ZOO WARS ~Ohio-Exotic Animal Owners Living in Fear

Once again Amy Reynolds hits the nail on the head as reported in the Examiner-Much thanks for such truthful reporting!!!

The quotes from this article send a message that exotic animals owners are living in fear. Several HSUS/GFAS affiliated sanctuaries are trash talking the owners of the seized animals. I’ve even heard thru the grapevine that there have been death threats-Not uncommon for seizure victims!!! (first hand information)

From the article posted in the examiner:

“A registered owner, but not permitted due to not applying for the permit, Amy Rausch, filed a complaint with the Ohio Inspector General on January 23, 2015, after moving her animals and place of residence out of Ohio. One owner in Ohio permitted by the ODA bragged about receiving animal listed as now banned, including multiple primates, with the help of Tim Harrison of Outreach for Animals and claiming it is good to have friends in high places at ODA, stating they fixed his paperwork to reflect remaining legal status of keeping certain animals, while not in compliance. A spider monkey, Mickey, (see photos and also on Outreach for Animals Facebook page) was moved to Union Ridge Wildlife Center with claims of it later having to be returned to registered owner Laura Abner. It is also claimed the spider monkey was not actually moved back, but remained in possession of Union Ridge wildlife Center until the ODA could approve the needed permit, while ignoring the monkey’s actual whereabouts. Another pair of primates, macaques with one allegedly pregnant, were also received by Union Ridge Wildlife center according to rumor, or bragging rights of the owner, Union Ridge Wildlife Center.”

“Multiple pictures in social media and news articles show non-compliance with caging requirements at Union Ridge Wildlife Center and no USDA license is available for the address in a search with the APHIS site. One article claims an estimated 500 visitors during an open house event in November of 2014, indicating “exhibiting” which requires a USDA license, independent of the new Ohio rules. Photos included with the article show cattle panels attached to the outside of posts on a tiger cage, in direct opposition to Ohio rules for enclosures.”

“It gets easy to see why Ohio exotic animal owners fear retaliation, unfair treatment and unequal enforcement of the law. The owner of Union Ridge Wildlife Center befriended Bobbi Brink of Lions, Tigers & Bears of California last winter, posting pictures (see photos) to his Facebook account of himself, Bobbi and her father at his facility. Rausch states,”He told me in a phone conversation that he had Bobbi at his place and that she hooked him up with Tim Harrison, trying to get GFAS accreditation to be exempt from the laws. Looks like he hit the motherlode with that one, when he doesn’t even have to meet caging requirements and gets more animals taken from others.” Brink also had a donation campaign for the taking of Hetrick’s animals last summer – long before last wednesday’s taking – preserved by screen shot of another exotic owner and organization, REXANO and shared in photos, also.”

“After stating she had filed a complaint with the OIG, Rausch received a visit at her Ohio address from ODA’s David Hunt of the enforcement division, Hunt’s LinkedIn profile lists him as an adjunct professor for the Humane Society University and displays the HSUS logo in his groups – the very organization behind the new law after a deal between HSUS and Ohio Farm Bureau. Rausch was hand delivered a letter Tuesday evening, the night before the confiscation at Ketrick’s, dated the same day she had a phone conversation with Ryan Powell of ODA, refusing to give her whereabouts with her animals or any documentation and telling him of the filed complaint. Rausch says the conversation was almost funny, as when she told him of the complaint and what was going on, he claimed to just be trying to do his job of only a few months and enforce the law. Governor Kasich‘s office refused to discuss it and claimed a conflict of interest. She then returned to Ohio to pack and move personal belongings when the visit from Hunt occurred and threatened getting a search warrant when she didn’t allow entrance to the residence to “prove” she had no monkeys in the home. This is beginning to sound like gestapo tactics to many owners and with good reason.”


Imagine that-you don’t open the door to prove that no exotic animals are present and they will come back with a search warrant to search for a damn monkey-SERIOUSLY-WTF is wrong with these people to terrorize others for the keeping of their animals. This just gets crazier and more insane but then again everyone knows how I was manipulated and the theft of all my animals in Texas where they were allowed-They can do it to me-then they can do it to you and places like BCR are loving every second of the pain inflected on other exotic animal owners they was instigated by Carole Baskin of BCR, Tim Harrison of Outreach for Animals, and Bobbi Brink of Lions, Tigers & Bears of California and others such as Tippi Hedren-ALL joined at the hip with ALDF doing their bidding as well as Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo and HSUS leading the way. CA Fish and Wildlife made the call last year when the very same people instigated and supported a ban on HOUSE CATS (!!!) “MEAN PEOPLE”

People like Amy Rausch leaving the state, her friends, family and her home behind to protect her animals that she dearly loves from the long arm of an illegal and unconstitutional law imposed by Animal Rights Extremist Nazi Gestapo, are still living in fear of loosing their property even after removing their animals from the state of Ohio.

The entire article can be read at the link below-I highly recommend following the link for the entire article.


Ohio exotic animal owners fear retaliation


Meanwhile we wait to see what will become of the animals stolen by the state of Ohio from Tiger Ridge last week and feeling the pain for their owners!!! When did it change from the people controlling our government to a government controlling what becomes of our property!?! WTF!?! Life, Liberty and Property!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 3, 2015.

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