in court.  If the accused can’t afford to pay, they lose all rights to their animals, regardless of the outcome at trial. HB 624 would change the current law from requiring those convicted of cruelty to pay court costs to those accused. So much for presumed innocent, I guess.

The bill reportedly has support from the state’s animal shelters, which often house the seized animals and determine the fees associated with their care.  The officers citing the owners for cruelty are typically closely affiliated with the shelters.  The cruelty citations, seizure, cost determination and forfeiture would potentially all be handled by a very small, tightly knit group of individuals.  All without the accused ever receiving the benefit of a trial.

HB 624 is scheduled to come before the House Environment and Agriculture Committee on Friday.

Anyone see any possible up side to this bill?  Nothing jumps out at me.


This bill goes beyond anything acceptable towards justice-Pets do have value http://www.thedogpress.com/SideEffects/KY-Court-Rules-Pets-Are-Property_Andrews-0910.asp


U.S. District court in Kentucky has ruled against a basic tenant of the Animal Rights agenda. The historic challenge against  Louisville Law wins rights for all pet owners.

Compiled by Barbara Andrews © TheDogPress 10|20|09 – Barbara Haines, Louisville Kennel Club, has been waiting for this decision for almost a year.  The December 2007 suit by the LKC was joined by veterinarians and concerned pet owners.  The Federal ruling sets a precedent with far-reaching implications, and sets the stage for class-action lawsuits nationwide; anywhere similar ordinances have been enacted and Constitutional rights of pet owners have been violated.

Highlights of the FEDERAL ruling:

* Pets are personal property, under the Constitution. Due process, search and seizure, i.e. all protections provided by Constitution apply to pets. The ruling reaffirms you are the OWNER of your pets, not a “guardian” as in the state having the right to take you pet away as can be done with your child!

* Requirements for housing and care cannot be legislatively mandated as different for intact dogs vs. altered dogs.

* Seizure bond is illegal and unconstitutional because it constitutes unlawful taking of personal property. If, after a search warrant is obtained, a person is arrested and their dogs are seized, their dogs must be held AS IS (cannot be sterilized while held, cannot be sold, transferred to anyone or euthanized) unless the owner is found guilty after trial.  If they arrest you for commission of a crime involving your automobile, they can impound your car but if you are found innocent, it must be returned to you in the same condition in which it was seized.  You are not charged storage fees.  The same applies to your dogs.  You do NOT pay for their care, until/unless found guilty of the charges.

This is major relief for pet owners as just the thought of their dogs being euthanized or sold, and then being assessed thousands of dollars for boarding and/or hysterectomy and castration has held owners in abject fear.

[Follow the link for more on this case]


from USARK:


Clark County Nevada


Clark County is in the process of drafting and attempting to implement new animal regulations again. And this time it’s a real doozy. They want to ban the captive breeding of ALL ANIMALS that are not dogs and cats. This will include all reptiles, amphibians, all fish, all birds and all small mammals such as sugar gliders, rabbits, chinchillas, and all rodents (hamsters, rats, mice). The regulation says ALL ANIMALS. This may or may not include INVERTEBRATES, depending on how the county defines animals. That would mean NO tarantulas, roaches, or crickets.

What does this MEAN TO YOU? It means if you own a pair of Leopard Geckos and you keep them together and the female lays eggs and you allow them to hatch, you have broken the law. If you breed Canaries and you allow them to stay together and babies hatch from this pairing, you have broken the law. If you have a fish tank full of Guppies and they make more Guppies, you will be in violation of county law. If you breed feeder rodents such as rats, mice, or rabbits you are breaking the law. If you legally collect a Gopher Snake and it lays eggs and you incubate and hatch them, you are a criminal according to these propose regulations. As mentioned, how they define ANIMAL is going to either make it legal or illegal to breed insects or other invertebrates. If it makes it illegal, then say goodbye to breeding crickets, roaches, spiders, tarantulas, meal worms, horned worms, and earthworms. Springtails will be forbidden. Same with fruit flies.

The SECOND PART OF THIS REGULATION BANS THE SELLING OF ANY ANIMAL BY PRIVATE PARTIES. That means ANY ANIMAL. If you get caught posting a Crested gecko for sale on Craig’s list or on Face Book or on a web site you will be tracked down and arrested. If you invite friends to your home and sell them ANY ANIMAL you will be a criminal. You will not be able to sell any animal, period. No birds, no rats, no mice, no hamsters. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. The only way you can legally sell anything is if you are a licensed business like a pet store. Some have claimed they can obtain a business license for their homes. Even though it might be possible, it is doubtful. You’ll have to get a special use permit from the county first anyway. This means that all your neighbors and anyone that reads your license, which is provided to all the public by law, will know exactly what you have in your house. Your home will also be subject to open inspections by the police, animal control and the state.

Local pet stores in the area often depend on locally produced animals to sell in their stores. Most rats and mice are produced by home breeders, as are most feeder insect except for crickets. If this ban takes place, many stores will have to turn to outside of Nevada sources for feeders. This will cause a price increase across the board, meaning it will cost you more to provide food for your animals. Many pet stores also purchase bread and butter animals from local breeders such as Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos and so on. Once again stores will be forced to purchase these animals out of state, causing another price increase.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Share this with as many people as you can. Ask Nevada local Face Book pages that deal with pets in any way to post and pin this to the top of their FB pages. You can also join the Facebook page Save our Exotics at www.facebook.com/groups/Help4Exoitcs/. This page is there to garner support and information about not only the county regulations, but also for state and other local law issues. Join in on the conversation, add ideas and give them your input. Join the Southern Nevada Herpetological Society (www.snhs.info and www.facebook.com/snherps). This group will keep you abreast on all things reptile and exotic going on in Nevada.

WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? Keep up to date on the goings on around you. Check local government sites for anything they try to sneak in on us. And PLAN TO ATTEND ALL COUNTY, CITY AND STATE MEETINGS WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO. There is strength in numbers, and we will need as many bodies as possible to attend these meetings and hearings. You may or may not want to publicly speak, and that’s fine either way. But your presence will be noted by the people that run things, and that’s very important.

ANOTHER THING YOU CAN DO is sit back, relax and do nothing. This is not a good option. I have learned in life to never expect to have anyone do anything for you. If this set of new regulations effects you in any way, it is your obligation to step up and do something about it. Here’s your chance.

Thank you for reading and please SHARE.” – SNHS


[Bloggers note: Should be interesting to see ‘enemies’ that reside in Clark County, NV on the same side fighting for the same cause to stop the bans-A some point, ALL Animal Owners must put down their hatred of each other and stop judging one another and come together for a common cause!!! ~Poetic Justice]

Baskin wants your petStop this woman from working along side HSUS for the creation of bad bills (including banning house cats in California ~”MEAN PEOPLE” ~ CA FWS) that take YOUR protected Civil Liberties-Do not Donate to Big Cat Rescue or any of her many other NFP organizations that pay her family members and herself big salaries and for a high paid lobbyist rather than use funds donated for animal care!!! She is in cahoots with Animal Rights Extremists organizations that want to end all animal ownership and relationships with animals-Deception and Fraud…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

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