ZOO WARS-Oklahoma Alert ~ KILL the BILL!!!

Kill the Bill-Stand up against illegal and unconstitutional animal bans and over regulations-

Leave a comment in the comment section-I just did and will connect to your FB page-You do not have to live in Oklahoma or even own an animal to leave a comment-

“Kill the bill and stand up for Protected Civil Liberties…Create enough laws then everyone becomes a law breaker and what use is that? Animal Rights Extremists want to take animals from their longstanding rightful owners and stop all relationships with animals. There are more voting animal owners and animal lovers then there will ever be Animal Rights Extremists that are destroying this country-This bill destroys an American way of life that this country was built upon. The constitution and its amendments were created to stop this type of government intrusion. The government has no interest in animals unless there is a public safety issue, considering there is no public safety issue then the government has no business even considering this bill thus less the creation of any law to over regulate or ban animals. KILL the BILL!!!”

“Why is it every year we have to be concerned about our right to own our property without interference from the government and live in fear that some member of the legislature has sold out to the Animal Rights Agenda and creates another BAD BILL to concern ourselves with for our right to live free and own our property!?! KILL the BILL!!!”

“I also can’t help but wonder if the legislature knows that Attorney General for Oklahoma has HSUS under investigation for fraud and HSUS has refused to provide the information requested about the money collected for OK tornado victims and where that money was spent to help anyone or any animals. Seems they collected money under false pretense just like the bills created to end animal ownership. KILL the BILL!!!”

Feel free to C/P any of these comments-Makes no difference to me Just please help to KILL the BILL!!!

Simple to do, Just follow the link and go to the comment section-


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 3, 2015.

4 Responses to “ZOO WARS-Oklahoma Alert ~ KILL the BILL!!!”

  1. kill the bill. leave the animals & their families alone!

  2. ***Punitive Regulations Inflicted Upon Responsible Pet Owners & Non-Human Companion Owners Eats Away at Our Rights & Freedom***
    I am living in Ohio. I purchased my monkey legally in 1995.
    We were happy companions. After over eighteen years together,
    Ohio created new laws regarding exotic animals kept by its
    I am retired & I live alone. Barbara was my friend & companion
    …my “raison d’etre”. I have indoor & outdoor enclosures. I have
    well water so fresh running water is available 24/7. I am available
    24/7. I live on 2.39 wooded acres next to the Cuyahoga Valley
    National Park.
    I sold belongings as fast as I could, but I could not raise the
    thousands of dollars necessary to construct a new cage that
    would conform to the new regulations. I, also, do not know how I
    would have managed to keep up with making the monthly liability
    insurance payments.
    I had my beloved Snow Monkey, Barbara, removed to a safe new
    home with Peggy Rice in Virginia because I could not risk having
    her seized by authorities in Ohio due to my being unable to meet
    the new requirements.
    My income comes from my Social Security retirement payments
    of less than $800/month. I am 69 years old. I tried to find work, but I
    only got one interview in over a year & I was not hired. I removed
    every costly item from my life that I can do without in my attempt to
    keep my dear companion. It was not enough.
    I have every day & night to devote to a non-human primate
    companion. My life is so very empty since Barbara has been moved
    to her new safe home with Peggy Rice. Barbara is spoiled & very
    happy, but I am alone & lonely & sad..

    • I know your pain all too well-Justin has been gone for 5 years now -Placed in PETA recommended facilities-Now living in the dirt-there’s no grass-WHF?!? No TV no people t play with-I am glad you managed to get her out!!!
      I’m completely disgusted with what is going on and trying my best to help make it stop!!! What began with the civil forfeiture laws is becoming a crime against US citizens who love their animals-There soon won’t be any animals to love and cherish unless we unite to fight back against Animal Rights Extremist Zealots behaving no different that Nazi Gestapos to end all relationships with animals!!! You need to get out of Ohio and we need to kill these ban bills and bills with regulations that few could meet. No one has the right to take our property-It’s a witch hunt that has to come to an end-Where did these people come from because they certainly weren’t taught about our country-These lawmakers need to crawl back in the hole they came from…

  3. Done! Keep up the great work!

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