Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire

There’s a great deal of concern now that animal rescue has become questionable with so many illegal and unconstitutional animal seizures from longstanding animal owners and the loss of property. Many people want to donate to an animal cause and want to make sure that their money isn’t good money going to bad…

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire/Checklist for Animal Rescue Organization

As promised, here is the Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire/Checklist for Animal Rescue Organizations.

It is designed to be sent to donation-funded animal rescues and/or other animal rescue/welfare organizations before donations are made to them. It speaks to the matter of accountability, transparency, honesty, ethics, and integrity.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

[Bloggers Note-If the PDF link doesn’t work, please go to the link above to the originating blog post for the Questionnaire]

When rescues are willing to complete the questionnaire, provide the information asked for, and will follow-through with publically providing the information they assured the sender they would provide, there is a greater than average chance that they are an inspiringly REAL rescue, and they either find homes for animals and/or provide sanctuary/hospice care, rather than disposing of un-useable animals in various ways, and animals disappear without a trace. And if the rescue sadly has no other choice but to humanely euthanize an animal, when documentation is provided, and there is no lack of evidence of humane euthanasia being the only course of action, then it is clear this decision is not what is known as “de-valuing” and “convenience killing” as many “rescues” whose hearts are NOT true appear to be doing nowadays.
Most people would know and agree it is the kindest and most peaceful of choices after viewing concise and factual information and documentation, even when a difficult decision to make, sending the animals’ spirit to The Rainbow Bridge; there is solace in knowing it was the only choice, and not merely the “disposal” of an un-useable animal that no one wanted to feed or maintain anymore after they had no more “donation-value”, or any “monetary or material value”.

Supporting rescues that have no hidden agenda in their rescue efforts is life-saving. It is not the gullible and naive lining-of-the-pockets and monetary and material enrichment of people who don’t care about ALL animals, and are mostly interested in animals that are good for collecting “crisis” and/or “pity” donations on, or have value in re-selling in an “adoption-for-a-fee” “retail-rescue” transaction.
Many kind-hearted, compassionate people are unable to do “hands-on” rescuing of animals for reasons that are emotional, practical, or financial.
However, many people do want to participate in rescuing animals, and their help is offered by monetary donations, materials for the care of the rescued animals, professional services, etc to primarily donation-funded animal rescues/organizations.

With non-profit animal rescues operating in record numbers all over the United States in the thriving animal rescue “industry”, and with the help of “real time” “social media marketing” making it simple and easy for small-to-medium size rescues and organizations to market themselves for free instead of having to have large marketing budgets, verification and fact-checking has now become a necessity to help prospective donors, foundations and organizations that offer grants, and followers of the rescue decide what rescues and organizations to “help” and support.

Currently, people ask questions, with the primary question heard most often being “WHERE are ALL of the animals residing 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after donation money rescued/bought them?”

Asking questions and receiving accountability and full disclosure from many primarily donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organizations has historically been difficult at best, people are often disrespectfully ignored, and asking simple, non-intrusive questions of PUBLIC donation-funded animal rescues frequently becomes combative and threatening at worst.

This questionnaire/checklist is a useful tool that allows the rescues and organizations who are truly transparent to demonstrate that they can be trusted and they have no problem showing all types of written, photographic, and video documentation (not just “staged photo-op’s” many “rescues” do) proving they are honest and forthright. Public trust is important to them as they do the often difficult task of rescuing, and full disclosure can lead to support from the public which helps more animals.
With so many rescues springing-up, the donating public also wants to know if they are instead dealing with “retail-welfare rescues” who are really nothing more than animal brokers/dealers/horse traders and “opportunists” who profit from the kindness of other people, and animals are often mere “props” and “merchandise” used to collect money, material goods, and also those accolades and “pat’s on the back” that are so important to narcissistic people.

Taking care of animals, whether the animals are useable, or perhaps “not so much”, has priceless value; the rescuers who will be happy to fill out this questionnaire sent to them asking for information also KNOW in the deepest part of their soul that every animal teaches them about life and living, and often “the rescued” becomes “the rescuer”, and that is the difference between seeing dollar signs when one looks at an animal, or God’s perfect creation in each and every animal he has brought to them to care for.


Share the questionnaire and ask people to distribute the questionnaire to rescues everywhere-Learn their true agenda

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

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