Message from TX-RPOA ~ New Tactic from the Animal Rights Extremists Agenda

It is impossible to forward you all the emails circulating on national lists which leave no doubt as to the “purpose” of all anti-breeding legislation sweeping the country. You’d unsubscribe in a “New York” minute! It doesn’t take rocket science to know that no breeding results in no more pets. We can’t follow other states with so many Texas animal issues right now, but it is alarming to simply read the subject titles. Humane Society of the US has a state director in every state to lobby legislators and regulate pet ownership out of existence, which they seem to be doing in Texas and elsewhere with misnamed “Puppy Mill” laws and new USDA/APHIS regulations that haven’t even begun to be enforced yet. No one really knows how they will ultimately be interpreted.
The purpose of the extremists below is ending the “pet population” entirely — not “overpopulation” which is a proven myth, with the majority of pet owners voluntarily neutering their pets today. Puppy shortages are blanketing the Northwest and some animal shelters are even considering breeding their own puppy litters to supply the demand! Eliminating stray dogs is simple: “Confine them,” but no one ever mentions “Leash Laws” as a reasonable solution.
Pompano Beach, FL, Organization’s Mission Statement:
To end the number one cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats by developing special food that can spay or neuter them without surgery and that can end the overpopulation problem without killing; to end the number one financial burden of humane societies and to save human lives by ending the world’s number one cause of human deaths from rabies: infected stray dogs. No animals are harmed in our work and all are adopted into caring homes.”

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Hey let’s just put drugs in the feed then feed it to the animals to sterilize them and maybe they will slip some of that into other animal feed and won’t be long before people are eating the stuff as well-After all, people are the root of all evil and destroying the planet-The world doesn’t need animals or people-Not too long back there was talk about feeding this type of food to wildlife to end hunting-never mind who might end up eating those animals-Put enough fear into people to not eat the animals and low and behold they end all hunting-Seriously, is that what we’re supposed to do-Stop all animals from breeding ???

You laugh at me today but will you still be laughing when it comes to pass!?! Already snakes are banned from interstate travel with some states banning ownership of those animals even though the problem is contained to the everglades…Already numerous states have banned ownership of numerous different types of exotic animals and we already know what happens to exotic animals will happen to other animals-How about we control how many cows are born…Hey, anything is possible when the legislation buys into the Animal Rights Extremists ideas of what should be done.

It’s one thing to end all the stray animals to end their suffering or to stop the spread of rabies and other diseases of concern from stray animals and a whole ‘nother matter to seriously considering creating a feed that sterilize the animals…Before they even get control on stray animals-After all,  stray animals aren’t eating from a bag of feed but instead are eating whatever they can find-So this food won’t even effect stray animals…as a matter of fact this proposed ‘solution’ to the stray animal problem won’t have any effect on strays-HELLO!!!

Have we actually become a society of non thinkers ??? This is not a solution to a problem, but instead creates one and no laughing matter!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 10, 2015.

One Response to “Message from TX-RPOA ~ New Tactic from the Animal Rights Extremists Agenda”

  1. there’s a big difference between stray animals and feral ones. Among those strays are somebody’s lost pets. Perhaps somebody who, for a myriad of legitimate reasons, does NOT want their animal fixed. Well too bad. It drank your kool aid (or in this case, your antifreeze) and the job is done. Then, if they can get clearance to use this sutff on ferals and strays, it’s a small step to use it also for pest control. Can anyone guarantee that no pets or farm animals will ever get into it? -Or that it will only be sold or bought for the purposes intended? It’s bad enough when drugs are used on animals (and people too) under controlled conditions, but to put them out in the open, accessible to any animal or child that might happen upon them? Seems to me Hitler’s Germany experimented with things like this too.

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